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Frankenstein and the monster screwed up.


This is really really random but like, I just wanted to say this,


like everyone called Victor pretty much the worst person ever, blah blah blah, but like, did you even READ the story?! Or are you just basing it off of movies or what your friend who’s friend read it?

Victor was undeniably a dumb-ass. He abandoned the monster, he CREATED the monster. This is true.

But to say he deserved everything that happened to him, and that he didn’t care about his friends/family is dumb.


yeah, the whole creating the monster thing was his fault. But like, what the heck?

personally I believe that both the monster and victor are the antagonists of the story.

again, my boy Victor royally screwed up. BUT SO DID THE MONSTER.

Like I also felt bad for the monster but I found myself feeling even worse for Victor. Maybe I’m too empathetic or something.

I mean I cannot stress the fact that this guy literally lost everything enough. Like literally everything.

everyone else around him also didn’t deserve it!

I mean the monster literally killed a child and framed an innocent woman, not to mention killing multiple other innocent people and people still say it was innocent??? That it was JUSTIFIED???

Like sure my dad wasn’t the best either but that doesn’t mean I get to go on a murder spree!

I mean just because my mom never came back from getting milk doesn’t mean that I can commit mass atrocities and get away with it.

like if you’re gonna take revenge at least go after the right person!

And again, I just felt horrible for Victor the entire time. Whats worse, dying or losing your reason for living, ya know?

Like he should have fessed up to save the maid, he should have taken care of the monster, he shouldn’t have created it at all. But reading about his grief and everything broke me. Like I genuinely teared up at some points and itms hard for media to even make me cry (the only ones to succeed was Tales of Desperaux, The Dark Tower Series, The Long Walk, the beginning of Up, Encanto, And The Magnus Archives)

So yeah, Victor and the monster were in the wrong, but Victor didn’t deserve what he went through, and the monster didn’t have any right to do what he did.
You’re right. I think the story is about consequences and cause and effect, not about someone deserving to have his life ruined for making a terrible mistake. I love that you were so affected by the story. :) I love books.

I tried to read it one time but it wasn't my thing. So I watched Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein instead. Funny but classic. Lon Chaney Jr, Bella Lagosi and Boris Karlof all together.

The subtitle of Frankenstein "The Modern Prometheus" says much about the book, as at the time it was written, Prometheus was the embodiment of the lone genius whose efforts to improve human existence could also result in tragedy.

Both Victor Frankenstein and his creation (I refuse to use the term monster) are tragic figures and have never properly been represented on film. The creature is mainly a child without a mother whose father abandons him. I have always seen it as more of a science fiction novel than a gothic horror story. Think of the creature as a sentient flesh robot of sorts that is far more interesting than its creator.

Victor's ego is so great that he gives up everything he cherishes to achieve his goal. He is the misguided scientist that pays the price for his hubris.

On the representation of the book in film: it poses problems because of the multiple narratives. Even in those films that try hard to do the novel justice miss the mark by a great deal. A few of those films are watchable in their own right, but they are not the novel.

Ignore me, this is merely more ramblings from a rapidly aging movie fanatic and book collector/reader.;)
Mary Shelley wrote the short version of it when she was a youngster, & won a prize for it; then made it into the novel later.

I’ve read that she may have heard about Galvani’s nephew’s experiments or demonstrations applying high-voltage to corpses.

Her father knew a few researchers who told him about the “scientific” demonstrations.

- I got that from reading a fun book called -

by Timothy J. Jorgensen.

edited to fix gobblygook writing
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