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  1. Alis1998

    Gift(s) for my boyfriend?

    Hey guys! I hope you guys can help me out a bit! I'm trying to make this as short and clear as possible. I want to give my boyfriend some small gifts. Iknow I don't have to explain why but I feel that helps in consideration that I have not so much idea's yet. So here are some reasons why...
  2. sisselcakes

    Broaching relationship issues with ASD boyfriend

    Okay, so I've been at this for over three years now. You'd think I'd be a pro by now, but alas, not yet! I'm unsure of the best approach for broaching relationship issues with my bf whom we suspect is on the spectrum. For some history, he was married and divorced shortly before we met. I...
  3. P

    AS Boyfriend Broke Up with Me

    My AS boyfriend and I have been together for 2.5 years. Our day to day was amazing, it's when commitment and affection came into question, we'd have some problems. So - recently, due to the overwhelming pressures and his depression worsening, he decided we needed to break up so he could reprieve...
  4. G

    Communication problems...

    Hi! I have been together with my boyfriend for 1.5 year, except for 2 months last summer when he said he didn't want to hurt me anymore and broke up. Before he broke up he told me he still had feelings for me though. 2 months after he obviously felt better and contacted me. He also had some...
  5. sisselcakes

    Explaining Relationship Dynamics to Aspie

    Usually I come on here to post or read threads when I'm struggling in my relationship with my (undiagnosed) ASD boyfriend. I guess reading and writing helps me see things from a more objective and broader perspective. I'm here to vent frustration because people on here "get it" but also to...
  6. S

    Robot or aspie human? Help, please!

    I mean this in the most loving way possible, and I know I need to say that since it could be taken the wrong way given where I am . I'm trying to decide if my guy is just a blunt, sorta rude jerk that thinks he's better than everyone else, who has no feelings or emotions, and can't process that...
  7. Nikolas Di Domenico

    Couple Photos and Info

    This is My girlfriend Emily and I, we have been dating for almost a year and a half now. We met at our job in a grocery store deli and have grown on each other since. We get in fights sometimes but we are realistic and get past what is bothering us. Emily is a Public Health Major, Spanish Minor...
  8. Nikolas Di Domenico

    Sister and her boyfriend need help

    Having a little trouble in my family. My sister is dating this guy I hate. My whole family doesn't like him and the kid is in his late 20s has a kid, has been divorced, has no college degree, and worst of all is he is one of those Subaru WRX jerkoffs. My sister and I get into fights also because...
  9. As sweet as-pie

    Meeting (NT) partner's family

    Hi all, I've found myself in a bit of an awkward predicament, one that I've been in for many years now. I've been with my current (NT) boyfriend for 4 years and still haven't met his family. I went to his grandma's house once to meet her but that was very early in our relationship...
  10. J

    Intimacy sucks. Help.

    My boyfriend and I are doing great and we love each other to death but he wants intimacy physically and I don't. I'm also asexual (not sexually attracted to anyone) and refuse to have sex because it doesn't appeal to me and I hate it. I also don't like too much skin touching, and he wants to...
  11. sisselcakes

    How did adult diagnosis (or suspected) affect your relationships?

    Hi Everybody. I've posted several things on here and your feedback has been immensely helpful. This is probably going to be really long so I hope that doesn't discourage you from reading it. I feel like I need to give you the history. This has to do with how becoming aware you were on the...
  12. N

    YOU ARE MY LAST CHANCE - I'm lost. Please, help :(

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and I think this is my last hope trying to make my relationship work. I'm 25, I have anxiety and depression and am dating a man with Aspergers for 3 and a half years now. He is the smartest, most amazing person I've know in my life. I love and admire him a lot and...
  13. sisselcakes

    Boyfriend fixated on food and exercise

    Geez. It took me forever to figure out how to post a new thread. Okay. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. I suspect my boyfriend is HFA. He has a good number of ASD traits. One thing I didn't see was a hyper-focus or fixation on a particular subject, UNTIL the other night he...
  14. J

    Scared to go on first date

    Okay, I think I know what I'm going to do, but I still want some advice and opinions. I had another forum earlier about dating but this one's a little different. Basically, there's this guy I've liked for two years, and we've been good friends for those two years, and we finally decided to go...
  15. G

    Could my boyfriend have Aspergers?

    The guy I've been seeing has a very unusual way of communicating. In person or on text he will not engage in normal conversation, there's never really any "hi, how are you?", he will just vomit up a torrent of highly detailed but uninteresting (to me) information about very specific subject...
  16. S

    Does my partner have Aspergers?

    Obviously I can't take a quiz on his behalf, but I don't want to confront him with my suspicion in case I am wrong. Recently I looked up Aspergers online and suddenly a lot of things made sense. His personality traits: - can't do small-talk, often doesn't wish to talk about how his day was - my...
  17. J

    Not sure if I should date.

    I've been very anxious lately. There's a guy I've liked for like 2 years and we're good friends and hang out sometimes. Sometimes I go a bit far in my Aspie fantasies and think waaaay into our future even though we're not even dating. Problem is, I like him, and yet I feel like I don't want to...
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