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  1. Bolletje

    Review: Fern Brady - Strong Female Character 2023-09-20

    This is not meant to be an educational book: it’s a memoir. And what a memoir. Fern’s memoir is funny, sad, touching, thought-provoking and infuriating. I was a few chapters into her audiobook when I decided I needed to buy the physical copy of this book too, so I could give it to my loved...
  2. Imaginatively_Cute

    It's worrying to see this.

    Alot of these ads and what-not, depicting such laziness from people. Doordash for example - I find myself asking, 1st, people can't just get up off they butt and get the food themselves? Who would pay an extra 60 percent Just for the same food at say... A fast food chain? Or the observation...
  3. Georgia Galaxy

    Silly Article :P

    https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CatharticChores Think you guys might enjoy reading this!
  4. D'Andre

    Worst things to say while your wife/partner is in labor

    here are mine... *Can you keep the screaming down? I'm trying to read a book over here. *guess what.....my whole family is moving in! yay *I just decided i don't want children *Is your figure gonna stay that way? *(phone rings) Hello? oh hi; no i'm not busy whats up? *my stomach hurt too
  5. Qoyote

    (Funny) Gamers will buy anything

    TLDR; Your bank account is a temple and you shouldn't desecrate it with games like this one I've been getting back into Pokemon (first love with a Pokemon fanatic'll do that to you) and people keep complaining about the games the last few years. In Dexit/Dexgate (it's really called that lmao)...
  6. Joshua the Writer

    SCP-[even number]-J: The Madlibs SCP

    So, if you have heard about the SCP foundation, you may also know that there are various SCPs that jokes. These often have their own section on the SCP wiki, and are often title SCP-[a number]-J. They are always never cannon (though some joke SCPs, like SCP-420-J, have become so popular that...
  7. Joshua the Writer

    Pictures of Strange Products

    Post pictures of strange products that you found. Chain mail dice bag. Found when I was looking for dice bags to add to my Xmas list for this year. It also appears to be drawstring somehow. I'm pretty sure there is also a lot of other strange-looking table top RPG paraphernalia on Amazon, as well.
  8. GrownupGirl

    Tell a blatant lie/Fabulous Fib

    Aspies and auties have a reputation for always being truthful, so here's a thread that shows how creative we can be by telling an obvious and/or outrageous whopper of a fib. Here's one of mine: I never speak to my cats in baby talk. Izzin dat wight, my widdle smoochy-woochy babbeh...
  9. Joshua the Writer

    Technically the Truth?

    Have you ever seen something that is so dumb, but somehow so true on the internet? Like, not the exact truth, but the technical truth? This is an example I saw of just that in a Roblox FPS game chat.
  10. Joshua the Writer

    Funniest/Weirdest Song You've Heard so Far?

    My personal funniest:
  11. M

    Recommended for you?

    I noticed the recommended for me videos on the right side: Narcissist, Sociopath or Psychopath, How to recognize them. One hundred pushups a day challenge, losing my belly pooch. Recurring toilet ring, top three solutions tested. USA water polo, a day with the navy SEALS. What has been...
  12. Vindicator Phoenix

    Prosaic Synopsis Game - make it dull!

    In this thread, let's describe art forms or popular media, in a dull, matter-of-fact manner. You can add some bias, to your objective descriptions, if you wish. I'll give some examples: (1) Sesame Street is a televised children's cartoon, featuring a variety of ridiculous, anthropomorphic...
  13. Vindicator Phoenix

    "Give me Karma" Thread!

    In this thread, the goal is to convince everyone, who reads your post, that they should give you the particular Karma Rating that you demand! It's a game of persuasion! Use: words, pictures, symbols, facts, humor, compliments, tips, creations, or anything else (that's legal on this site), to...
  14. Joshua the Writer


    You read the title. Go nuts. To start us off:
  15. GrownupGirl

    The really bad advice thread

    Post some really bad advice that no one should follow, ever. It can be something really dangerous, really illegal, or just really dumb. Keep in mind that this is just for fun and entertainment and not meant to be taken seriously:;) To test boiling water to see if it's hot enough, dunk your face...
  16. Joshua the Writer

    Worse Designed Thing(s) You've Ever Seen?

    It can be something you encountered IRL, or just something you have stumbled across while browsing the net. It could be terribly-designed architecture, clothing, ads, products, websites, or anything else that has a very crap design. Pictures are not required, but optimal. Here is some of what...
  17. Autistamatic

    Your favourite comedy :)

    A new member here @Spartan commented on a post how comedy has helped them get through life. I have to say I agree with that. Comedy has always been a huge part of my life - stand up, sketch shows, sitcoms and satire all have put a smile on my face and helped keep me sane all these years. What...
  18. Pregnancy


    When my baby is born my body will still stretch across both lanes of the Motorway. I will not need a car. Give me 2 tractor wheels greased up with leftover butter from my breakfast. I can easily roll myself from one side of the country to the other holding one in each hand. God help me when I...
  19. DaRKMsOul18

    Story Make Up

    In this game you have to make up an outrageous weird story! You have to make it wacky and make a line of story that makes the story weirder and etc, or silly. example: starter:There was once a man named Bob. player: He was a fish player 2: that had 2 brain cells. just make it stupid as...
  20. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    The potato bazooka

    I have two friends who used to be a couple, who were friends of my ex and I when we were a couple too. We don’t live in the same country anymore, but when I learned that they separated more or less at the time than we did, I contacted them (separately). What she said about their separation was...
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