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  1. Reassessing the Paradigms

    I have recently read a number of opinions and articles regarding certain - sometimes controversial - behavioural therapies and feel a need to attempt to express my own opinion regarding acceptable interventions in regards to children possessing neurodiverse natures. I think that there is a need for the world to become more mindfully aware of the diverse qualities inherent within humankind and am opposed to any individual having to be moulded in order to conform to typical societal and...
  2. Board game stuffs #2 (part 2 of 2): and over and over and over.

    I swear this dumb thing doesnt work right. But anyway, the conclusion to the Dark Souls entry.
  3. Board game stuffs #2 (part 1 of 2): Prepare to die over and over

    Wherein I showcase an example of a game that wants you to lose a lot. I mean, duh, it's Dark Souls.
  4. Negative

    It feels like my parents pity me for having faith in our legal system and generally being a naive and dumb person easily gullible. I guess from their perspective i am dumb. Good thing i don't see the world from their eyes. Otherwise i would have committed suicide already. Even if i am not able to work and be a lawyer i have to live my life believing in certain ideals. I have to live believing there is a value to being positive and trying hard to make a change. It is all i can do. If they...
  5. Positive rambling

    I never thought i could become the person i want to be, but here i am liking and appreciating myself. When i was a child i felt like i was a plant in a desert trying to survive, needing rain but never getting it. I felt helpless and trapped. I felt like i knew all about the world already, and that i was a person dirty inside and out, a bad mannered, naturally evil person. I hated myself and felt disgusted by myself, but i received things i never dared to hope for. I was protected from so...
  6. Been Learning A Lot. Part 1.

    So. I've been offline for a while since getting a new job, and I've learned many things not just about work, but also socialising. There's this awesome dynamic that I've picked up on that I didn't always have. I saw other people use it and they looked like they were enjoying themselves by utilizing it. In a way, I wasn't fully aware of. I knew something was missing, like some kind of key element (which I've mentioned before). I just had to identify it. And I think I found it. Now this is...
  7. Finally back, and more board games

    Wow, yeah... it's been a LONG time since I last did one of these, yeah? Blame Covid for this. The last one I did was in December, but... my anxiety over the virus started in January, as early January was when I first heard of the blasted thing. Thanks to that, I havent felt like doing anything like this since. But lately, well, 2020 is over with, and I've had some nice mood boosts since, so... let's go for it! Going to talk about some more board game stuff here, to spread the word about...
  8. Mysterium Trifecta Ordinalis

    Mind body and spirit. Earth Wind & Fire. Mundus, Aetherius, and Celestus In a balanced system or a person the three circles appear similar congruent and equidistant forming what appears to be a flower at the center of the design.
  9. Grand Universal Theorem

    Shown here are two of the larger circular panes of glass, with original artwork between the two panes. These ideas that the artwork represents are related to each other. The Tzolkin of the Maya was originally published by jose arguelles, in his ground breaking and controversial work called the Mayan Factor. This rendition is a hand-drawn copy of the work published in his book. At the center is a circle with lines that go through it that extend both Parkway to the perimeter of the circle...
  10. Lesson from a cancer patient (Me):

    You can't be a sissy punk about life and health. Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die. Hold those loved ones close. If you're scared of them dying, hold them even closer. I'd rather die a happy, glorious death from being close to loved ones, than all alone and isolated, die in fear.
  11. Portable Washing Machines

    If you live in an apartment that doesn't have a washer/dryer inside, I'm going to show you what I use. I really like it. It's the Kuppet portable washing machine. It came from Amazon. It's under 200 dollars, and you hook it up to your kitchen sink. It's very large. Only a few inches shorter than a kitchen counter, and its large capacity fits about 1/2 of a normal load in it to wash. It's so light (maybe 30 pounds) that you can store it somewhere during the week, and then drag it out on wash...
  12. About today's Mandalorian episode

    If you've already seen the finale of season 2, click on the spoiler.
  13. Taking a break

    Hello to you all, i wanted to inform that i'm taking a break from the forum, it has been a pleasure to get to know you all and i'd like to thank all those that have helped me discover so much about how my autism presents and helpful links to discover so much more about this 'way of being', a lead factor in stepping away is that this site has also enabled me to indulge in my other thinking and make endless notes on how to be a 'better me' either by understanding my hypersensitivity,...
  14. From Kafka on the Shore

    Never finished it but i really liked that part: "Nakata let his body relax, switched off his mind, allowing things to flow through him. This was natural for him, something he'd done ever since he was a child, without a second thought. Before long the borders of his consciousness fluttered around, just like the butterflies. Beyond these borders lay a dark abyss. Occasionally his consciousness would fly over the border and hover over that dizzying, black crevass. But Nakata wasn't afraid of...
  15. To tell my psych.

    I don't know what to do. I don't want to lose my only friend but i dont want to lose the person in my heart either. I still love him want to be with him after i die. But i don't want to hurt her. I want to make both of them happy. And i know i am not able to be in a relationship with him. Even if we met again i know i am not good with relationships, if we somehow break up i wouldn't be able to go on with my life. I am fighting hard to live everyday, he is giving me strength but now even...