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  1. Stuttermabolur

    Limerick thread

    Share your best, most creative or thoughtful limericks here! The only prior limerick thread was a limerick competition from 2014 (link), but they had to be autism related. As long as they follow all community guidelines (no swearing or lurid/political topics) there are no such restrictions here...
  2. Georgia Galaxy

    Explaining Special Interests out of Love

    I'm actually pretty annoyed because most times, when I open up about something I like (My Little Pony for example, which has adult jokes and references that adults will get) the others in my family usually run away because they have to go to work (which I understand now is not personal), say...
  3. SalemGreencat

    What to do when an obsession/interest costs too much money? (I have too many interests, help)!

    I can get pretty intensely interested in things that require too much money in order to be as exhaustive as I want them to be. I have a handful of Obsessions/interests, many involve collecting, and I just cant continue to prioritize them all anymore and I don't know what to do about it. I know...
  4. Scarlet_27

    Hello there

    I'm new to this forum so I think that it will be good to introduce myself. I rarely share personal informations on the Internet but if i do here, nothing will hurt me. I'm so happy that I discovered this site (by searching differences between autism and intj personality type but that's...
  5. Major Tom

    The amazing bear soldier.

    I just found this video on YouTube about a young brown bear cub named Wojtek (Happy Warrior), who was rescued and adopted by the polish army and fought alongside them during World War two. Check it out if you are interested. By the way there's nothing gory, it's more of a heartwarming and...
  6. N


    Hi! I’m Jace and I’m 24 (he/him), from the east coast To be honest I originally came here to find someone who’s as jazzed about all things space/hard sci fi or other things I like because ppl close to me cannot keep up so I’m hoping I can feel a little less weird for going full throttle...
  7. callmeriver


    heyo this is my introduction: • my name is River • my favourite colours are pink, yellow, purple, black and red (i love pink and black the most) • i’m a wiccan • i am part of the LQBTQIA2S+ community (i am intersex, transgender and pansexual) • my pronouns are she/her • my interests...
  8. T

    Questionnaire survey: Playground for children on the spectrum

    Hello, all. I am new here. I am a female architect and a master's student from Germany and I am writing my master thesis. My thesis topic is 'designing playground for children with autism'. For research purposes, I want to conduct a questionnaire survey. I was looking for some online places...
  9. AngelaS267

    What's Your Favorite Youtube Channel?

    Hey guys! I am looking for some interesting new channels to watch and would love to know what your favorite channel is and why. It can be absolutely any channel or topic. Mine is EmmyMadeinJapan. Her channel is so comforting, she's really smart, and she's educational when she's making or...
  10. A

    My Life Oblivious of Autism intro

    I am biologically a female, but I identify as gender neutral. Because of that, it took a little longer to figure myself out, and was always missed. I was officially diagnosed with high functioning autism, alongside depression and anxiety, by the age of 15, so I missed a lot of my mental illness...
  11. Joshua the Writer

    BeamNG.drive Would Be Great With Multiplayer!

    I am sorta new to playing the full game of BeamNG.drive, tho I have been following the game's community and development even before I bought it the day after Christmas during Steam's wallet-murder fest called "Winter sales." I've also played both the version of the techdemo that only had the...
  12. B


    Growing up I have myself experienced and seen others in my family experience the impact of restricted interests on family life as such I wanted to find out how caregivers start to widen the restricted interests of their children.
  13. M

    Things that make you think, what?

    Post facts and interesting tidbits of information that you've discovered recently, that interest you and might interest others. Scientists were and are continuing study of troops of macaques in Sri Lanka. They discovered that mother macaques who have male offspring supply richer and more...
  14. Marc B.


    Hi my name is Marc Brueggemann. I love history, especially U.S. History. I love the Civil War era, I'm a civil war buff. I love baseball, it's my favorite sport along with football and soccer. I love talking about politics and today's current issues. I also love to read books and talk about them...
  15. Daydreamer

    Were you imaginative as a child?

    Fiction played a significantly large role in my childhood. In a way it helped me cope with my surroundings. Having an imaginary world that I could escape to when times got rough altered my mood at times. I spent years creating my own paracosm, adding small details to it each day (even down to...
  16. SummerAmy

    Thank You - Research Findings

    Hi everyone :) A while ago I asked for help with my PhD research. I had more responses than I hoped, so thank you to anyone that took part. It means a lot, and hopefully I'll be able to publish the findings so that they may benefit people in the future. I wanted to share a brief overview of...
  17. SummerAmy

    Importance of Interests to Well-Being

    Hi everyone :) I'm an aspie, currently undertaking PhD research on special interests. I'm hoping to demonstrate how special interests are uniquely important to those of us on the spectrum. We're often told that we spend too much time/money on our interests, but the self reported benefits can...
  18. Coupe

    Nostalgic over Beanie Babies

    I have realized that lately I've become nostalgic about Beanie Babies...the ones I grew up with as a kid in the 90s and 2000s. As I've said probably more than once at this point, the newer "Beanie Boos" are kinda cute - I have a few of the more realistic and fuzzy ones, in fact. :) But I miss...
  19. Major Tom

    If you could travel back in time...

    I was wondering some things people would do and see if they could travel back in time. For me, I would see a lot of musicians that have passed, or played at unique venues, like Pink Floyd Live in Pompeii. I would also travel back to prehistoric times, because I have always been interested in...
  20. Bolletje

    Job Interview part 2: Multipotentialites

    In the wake of my job interview last week, I've made some discoveries and had some revelations. At the time of my last blog post I was feeling self-conscious. Skipping to the end: I got over that, due to some accidental vigorous soul-searching. I spent some time thinking about how, to other...
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