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  • James
    Great story.
  • I'm Not Worth It
    That's just my opinion.... it just a shame if you forget that.
  • I'm Not Worth It
    So... I think part of the problem here is you forgot your strengths. This entire post focuses on what you believe are your weaknesses, which...
  • Caffeine + aspie = aspeine!
    "central nervous system (CNS) stimulant" ... I don't have anything against the psychoactive talk, but it's plain to observe the above as the...
  • Dead Woman Walking
    This testimony is completely awesome. Congratulations, Catlover614. Freed from chains. That's amazing. Thank you for keeping this post up.

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The real life idols is an interesting one, right? Usually, they're pretty, handsome, charismatic, strong, or athletic until about 50, right? When the surgery just doesn't do the job anymore. Then there's Chuck Norris who's making a sci-fi/action movie at 83 for 2024 and bringing his son in to...
The major Major MAjor MAJor MAJOr MAJOR MAJOr MAJor MAjor Major major difference in learning sign language from apps is usually in the baby sign category. For some reason, they smile when teaching you the sign in baby signs. Oh, it's just culture, you say? Lamh Signs (Irish) , Baby Sensory...
Have you ever read the N.E.R.D.S. series because your kid read it? I mean, that's what parents are supposed to do right? Read what their kids are reading and watch what their kids are watching? I think it is interesting that the author used the stereotype of girls with large front teeth are...
HSPs(Highly Sensitive Persons) need to seek the spiritual and need to be creative. Hence, Bible and Prayer. Even being creative in Bible and Prayer. Creative, like poetry, sketching, 3D modeling, visual communications, graphic design, construction, drafting, sketching, drawing, painting...
I just opened this app Autism Basics and watched some of a social video... Not only was it the tone of talking to a little kid but I completely do the things it said not to do. Wow. That's... I don't even know. Retake... After looking at an even earlier set of social lessons, I realize a...
Why isn't Audiology simple? Diagnosis A. You can't hear nuthin' B. You can hear everything but humans C. Why are you here again? Enter diagnosis here: B
Got VIP, which I didn't read anything that it actually did(well, except the 'no ads forever' which my eyes have become quick to look for in all applications). Mainly, I was thankful for a place to write. Seemed like I had a little blog going and it was easy enough to keep it going. I...
In the seal 3 matches in the Bible encryption, who were the ones who lost out? Well, so there's some principle here... but I don't know what it is. WWII, what the encryption says was Seal 2, caused a mass of fathers to die, bringing some really weird drug abuse generations afterwards that...
Okay... finally get the HSP and dolls mistaken reference. HSPs and stuffed animals happen. Highly Sensitive... they need something soft to hug. It wouldn't hurt if it was a human who loved them, appreciated them, and treasured them, but a stuffed animal or I suppose a stuffed doll that was...
If... crying is to HSPs(Highly Sensitive Persons) what stimming is to Autistics, Then... you can get a quick idea of the health of an HSP by how recent the last time they cried was. So, here's what I'm thinking. I'm thinking if an HSP hasn't cried in three days, that's a clear sign something...
It occurs to me that those reading past posts might be confused as to the details of my mother's striking when I was a child. According to searches, it is in the realm of a 'downward hammer fist' to the back of my head, alternating left and right fists for however long it was. Her partner...
'a change in attitude is required for a change in behavior' or does 'a change in behavior brings about a change in attitude' ? Go to the Table of Contents for this blog
It all seemed quite reasonable, the virtual testing of it all. By video we shall teach you vocabulary, then we will test you by quizzes to see what you have learned. And so it went, and it was easy. It was comfortable. It was very nice and soothing until that day, where there was no...
God loves you. I mean, I just want you to know that. There is no one on this earth God made without something that's a treasure. Some got the mind, some got a knack, some got the strength, some got the social aptitude, and some got the charm. Maybe we feel broken, or are convinced we're not...
my better half is, smarter than Newton, more talented than Mozart, more creative than Dickens, luckier than a Leprechaun, sharper than Kant, more capable than King Arthur, more skilled than the dwarves who made weapons for the Norse gods. (While I am not unaware of flaws, nor the personality...
4 min read
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The truth is - a man can't have hsp. Sorry, it's unacceptable. I figure I knew I was off in some way, but whatever, right. Professionals had their opinions, but those matched up as much as two years of reading national and international news. There was just something off, and you can only...
1 min read
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the yelling, it gets me grumpy, and i'm being immature, of course, i know, freeze is not acceptable, new stress is not commendable, froze in action is not to be, tears require implicit trust, yelling back brings more fuss, no solution, is the answer, stress, go away, i know of no way, for my...
4 min read
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Jesus was something else, right? From the amazing and fantastic details of His death in Matthew, to the specifics of his birth and childhood in Luke, to the family occupation in Mark, to the fact that the very guards who came at night to take Him away bowed before Him in John... Jesus is God...
3 min read
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Thirteen is a number associated with loss. I bet you didn't know that. Anyways, I found that bit of information from a year of Bible encryption studies. And so, this 13th page should be a page about loss. Of some sort. I guess. Though as I'm an odd one here comparatively, this loss spoken...
2 min read
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Woke up this morning thinking Bible Prophecy, As events just hum that direction, The seven thousand mark is the completion of the week, Jesus reigns a thousand years in Revelation, So six thousand is the wait, Six working days, The Jewish Calendar according to Chabad and Google, Is fifty-seven...
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