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I dont know if this fantasy race describes people on the spectrum, and would do harm?


New Member
Warning, Long post:

Ok so i dont know how to start this but Hi, i am an amateur writer, im just in the planning stages of my fantasy book, so im looking for different mythological and fantastical creatures and the like, one i came across was a half-breed race called "Blood Child" (half human/half Wraith), which i want to include because i am using Wraiths as well, but going through a few sites (very limited amounts, there arent many), about these blood children and they are described in a way thats reminiscent of autism to me.

I am not on the spectrum, and i dont know much about it if im honest, just whats on the media (like the good doctor, reddit etc), so going off of just what ive heard of, the personality of these blood children kind of remind me of what ive seen and heard of, which i know cant always be accurate so i came here.

In the post they describe one specific character who is a blood child, but in a way that makes it sound like he is the way he is because he is a blood child, you know? In any case the character is described as anti social and distant because of multiple reasons, he has a speech impediment because he talks "overly-convoluted", which breaks his sentences up and affects his intonation of words, he also feels emotions very powerfully and "trivial matters of love and hate weigh on him" (something like that), meaning when talking to someone that makes him feel, basically like a human, he will get attached and think about it afterwards, he is generally depressed but angry because of a symptom of being a blood child, he doesnt really understand humor and is confused or irritated when others expect him to get jokes and sarcasm and stuff.

All in all, i dont want to offend anyone by thinking of autism when reading this if im hella wrong, but i dont want to risk making this a race in my book and having people think theyre supposed to represent autistic people, and that im tryna send some message about it, (like making villians POC or gay etc). If it helps, the character im intending to make a blood child is not antagonistic in the slightest way, they are a main character, part of the heroes and good guys and all that jazz, and im not planning to make her all angsty n crap, but she would have similar experiences and feelings to the character i read about. And my hesitation comes from the nature of the race, that its not like this specific character seems to be on the spectrum for diversity, but instead that all blood children behave this way, and that they are considered to be possessed in a way, since a Wraith possessing one of the parents is the reason they are blood children (part of the wraith "melds" with the unborn child and stays attached), so its like the demon part of them is what makes them this way and im afraid it describes people on the spectrum and i dont want anyone reading it and seeing themselves in a "possessed demon-child" way, you know?

if you want to read the posts yourselves these are both links:
Arjunas, Ordion Blood Child and demonologist (see entire post for full picture, or just personality for a brief description)
The Wraith ("Móh-Melór") (see section labeled mating for just the blood child section)

I would appreciate it if anyone who has first hand experience would tell me if that really is too close to a description and would do harm to the community, or if im way off, (and in that case i apologize if ive offended anyone), and it wouldnt be a problem including this race, or even if its kinda close but not too much, and just changing a few key traits would allow me to freely use this race.

Thank you in advance for your time and advice!
Doesn't offend me in anyway.
The wraith seems to be something like what are known as plasma or spirit orbs.
Seldom in the level of light picked up by human eyes and most often seen in photographs
and heat photography, they do just float around. Probably from another dimension.
They seem to be watchers.
And there is quite a bit of research regarding them.
Distinguishing the difference between dust particles and the real orbs.
Do they enter hosts? Good question. One that might be entered into a fantasy novel.
Doesn’t necessarily sound like autism to me. I was a very happy, outgoing and social child, albeit one with a lot of special interests and a vocabulary that got me nicknamed “the little professor”.
Ditto that it doesn't sound particularly like autism. It does ring bells with some of the clichéd and outmoded perceptions of autism, without doubt, but I would be surprised if anyone on the spectrum would identify particularly with your proposed character.
I think as long as you steer clear of any mention of autism, and should the question arise you make it clear that it's not your intention to imply the character is autistic, you should have nothing to worry about.
Yes the only idea i had was that cliche personality and that was all i had to reference, but after talking to some people i see i really am mostly wrong, but im glad its not offensive in the slightest. Thanks for answering!
Put it this way - if someone should ask you if the question - "is this character meant to be autistic" then it gives you the opportunity to open the dialogue about how you have learned from autistic people that many preconceptions about autism are quite wrong and the characteristics they're focusing on aren't typical of autism as the questioner has been led to believe.
Good luck.

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