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  1. DiverseWonderland

    What is Normal for us?

    So we know about the "Social Guidelines" and what is considered "Normal" These days but what i want to know is what do you all do that you consider "normal" for yourself or what do you do that most others don't do? For instance I will play by imagining something in my head but on the outside...
  2. S

    What is an Aspie?

    Just to make it clear, I'm not asking what the word "Aspie" is, I'm an Aspie myself, I just have only come to terms and acceptence of it about 2 years ago. I was just wondering, what do you guys all see as a universal Aspie? Because it annoys me that when I tell people I am as a respond to "why...
  3. ainely

    #2 - Zero life.

    There is an italian song that says '' is there something you really care about? that makes you really happy?'' I can't answer or rather- I would be able to answer but my ''thing'' is a person that isn't a part of my life anymore and I don't know how good it can be to believe that people are...
  4. GrownupGirl

    If I wasn't aspie could I learn to drive? I hate taxis.

    I'm really really sick of having to take taxis everywhere all the time. I hate how long they take to arrive, how badly they drive, and how they can't find their way out of a paper bag. The bus is even worse, which is why I switched to going by cab in the first place. The bus stops are too far...
  5. Jasonvl

    Procrastination, organisation and getting started

    Does anyone have trouble starting a task. A lot of the time once I start it's OK, but starting and getting organised is a challenge. For some reason I avoid creating a routine for myself. Does anyone have some hints?
  6. Backpacking Brain

    About other people

    I have learned many lessons while travelling. I don’t want to turn this blog into a sanctimonious, holier-than-thou collection of lectures by someone who thinks they know better then you, because I don’t, so I won’t. But, I just wanted to make a little note of what I have learned about People. I...
  7. Backpacking Brain

    Stepping out of the comfort zone..

    Hello! Welcome to my backpacking blog! Blogging about my travels is soemthing i have thought about doing for a while, and now I don’t know where to begin! So I’ll start at the beginning. Just after Christmas last year, I suddenly decided I wanted to travel. Having “lost” my teenage years to...
  8. Backpacking Brain

    Backpacking Brain

    Just an Aspie backpacking with the company of my fairly odd brain! Writing down my experiences, musings, discoveries and life lessons! Please feel free to share any of your travel experiences with me; I’d love to hear any of your stories!
  9. Write, Rinse, Repeat


    Sometimes, I'm so overwhelmed that I shut down. The words don't want to come, and everything feels overstimulating, and all I feel like I can do is space out. No thoughts really. Not much feelings either, or so it would seem to an outsider. Really though, it's like the volume is turned to a...
  10. A

    Irony and sarcasm

    Is it possible for an aspie to understand sarcasm and irony? I think I'm an aspie. But I can understand irony and sarcasm. No aspie can understand irony and sarcasm? Sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian.
  11. T


    Dear Reader, The blog here is my dream and my hope that with your help i can use my abilities to do my part in the fight for our acceptance. Because threw all my dangers toils and snares the thing that held me back when darkness was at its darkest was thought of one day being able to do my...
  12. MrSpock

    Dysrationalia - are aspies somewhat immune?

    Thanks to @WildCat for posting this link (more competently) in another thread. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/rational-and-irrational-thought-the-thinking-that-iq-tests-miss/ There was obviously a time when I did not know enough to understand those puzzles, but there wasn't a time...
  13. Aristocario

    Meeting Up

    Hello to everyone! I live in Leeds and would like to meet new people, I'm 19, so preferrably for people around my age, in their 20s, or slightly below my age would be preferred to meet. My favourite hobbies are football (I play in a football team too), drawing, comics (specially manga and...
  14. Jena

    Does anyone else do this with their special interest too?

    Hey y'all so was curious if anyone else does this, where they literally have a difficult time buying stuff UNLESS it's related to special interest. Like with me, it is animals. Every single thing I buy has always and I mean always been around animals. I can't buy something if it's not animal...
  15. When the Rain Comes

    When the Rain Comes

    It's never made sense to me why the hardest question for me to answer has always been "Who am I?" You'd think that would be quite a simple thing, but I've found it to be incredibly difficult, complex, confusing and frustrating to even attempt to answer. Perhaps it's because the question is...
  16. Write, Rinse, Repeat

    Who's Afraid of the Dark?

    Waking in the middle of the night is confusing for me. Things that seem so certain during the daylight hours feel twisted and shadowed. Sometimes even the most simple and good things seem darkened and scary at nighttime. I don't like it. I guess the easy answer seems to be to stay in bed and...
  17. Bronwyn

    Asperger girls

    Hiya looking for girls around my age (19) to have a chat about Asperger life. Just really want to be able to relate to someone. I feel as if my struggles as a child growing up were very difficult especially as a girl. Id like only females to contact me please. Dont be afraid to drop me a message...
  18. Write, Rinse, Repeat

    Write, Rinse, Repeat

    I write to express what I cannot express any other way. I've never been much of a conversationalist, and writing allows me to revise until I finally manage to come close to expressing what's inside me. Included within the posts in this blog will be-- grocery lists bits of poetry quotes lyrics...
  19. D

    Insecure and a bit paranoid about SO when anxious?

    Hello! I've been in a relationship for almost 5 years with a very sensitive and special person, who's suffering their own deal of mental issues and accepts me for who I am. However, our relationship has been through a lot of hardships and we've developed some not-too-great dynamics. Mostly...
  20. D

    Hello! Recently self-diagnosed, excited and confused

    Hey everyone! I am so happy forums like these exist, they've been eye-opening. I've only recently realized I'm an aspie, after stumbling upon checklists and blog which described so much of my experience. A part of me is still in awe of all this, but I couldn't find any better explanation for all...
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