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  1. Nummulite

    How you relate to fiction (a survey)

    Let's say you're reading a story, and something happens to one of the characters. I'll present three versions of this scenerio, and possible responses you might have. 1. The situation in the story is something you yourself have never experienced before (for example, the character's beloved dog...
  2. jleeb05

    Is it Just Me...(lesser known/discussed ASD traits)

    Hi all, This is my first time posting. I'm a little less than three weeks away from beginning my ASD assessment. As a kid, it was assumed by me, my therapist, and my family that I had Asperger's but I was never officially assessed or diagnosed. While there are many reasons for this assumption...
  3. 4gottenLoreKali

    Does anyone else here actually ENJOY some social interaction? [Warning: A NOVEL]

    OK, I know this thread is gonna seriously call my "Aspie cred" into question, and in some people's opinions, may even disqualify me from being on the spectrum altogether. But ever since I was diagnosed in 5th grade and started researching this enigmatic condition more thoroughly, I've gravitated...
  4. S


    Hello. this post is more to introduce myself to the community. my 10yr son and i are diagnosed with high functioning autism (aspergers). if that's even something that's really diagnosable imo. we have spent years trying to isolate and understand what this really means to us as individuals, and...
  5. G

    Can't be wrong because you can't change?

    Whoa, just a few minutes ago something came to me, and as I came here, this thought developed more and more and I actually feel rather uneasy or disturbed right now as I type this. Also a quick warning that this topic is related to my Faith, I'll avoid going into detail on it but it might come...
  6. Sora

    Do this also happen to you?

    I know that lack of empathy is like a myth about autism, but something that happens often to me is to not understand why do people get so worked up over things related to people that aren't even remotely related to them? Like, if something were to happen with a friend or a family member I would...
  7. AHClemist

    Eye contact between aspies: does it feel different?

    I want to pose this question separately from the general eye contact post in the other thread. I'm very curious what you guys think. Because I absolutely loathe confrontation, I am generally almost hyperaware of the people around me. I get overwhelmed by the emotions of others very easily...
  8. S

    Sympathy or Empathy?

    I've had long conversations with people explaining they do not think I have autism during to the fact I feel forms of empathy but I never know how to act upon the feelings. Just wondering if you guys agree that people with autism lack empathy or sympathy. See I thought empathy was the one...
  9. Clueless in Canada

    Empathy and ASD

    Whether or not alexithymia is part of an individual's autism package, I frequently see it stated that one of the many autism traits is "Difficulty understanding others' feelings." I puzzle over this and what it means. I have difficulty reading others' feelings but I can understand them if they...
  10. Autistamatic

    Empathy and YOUR feelings as an AS person

    I'm asking for your opinions of how your experience of empathy - i.e. how the feelings of others affect you, makes you feel inside. The first video I did on the empathy topic covered how empathy can work for us, the second I'm currently working on talks about how and why we may be incorrectly...
  11. Autistamatic

    Autistic empathy

    Yesterday I started work on the script for the next Autistamatic video on the subject of empathy within autism. It's always struck me that the accepted ideas of autism suggest we lack empathy yet so many of us consider ourselves to have a deep sense of empathy with others. What I thought was...
  12. Aspie_With_Attitude


    In this video blog, I had discussed the meaning of empathy and did some research on how people with Autism would lack empathy. I had decided to address to this forum, how would you assess your level of empathy? I like to hear from you members on your views on empathy.
  13. Mary Anne

    Anthony Bourdain Committed Suicide At Age 61

    Anthony Bourdain found dead “by hanging” in a hotel room. I am extremely saddened by this breaking news. He was a wonderful, world reknown tv show host and food/travel writer. He had a lifestyle many millions admired and envied.- traveling all around the world to exotic places eating and...
  14. E

    Trigger others Emotional response?

    I've been trying to understand the functionality of socialization and communication which has lead me to this wall in that i cannot get around. If i speak my mind stating this cake you made does not taste good, in which would make you feel bad because you put time/effort, but if i lie (which...
  15. Voltaic

    What life has taught me. Personal philosophy for a happy life.

    Some midnight rambles. Started off as venting, then developed into something that may be helpful. Quoted phrases and words are edited out swears. Edit: if any of you don't get anything, I am happy to explain and expand upon. I like hearing myself talk. “Be yourself.” Yea right. Such a thing is...
  16. Bella Pines

    How well can you "do" empathy?

    I wasn't born with any empathic abilities. At all. I'm also challenged in the sympathy and compassion departments. My husband jokingly calls my attempts "em-pathetic" It's not that I don't care, I have great faith in people and love seeing them healthy and happy. I'd love to be able to make a...
  17. S-Head

    For Those of You That Are Married...

    The relationship between an ASD and a NT (normal) spouse is complicated and causes great pain for most. I'm the ASD guy, and my wife is the NT woman. We have had trouble for years, studied many books and sites, and seen a psychologist. None of it seemed to work very much, and then she...
  18. Gritches

    The Destructive Power of the Phrase "Life isn't fair"

    "Life isn't fair." - The motto of those who don't care about just how unfair life has been to someone else. "Life isn't fair". I hate that saying so incredibly much. It can't be defeated because it's technically true. It's true because it makes itself true via its use and application by those...
  19. Gritches

    Who's the Monster?

    Who's the Monster? I've been reading a lot lately about psychopathy (or more properly, antisocial personality disorder) and its overlaps and connections with autism. It should be noted that "psychopathy" doesn't actually have a formal definition in the DSM or ICD, but I fail to see any major...
  20. G

    Help Me! Maid of Honor for Friend on the Spectrum

    Hi there, I would love some advice, I'm in a bit of a sticky situation with one of my friends (I'll call her BB). I'm the maid of honor for her wedding, and so (understandably!) she has been asking me to help out with quite a lot. There have been a couple issues: 1. My mother has a terminal...
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