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  1. crp

    Subtyping the Autism Spectrum Disorder

    I've studied tons of the professional materials and I have to tell you that the so-called high-functioning autism (HFA) is probably not the Asperger's syndrome only (according to the current classification) but there is also another subtype of HFA that takes place accurately between the Kanner's...
  2. An0maly_1976

    (Partial / Reduced) Sensory Processing Disorder and ASD / Asperger's?

    I have been having a great many random thoughts and questions since the possibility of ASD / Asperger's came to my attention, and with those, of course, comes the desire for researching them. There's an old saying that some people can't see the forest for the trees, or can't see the trees for...
  3. An0maly_1976

    New Normal?

    Hi! So glad to find this site, hoping to find others I can identify with that can help me make some sense of myself. After stumbling across mention of Asperger's, I took an online RAADS test that placed me at or 2-3 times ASD thresholds. I strongly suspect I am an Aspie (self-diagnosed)...
  4. Leago

    Hey folks (:

    Hey! I go by Leago. I’m a teenager and got diagnosed with autism a while ago. I’m excited to be here and discuss things with you fellow Aspies! One of the beliefs I hold about my diagnosis is that it is not a disability. Controversial, I know, but I don’t want to keep being told that I am less...
  5. G

    Redefining Aspergers as Lv. 1 Autism

    I’ve mentioned before on a previous thread that I’m not a fan of Aspergers being redefined as Lv. 1 Autism for a variety reasons, including the simple fact that it opens the door to very easy misunderstandings by frankly anyone of any neurological wiring or what have you. What are your thoughts...
  6. CDMcVey

    Greetings everyone!

    Greetings to those that read this post and a deep thanks. I just recently got my ASD diagnosis coupled with C-PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression (even though I don't feel depressed). I was even tested to have a higher than average IQ which makes this seem all the more frustrating for me. I have...
  7. A

    anhedonia versus alexithymia whats the difference

    I am unsure what the difference is between alexithymia and anhedonia. The two terms seem to refer to quite similar conditions. I quote from two web sources below but am still unsure what the difference is. In my mind anhedonia is related to a loss of emotion which was there before and...
  8. A

    Blessed are the Misfits 2020-06-24

    I was attracted to this book by the first chapter where the author describes his experience in a church setting as an introverted Aspie. His experience of (not) speaking in tongues echoed mine. However he does not dwell on being an Aspie in church though the book, it is more that this is one...
  9. Tefi Riera

    My personal struggles

    Here I'll be posting about my own struggles as an aspie and the solutions I've found - if I find any - so feel free to give me your feedback. I think this might be helpful to anyone that feels related to these struggles or they could help me to solve it from another perspective. Thank you for...
  10. Stan Z.

    A fight with my stepmom....again

    Basics: I'm 19, I have ASD, and I still live with my parents during this pandemic due to financial problems with my previous college, and now I'm going to community college. I got into a fight with my Liberian stepmom again. She was surprised and angry at me as I didn't wear gloves when I put...
  11. S

    Help with my Boyfriend

    I have been with my bf for almost two years (me=25, him=23). We actually met in therapy lol He was misdiagnosed and I was the one who suggested he had high functioning Aspergers and low and behold he did. We have been literally inseparable since. He sleeps over multiple times a week and jokes...
  12. Saki

    Is there still a chance for us?

    Hey guys! This is my first post here. My aspie ex broke up with me late Jan early Feb of this year bc he isn't in a good place rn and can't commit to anything, not bc he doesn't have feelings for me anymore. We were together a little less than 2 months, but only a week or two before the breakup...
  13. Clueless in Canada

    Processing My Assessment Results

    It has taken me awhile to process my assessment results and I have read and re-read the written report, probably fixating on it too much. I know my thoughts are not rational or logical because I am both disturbed by wording that sounds critical and negative and yet also annoyed because I think...
  14. simetra

    I tried stimming: Spinning rings

    When the general public (which is my floppy term for people who know about the existence of autism but not too much about what it means) thinks about stimming in autism, most will probably come up with rocking, or hand flapping and the like, maybe also audible stims if they have ever been on a...
  15. simetra

    Trading Christmas for progress

    Not to be dramatic or anything but tomorrow is Christmas Eve (at least for the majority of people in the country I live in and traditionally my family). Christmas used to be a huge thing for me. Granted, I'm in my twenties so my childhood is not as far away as it is for other people. And for...
  16. simetra

    Childhood favorites are stim toys today

    During my 'research' into autism, I was recently checking out #stimtoys on Instagram because that is exactly the platform on which serious research on autism should start. I was scrolling through the tag when I came across the account of a shop that seemed to be specialized in types of objects...
  17. simetra

    Walking on tiptoes. Just because.

    I recently watched a YouTube video by The Aspie World titled ASPERGERS symptoms in children: 5 ways YOU spot Autism, in which one trait of some people with Asperger Syndrome is said to be walking on their tiptoes, especially in their childhood and teenage years. That video unearthed a part of...
  18. simetra

    Swimming, but sinking

    Thinking back to my school years, one of my strongest memories is how utterly untalented I was in all things sport-related. But my sport-problems started even before I entered elementary school, especially with swimming. I was perfectly content with my floaties. Being in the water was amazing...
  19. F

    Mindfulness Maybe

    The culture surrounding health and wellness can be difficult to navigate as a neurodiverse individual as even popular resources can often alienate those who struggle with sensory sensitivities and executive function. I want to move past this, toxic productivity is something prevalent in this...
  20. F

    Good Day!

    Greetings!:p I am a self-diagnosed teen residing in Canada. I've struggled with an restrictive eating disorder in the past and currently am learning to manage my anxiety in absence of those negative behaviors. I think both of these could have a direct correlation to the struggles I've endured...
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