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  1. OnyxM

    Major work mess up

    I'm on the spectrum but I also have inattentive ADHD. Or ADD. I've been job hopping for years, I'm 28. Where I live we have many financial problems and the place is small which means that jobs are even harder to find during the winter season. I've been desperately looking for a job for months...
  2. HDLSeanWiley

    New study shows no link between autism and gut problems

    It's very popular to assume that autism and gut problems are connected, but this new study shows otherwise.
  3. Moshi Moshi ^w^

    Friend troubles.

    So recently I had a good friend come over and he has been getting very/overly comfortable at my house. I'm very verbal to people I know and choose to be friends with about my OCD triggers and such and I know I've repeatedly told this friend more than others. He came over for the long weekend and...
  4. Streetwise

    How do I get emojis back

    Since I stopped posting in March and then returned I no longer have emojis in the reply to posts box on this site I can't find an answer to getting them back.
  5. Tefi Riera

    My personal struggles

    Here I'll be posting about my own struggles as an aspie and the solutions I've found - if I find any - so feel free to give me your feedback. I think this might be helpful to anyone that feels related to these struggles or they could help me to solve it from another perspective. Thank you for...
  6. Jenisautistic

    Hi Update

    How is everyone doing? this coronavirus sure is crazy I haven’t been on here in sound long I wish I Would have been able to this whole thing is making me think of my friend in high school Who I thought was a very very good friend and my other friends in our clubs at and things like that in...
  7. S

    Being married to a not understanding partner, Help!

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this site. The reason i write here is because i feel so discouraged on a daily basis because my husband, who i do love very much, refuse to believe I have asperger. I have no one to talk to and I'm wondering if there is anyone else out there that is going through the...
  8. Jenisautistic

    Alexithymia video I found on YouTube

    Does anyone have this I think I might have this I can never tell how I’m feeling I’m just basically in the moment all the time It’s very difficult for me to explain things in detail as well as to describe feelings And my memory is pretty bad Most of the time I get only talk or even...
  9. Mr Allen

    My Sky account problems

    Above. Following phone call to Sky about a technical issue with my box at the Flat earlier this week, they told me that because I have been a loyal Sky customer for 15 years, I am now entitled to a free VIP account which has rewards such as a free Sky Q box, free sports tickets and other...
  10. Jorg

    I hate feeling angry/evil

    I didn't find a related thread to post this, but I guess here I go. I just hate to feel angry or evil, even when I'm standing for something. Today was enrollment day in my college, there are 2 days and I'm most of the time schedueled to enroll on 2nd day. As many of other students I sometimes...
  11. Renzo

    What are some "autistic problems" you need a solution for?

    Hey, I'm Renzo and I got a question for you guys. I recently started an organization called Autistic Spirits and I'm looking for some problems me & my team can solve. So go ahead and get your struggles of your chest!
  12. Mr Allen

    Virgin Mobile problems

    Topic. Been posting on the Virgin Media Community Forum all day trying to resolve issues with their Network and my account, and the Forum support staff are about as much use as a cardboard cutout to put it politely. Basically, the Network is virtually unusable in Sheffield, England due to VERY...
  13. Mr Allen

    Problems with Virgin Mobile account

    Topic. Tried to log into my account on the app on my phone and every time it rejects my email address and password which I set up last year when I signed up to Virgin Mobile. I rang 'em up this morning and they were worse than useless, typical Foreign call centre did not understand my strong...
  14. Mr Allen

    Amazon Marketplace problems

    Bought a couple of items from Amazon Marketplace sellers over the last couple of months and had no end of problems. I bought an Xbox One TV Tuner, it arrived, plugged it in, and it didn't work! I contacted the seller, and they never got back to me except for an automated email acknowledging my...
  15. T

    Just finding out I'm Asp.

    I am an undiagnosed Aspie that is finding out for the first time that I have AS. I cannot hold a job and live at home. I have all the good qualities of an Aspie in spades. I wont go into my talents because they are quite typical for someone with AS and most of you are aware of the strengths of...
  16. Jorg

    Depressed, huge anxiety and fear of me, help!

    Hello, for the past month I've felt very anxious, depressed and just this week afraid of myself. The story behind this is a looonngg one, probably some of you have read my other posts. There is this girl I used to know since 2008, we we're both very shy and we both had some feeling for each...
  17. RiverSong

    Job Interview Anxiety, Overload & Shutdown?

    I don't know if this is exactly spectrum related or not but I've always been awful at interviews. I've been on more than I can count but I just can't seem to grasp the interpersonal aspects of the interview process. Sometimes it's just a matter of me being really off, extremely nervous or...
  18. Mr Allen

    Problems registering new card on Subway website

    Topic. Today I received a brand new card with no points on it, I am now trying to register the card on the Subway website but it does not work. When I went in Subway at Meadow Hall this Lunchtime I specifically asked for a brand new card with no points on it, as I have discovered that if a new...
  19. Mr Allen

    Trying to cancel accounts on GoDaddy.com, help!

    Just been on with their tech support online chat, I have the account details for both my accounts, minus the passwords, they sent links to change the passwords on both accounts, and now the damn passwords don't work! I know that all passwords are case sensitive that's not the problem, and I use...
  20. 2/3RDS

    Anyone use 'ABC' to describe their Aspergers to NT's?

    I don't know if its a real thing recognised anywhere but i find this 'ABC' explanation the best way to communicate to NT's what my HF Asperger's is like: NT's typically follow the formula, if your good at A and B, then you must also be great at C This has led to me constantly being labelled as...
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