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  1. NoRMAN

    Allow Me to Introduce Myself

    Hello everyone! For now, you can call me 'Norm'. I'm happy this Forum exists. I'm 36 and it was recently shared with me that I might be somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. I'm slowly (but surely) researching what it means to be on the spectrum in today's world, and I've been discussing it with...
  2. AHClemist

    Eye contact between aspies: does it feel different?

    I want to pose this question separately from the general eye contact post in the other thread. I'm very curious what you guys think. Because I absolutely loathe confrontation, I am generally almost hyperaware of the people around me. I get overwhelmed by the emotions of others very easily...
  3. Trichotillomania in my aspie kid

    Trichotillomania in my aspie kid

My nine-year-old kid plucked part of his eyelashes out on Sunday. It was not the first time, but the second. The first time was when he learned that his best friend was changing schools. As a consequence, he plucked out 90% of the eyelashes in one eye, and half of them in the other.
  4. C

    Medication for Social Anxiety?

    My 12 year old son is an aspie..Up until now I’ve been able to foster relationships for him with other kids. He was always well liked and had a nice group of friends. Now that he’s getting older I can’t be so involved in his social life. He’s starting to isolate himself and isn’t initiating any...
  5. L

    Aspie women in the workplace?

    I am an NT partner to an aspie female who also has extreme social phobia, and severe anxiety. She has not had a proper job before and is afraid of entering a long term and repetitive social situation at the workplace, due to childhood traumas (hardcore bullying in boarding school for over 7...
  6. B

    aspiehearts dating and friendship site (free)

    After much blood, sweat and tears I am pleased to announce the launch of www.aspiehearts.com - the first free to use dating/friendship site for those on the spectrum! aspiehearts allows you to find your perfect match by criteria from age to appearaance, lifestyle to distance. It's quick and easy...
  7. Melo

    Confused about myself

    Hi, I'm Melih, 25. English is not my native language, sorry if I mess it up. :) I haven't been diagnosed as an Aspie but I have a story to tell. Until a few years ago, I was just unconcerned about my psychology and behaviours to others despite all of their complaints. I think it was because I...
  8. Zealot North

    My Aspie friend told me they love me -and I feel the same way!- but......

    Hello everyone, this will be my first thread that's not an introduction thread! As the title already mentioned, I have a very close friend who has diagnosed Asperger's Syndrome. I personally have PDD-NOS myself. While I have an easy time describing my strengths and weaknesses, and what I can...
  9. H

    Me and My Aspie BF/He broke up with me. Now what?

    Hey guys so ex bf broke up with me about a month ago and although we only dated for 4 months it was pretty intense. We however did see each other a healthy amount and gave each other enough space. During this time I met his whole family and we were exclusive. He asked me to be his gf pretty...
  10. Autistamatic

    The term "Aspie" --is it offensive? What do you call yourself?

    Recently some aggro has erupted on social media because a well known ASD creator known as "The Aspie World" produced a video about the "differences between Asperger's and Autism". It's not terribly well informed as is often the case, but it's got people up in arms at the suggestion that being an...
  11. L

    Never been in a relationship or had many friends :(

    So I’m a 19 year old aspie never been in a relationship or had many friends I would really like to get to know someone being friends and maybe more, my hobbies are going for hikes, playing on the PS4, watching Netflix tv shows, Netflix originals, horror movies, listening to music, reading books...
  12. D

    Sharing diagnosis

    Diagnosed with Asperger’s a few weeks ago. Just wondering if anyone has any good resources (leaflets, PDFs, etc) that they have found helpful when trying to tell friends and family about the diagnosis. Struggling to find the right materials (especially ones that don’t cost a lot). Thank you x
  13. Julia Brianna

    self identification, and what to do to help get comfortable with who you are.

    time and yet, time again, it took ages of seasons for me to get the slightest bit of comfort in myself, and i find that this is an issue majority of us face yet disregard. this issue DOES need to be addressed, and for those who are going through it: I am here in the same boat with you, so let's...
  14. D

    Relationship with aspie bf

    You might not read it because it's long, also my english isn't best. But I just need an advice. I was in relationship with aspie for like 4 months. I didn't know he was aspie. After we had a few inconsistencies in our relationship, he told me about this syndrome and everything started to make...
  15. C

    Need advice from Aspies about my son

    My 12 year old Aspie son has a routine every morning before he goes to school. He needs 3 hours to complete his list until he leaves the house precisely at 7:06. He created this for himself and it works very well for him. This morning though, he slept through his alarm and panicked like I’ve...
  16. C

    Aspie always wants to wear glasses

    My 12 year old son is high functioning. A year ago I got him glasses to diminish the blue light from screens (since he spends so much time on them.) Ever since then, he refuses to take them off at all. If I take them away for a few minutes he gets a headache and hides his face. I know he’s...
  17. S

    Managing a friendship with an Aspie

    Hello All! I came across this website while trying to do some research on how to help the predicament I'm in and I'm hoping I can get some advice and insight! I am not on the spectrum, but I've been really encouraged by this forum that this is the right place to seek help. About a year ago, I...
  18. Mebradhen

    Just joined

    Hey there! Just found this forum had a post about one of my games. Naturally, I joined so I could respond! I'm 18 years old and have been living with asperges syndrome. I'm from Australia where everything that looks harmless will probably kill you. and I'm currently a game dev working on An...
  19. J

    Can I trust him?

    Hi guys, NTish (w/adhd) woman here. I recently got into a relationship with a HFA guy. Now, as an NT person, it’s REALLY hard for me to take things at face value, especially when it comes to dating. Things took off FAST between us. It took maybe a couple dates for him to tell me he loved me...
  20. Joshua the Writer

    An Aspie Life | Game Made by An Autistic Teen

    An Aspie Life is a video game about a boy on the spectrum whose roommate left the apartment unexpectedly. It was made by an autistic teen named Brad Hennessy. It's a good game from what I could tell from the 20 minutes of me playing it (I want to save any future playtime on here for my YouTube...
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