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  1. A

    BBC Radio Programme on Neurodiversity in "Open Book" 2022.05.15

    Johny Pitts discusses neurodiversity in literature with Elle McNicoll, Helen Hoang and Sunyi Dean. There is a long history of characters in fiction whom readers presume to be autistic. But who are the new breed of writers owning the terminology today? Our guests discuss labels, possible progress...
  2. Angie97797

    Frankenstein and the monster screwed up.

    This is really really random but like, I just wanted to say this, VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN DIDN’T DESERVE IT! like everyone called Victor pretty much the worst person ever, blah blah blah, but like, did you even READ the story?! Or are you just basing it off of movies or what your friend who’s...
  3. Nervous Rex

    What fictional characters do you suspect of being autistic?

    What characters in books, movies, comics, etc. would you suspect of being autistic, even though they aren't directly identified as such? Mine are: A) Sherlock Holmes. Even in Doyle's original stories, he's identified as being impatient with others, obsessed with certain topics. He will...
  4. Nummulite

    How you relate to fiction (a survey)

    Let's say you're reading a story, and something happens to one of the characters. I'll present three versions of this scenerio, and possible responses you might have. 1. The situation in the story is something you yourself have never experienced before (for example, the character's beloved dog...
  5. E

    Looking for Beta Readers for my book

    Do you like to read? I am looking for Beta Readers. ‘What is that?’ you might ask. A beta reader is someone who agrees to read a draft of a book and give the reader their opinion of it. If you would be interested but feel that you lack expertise, don’t let that stop you. I am just interested in...
  6. Jenisautistic

    My book the bully the bullied and the bystanders Lola and the Upstanders

    Hello let me start by saying that This is a project I’m working on for quite a while and I will add the videos in my YouTube channel Please note that this has sensitive and Some language In the story Which I will note is not in this introduction for those of you who are interested my channel...
  7. H

    What are your favorites?

    Heyoo to you! What are your favorite... ... tv shows/webseries? ... movies? Cartoon movies? ... bands/musicians? ... games? ... books? Is there anything else you really like/love? What's it? Sometimes I don't have anyone to talk to about my special interests. So just made a list of them!
  8. A

    I dont know if this fantasy race describes people on the spectrum, and would do harm?

    Warning, Long post: Ok so i dont know how to start this but Hi, i am an amateur writer, im just in the planning stages of my fantasy book, so im looking for different mythological and fantastical creatures and the like, one i came across was a half-breed race called "Blood Child" (half...
  9. Sora

    What Hogwarts house are you in?

    I'm a Ravenclaw. I really like the fact that Ravenclaws aren't just limited to smart people, they can also be very creative and really passionate about the things they like. For example knowing a lot about a certain topic or subject they really enjoy. What about y'all?
  10. M

    The Book Club

    This is a thread dedicated for any book discussion. I’ve noticed from the “topics you talk often about “ that there are a few who like to read. So, if you want to talk about your favorite book that you’re currently reading again, have a book that just spoke to you and your soul or have a...
  11. Ladybird2013

    Anyone else like British mysteries?

    I love British mysteries- books, movies, TV shows! My favorite shows are: Midsomer Murders Father Brown Shetland Broadchurch Anyone else like these, or can recommend others?
  12. Joshua the Writer

    Autism, Anybody? — A Book I'm Writing

    I am writing a book called "Autism, Anybody?" It is about my Autism and what I want to understand about (mostly) my own case, but other people on the Spectrum, as well. I have written an introduction-type appendix and 4 parts/chapters. I don't know what the parts/chapters after the 4th would be...
  13. Jenisautistic


    Rolling with the trend of people showing their books on YouTube and doing book hauls. so I decided to make my own Book Haul video. i’m trying my best not to try to read and understand when I read as much as I can .even though reading makes me want to throw up and makes my head spin I still love...
  14. Mr Allen

    Will they make any more Harry Potter movies?

    I hope so if JK Rowling writes any more books. Daniel Radcliffe's only 28, he's not too old to reprise the role that made him famous. What I don't want though is some rubbish remake/reboot of the original series with somebody else as Harry, it genuinely wouldn't be as good IMO. And his famous...
  15. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Quandaries of a book-geek mom

    The relationship with my dad was based in the exchange of knowledge, mostly him helping me out with school subjects, or him recommending me books. It was never an equal exchange. He mostly downloaded information on me (aspie style) and I received it. I used to receive it gladly because I...
  16. Women with Asperger's. A Blog

    Women with Asperger's. A Blog

    What is this blog going to be about...I suppose I want to focus on topics related to women with Asperger's. I will probably also go off on tangents regarding the things I am passionate about: books, movies, video games, music, traveling. Thanks for reading in advance, I hope you guys decide to...
  17. W

    Discussion: My Favorite Book Series...

    I would like to start a discussion where everyone can talk about their favorite book series Mine is Goosebumps! What does everyone else think?
  18. Rachel Jackson

    Hello - I'm new here - and I would really appreciate your help

    I have a child of 7 with high functioning autism and have been working hard alongside my day job to try to support and nourish him. He loves stories and one rainy afternoon, not long after watching the Chris Packham documentary that aired in the UK, I decided to write one. According to the...
  19. W

    Topic: Goosebumps Original Book Series

    Has anyone read The Original Goosebumps Book Series? My favorite is all of those books, which are yours? Which was the First Goosebumps book in the Original Series?
  20. W

    HI I AM WBM25

    Hi I'm WBM25, I like to talk about Video Games, Movies, TV Shows, Music, books, and Videos. I'm trying to write a few netflix tv shows, and re-release some old videos and old tv shows. If anyone is interested please feel free to message me. I look forward to chating with everyone!
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