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  1. P

    My ex-boyfriend is dating my best friend

    The situation was like this: due to pandemics and distance, we broke up with my boyfriend. When we returned to college, we decided to see how our relations would go. We didn't get back together but we spent a lot of time together, acting like couple without making it official and everything was...
  2. P

    Boy trouble

    I have a problem with the guy I was seeing. We were once a couple but broke up. Six months ago, we met at the same university and became friends. We had two dates in February. In March, we were together at a friend's party where I got drunk, talked stupid and even had a concussion. Of course, I...
  3. Mars26

    Love trouble

    I started dating this guy (we are both bisexual) in February but we know each other since October. We were on 3 dates before the pandemic. During the quarantine, we texted each other several times a day, played online and watched online movies together. I could describe what we've been through...
  4. A

    My aspergers boyfriend is behaving distant

    Me and my boyfriend with aspergers had a fight because I did not respond to his messages fast enough when I was out with a friend. He deleted every message he sent and we didn't talk for 2 weeks, so I messaged him again and I went crazy because he ignored my texts. I knew he was angry but he...
  5. N

    Asperger and long distance communication

    A hello to everyone and I hope you are all well due to current situations. I had a thought basically awhile ago but it came into my mind again today . Since I am currently in a long distance relationship right now for a while longer and since we can’t see each other so much. I relay mostly...
  6. Saki

    Is there still a chance for us?

    Hey guys! This is my first post here. My aspie ex broke up with me late Jan early Feb of this year bc he isn't in a good place rn and can't commit to anything, not bc he doesn't have feelings for me anymore. We were together a little less than 2 months, but only a week or two before the breakup...
  7. Mars26

    I don't know what my boyfriend meant

    Me and my boyfriend know each other since November. We are dating for month and I'm already afraid of losing him. He knows that I have Asperger syndrome and he is cool with it. But sometimes when he talks to me or texts, I don't known if he is joking or he's serious. I know he doesn't hate me...
  8. N

    How doe you make your relationships work?!

    A hello to everyone since I’m new to this whole situation and still in the struggle with the autism of my partner. I was looking for advice or experience in relationships. Since only thing I ever hear is run as fast as you can as far. But how doe you both maintain the relationships with...
  9. N

    I’m confused about my relationship

    First of I wanted to thank everyone who helped me and shared there advice. like I posted in the headline I’m beginning to get very confused about everything. I’m dating a great guy For almost 4 years . He is on the spectrum but he doesn’t want to hear or deal with the term autism as it seems...
  10. N

    I might need help to understand

    I hope everyone here made it into the new year and had a great start. i might need some advice to understand my situation and relationship because I clearly don’t know what to do anymore. I’m now in a relationship with a really great guy for almost 4 years now. There were many ups and downs...
  11. C

    Am I overreacting?

    Hi I've been in a monogamous relationship with my high-functioning aspie boyfriend for a couple of yrs now. He always struggled to express his emotions etc but it's getting to the point where I just don't feel love from him at all and I need to know if the relationship is just not worth it or...
  12. AHClemist

    What is a relationship?

    I have been wanting to post something like this for a while now, but never found the exact way I want to word it, so here’s an attempt: How exactly do you define a romantic relationship? I have read and heard so much about people deciding to “work on their relationship”. Sometimes they have...
  13. sisselcakes

    ASD/NT relationships - NTs need for validation

    Okay, everyone. I need your input. Have you run into the issue of NTs needing "validation"? I'll tell you why I ask. My ex (still friend) and I broke up and went back and forth for 10 months before realizing we needed to cut it out. It's emotionally exhausting. I told him, and he agreed, that...
  14. N

    I feel a bit down and don't know what to do..

    Probably my 3 post now.. So the situation has evolved itself and I moved out from my asperger boyfriend.. Back home to my country for awhile.. And i feel like im breaking.. The good bye was hard for me and everything but i know it was the best. We went out the night befor and had a talk about...
  15. N

    I would like some thoughts on that situation please

    I have posted a while before about my situation.. Of my boyfriend who has aspergers.. I'm soon to be moving out of the flat due to the situation wich makes it really hard for me and I get a thousand anxieties again because we will be long distance for awhile again... So to the situation.. Due...
  16. sisselcakes

    NT/Aspie relationship- things I've learned about him and us

    Wanted to post this in the hopes it might be helpful to other NT's who are trying to navigate a relationship with someone on the spectrum. I see lots of NT's come on here looking for advice and information. These forums have been extremely helpful to me over the last few years. After four...
  17. N

    I would like some thoughts from maybe someone in the same situation.

    So it's my second time writing now here and I want to thank you all for your advice but I would also like to know if someone has some answers or was in the same shoes as me.. As it goes my boyfriend is now diagnosed as autistic he has aspergers and seems to be more open with everything now but...
  18. H

    Me and My Aspie BF/He broke up with me. Now what?

    Hey guys so ex bf broke up with me about a month ago and although we only dated for 4 months it was pretty intense. We however did see each other a healthy amount and gave each other enough space. During this time I met his whole family and we were exclusive. He asked me to be his gf pretty...
  19. 19maddie94

    He said he needs space

    Thank you everyone.
  20. S

    Lost girl of my dreams due to Aspergers. PLEASE HELP!

    im 18, im a male. i have aspergers and it haunts my life every single day. this is the first time i am reaching out to someone for my problems, of any kind. i need help. i have been dating this girl for 4 months. she is the most gorgeous girl ive ever seen. she lives and works both right next...
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