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  1. Arsinoe

    Rain frog chubs! Anyone owns these little guys?? I'm intrigued!

    Kay does anyone own these lil things? I just discovered them today and since I'm a little obsessed with little animals (I own a hamster) I'm already intrigued! They are unique lil things who require specific care from what I see on the videos too and they are INSANELY cute. Look at these...
  2. Horsegirl

    What pets do you have? Why? How did you choose them?

    I have a three guineas, a dog, and a horse (I don't actually own the horse but I ride him all the time and I consider him my pet)
  3. Kavigant

    Tips for introducing new puppy to my anxious dog?

    I own a very sweet and loving dog who is very sensitive and anxious. He reacts fearfully to strangers, prefers routines, and prefers to stay in the house. We will be introducing a new puppy in a couple of weeks (my wife needs a dog who actually likes going for walks), and I'd appreciate some...
  4. mourningdove

    Talking/communicating through pets?

    I've always had trouble speaking to my immediate family directly at home. But we had two cats growing up, one of whom I was particularly close to (and who recently passed away, unfortunately). 1.) Communication got easier if I could hold my cat, Moon, and look at him instead of my mother or...
  5. B

    Allistic/Autistic Relationship//Issues with Control

    Hi there, I'm borg, I'm allistic, but have a whole host of other psychiatric diagnoses and am also disabled. My wife is Autistic, no formal diagnosis as of yet, she's at the beginning of her journey in coming to terms with her autism. I have a number of autistic people in my life and strive to...
  6. YancyyyComet9000

    My dog passed away today

    My dog passed away today. I know I should feel sad, logically thinking I know I would be and I am I guess. But I don't really feel it. Death has never really been something I fully understand I guess. The thing that's hitting hardest is knowing how much this will change now. My dog has been a...
  7. Roxiee

    Bunnie pics! ( Pets at home!) I want to adopt them all!

    Their so lovely, Lola loved them! So did I actually!
  8. iamlindsaythatisall

    Meet my cuddly dragon! :)

    Her name is Steely Dan (I thought she was a male, but then I found unfertilized eggs in her terrarium). I love her to pieces.
  9. E

    What pets live at your house?

    What pets live at your house? At my home there is a beautiful red kitten.
  10. garnetflower13

    A Warning for Pet Owners

    I just learned about this today, and while the EPA has not acted on this issue, I figured it is better to be safe than sorry. I am providing a link. Apparently there is a flea collar that is causing animals to die when they wear it! Seresto pet collars found to harm pets, humans, EPA records show
  11. Jena

    My brother yells at video games and I have a rabbit downstairs near him.

    Hi guys, so my brother is 19 (going to be 20 in july) Now since covid-19 he has been downstairs a lot at his computer playing video games with his friends via the internet. Normally I wouldn't have a issue. But he is constantly making loud sudden noises such as loud clapping, hitting his hands...
  12. T

    Sensitive to pet noises and I have pets...

    I have a sensitivity to many sounds but the worst are the sounds that cats and dogs make...I have cats and dogs. When my cats meow to demand something from me, or when my dogs whine really hurts my head and ears. One of my dogs (german shepherd lab mix) barks excessively and has a very noisy...
  13. M

    Playing with cats and dogs?

    After he rolled in catnip and played in a cardboard box, he joined in for the first time ever with toys and a feather on a long pole. He didn't know how for two years, he seemed afraid and hid. Now, after watching me play with my two other cats he's learned how and seems to like to. Do you play...
  14. Bolletje

    Do your pets have disorders?

    I have a cat with separation anxiety. She came into my life when she was approximately 2 years old, previously having lived in a party house with round the clock visitors and drunk people who were rowdy with her occasionally. When I got to know her at first she was very shy around other people...
  15. Streetwise

    happy international cat day

    IMG_0395 by Streetwise posted Aug 8, 2019 at 11:13 AMfrom socks in foreground and gizmo in background
  16. Kitten's Birthday

    Kitten's Birthday

    My kitten is turning one year old tomorrow! Time passes quickly, it doesnt feel like it was almost a year ago when she was a few weeks old.
  17. Highway Cowboy

    A New Puppy in the house

    We have just got the most beautiful little 12 week old tiny Yorkshire Terrier puppy. We got it mainly as a calming influence for our 10 year old daughter who has Autism and suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. I myself have Aspergers and although the dog is lovely and sweet and is really...
  18. Cinnamon115

    Can your pet understand you when you talk to them?

    Sometimes when I talk to my cat, Cinnamon, I feel like he understands what I'm saying. Like once he was meowing about a pile of wood that was in his favorite spot, and I said, "Don't worry, it won't be there forever." And he seemed to calm down. Anyone else's pets seem to understand what you say?
  19. Autistamatic

    The Jimmy Show episode 1

    My wife inadvertently ended up creating a fan club for our cat Jimmy (full name James Tiberius Kirk) on Instagram. She started keeping photos on there but forgot to make them private and now he's got a ridiculous amount of followers. At her request I started putting together some (very short)...
  20. S

    What is the best kind of dog for an autistic person?

    So I like to get a dog one day a large breed I can't have one right now cuz it where I live the top two breed I want is either I want Rottweiler or Golden Retriever I'm sure some of you might have heard the story about the autistic boy who had a Golden Retriever as a service dog almost...
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