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  1. Beanfinity

    Recovering from burnout - re-entering the realm of socializing

    A year ago was when I came to realize my autism-ness and also realized I was in the deep trenches of a burnout. I didn't know what I had been doing was masking for my entire life. I have been isolating myself for about a year from neurotypical social outings (group activities, dinners/nights at...
  2. M

    Renting a friend/paying someone to talk or hang out with you

    I came across a couple websites where you can pay people to act like they're your friend (they'll talk to you, text, hang out, go to a movie, restaurant, or party). What do you think about it? Has anyone tried it? I think it could be helpful to talk about special interests, work on social...
  3. Nervous Rex

    I use rules to understand the world. What framework do you use?

    I have commented before that I think that NTs in society are like native English-speakers - they follow all the rules of English without necessarily knowing what they are. In this analogy, I'm not a native English speaker, so I either need someone to tell me the rules or I need to figure them...
  4. Ame568

    Good at socializing?

    I was doing online autism tests before and I asked my mom if I socialize well and she said "no" but my last therapist said that I do and an online test said that I did. The thing is I kinda trained my brain to answer things quickly even without much thought but I'm always messing up, I...
  5. Nummulite

    Very polite, but unable to connect

    (I'm not diagnosed, still awaiting assessment) My partner is on the spectrum, and he's a very talkative, expressive person (hammy, even). He often runs into problems at work or in daily life with people seeing him as obnoxious or rude when he doesn't mean to be. I've seen that this is a problem...
  6. Gerald Wilgus

    Activity Affinity and Socializing

    For the past 6 years I have been with two bike clubs in my area and have been very fortunate. They have been welcoming and during social times, like today where we had a pot luck breakfast before riding, I have had no issues. The people have been welcoming and tolerant, allowing me space to...
  7. Devanne

    Learning to be myself

    As I have come to terms with the (relatively recent) insight that I am autistic, I have also come to realize that much of my behavior is simply a parrot of my neurotypical peers. I didn't notice that i had been changing my laugh to seem less "odd" or how often i suppressed discomfort to avoid...
  8. Amy Stone

    How Long Do You Last At a Social Gathering?

    Just wondering what everyone's limit is with socializing! Is it easy for you or hard? Does alcohol make it easier? Do you prefer to get lost in crowds or do you prefer small gatherings? Most of the socializing I do is around adults that are drinking. I don't drink much, so the more they drink...
  9. Amy Stone

    Do you Need to Decontaminate After Socializing?

    Ok this is a weird question: but I am curious if there are others that feel they need to "decontaminate" (shower) after being around other people? My son and I are both that way. If we go to someone's house or to a BBQ or hang out for a short period of time with others, even if we don't do...
  10. CDMcVey

    Greetings everyone!

    Greetings to those that read this post and a deep thanks. I just recently got my ASD diagnosis coupled with C-PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression (even though I don't feel depressed). I was even tested to have a higher than average IQ which makes this seem all the more frustrating for me. I have...
  11. Learning what it takes to socialize

    Learning what it takes to socialize

    One great result that came from getting my anxiety under control is that now I'm willing to approach new experiences. From each of these experiences I'm able to learn and do better each time afterwards, which is how I'm getting better at job interviews. The frustrating part about this is...
  12. M

    Help Understanding Emotions

    This blog contains information to help you improve your self-esteem and change negative or maladaptive thinking patterns to help you understand and be in control of your emotions.
  13. savi83

    Small Talk (How much does it bother you?)

    Hi everybody, One of my main difficulties in social interaction is "small talk", it's something that feels so unnatural to me but it's a social convention that helps build connections with people, something which I also struggle with. When I come into work on a Monday morning I ask people if...
  14. Ryjsbie

    Hey! Canadian Francophile Aspie

    My name is Levi, I'm fourteen I like math physics and music I speak English natively, and french rudimentary. I'm from Canada, AB I have a surreal eccentric sense of humour.
  15. Bolletje

    I am exhausted.

    As promised, another update, just a little later than I had planned. I've been working as a doctor for nearly two months now, and I love my job. I honestly couldn't imagine anything more fulfilling, at the end of the day. But it is draining as hell. Ask any honest doctor about their first few...
  16. The Human Suit :-/

    The Human Suit :-/

    This is my human suit, which I must don in order to interact with others. I'm hoping to learn to enjoy and utilize the human suit, just as I have learned to joy and utilize fashion. Ultimately, I don't want to suit to be a total falsehood (as it has been in the past, not to be a liar, but...
  17. Bolletje

    Unexpected little nuggets of wisdom

    People have a habit of giving advice when you really didn't ask them for it. Most of the times it's pretty redundant or even patronizing advice, but this was different. I worked a late shift together with someone I hadn't spoken to before. It was just the two of us in the office. Because it was...
  18. seanaaronfay

    Asperger's and disconnection

    Hi all, As an individual who's dealt with Asperger's for the past 12 years, I've struggled so much with making and finding friends my own age. I don't talk to much to anyone my age outside of work or school. My biggest struggle of all, which has essentially fueled the fire, is the loss of...
  19. A

    The Mask of Normality

    I realize this is a video, but I didn't think it really belonged in the media vault. Basically, I find this video to offer informative and helpful tips about how to realistically and healthfully exist in this NT world.:)
  20. HughG

    Making Friendships

    Greetings. This is a very confusing and frustrating enigma... I've always been completely introverted and intellectual, and spending time in isolation is not usually a problem for me. However, seemingly endless days and hours upon hours of habitual deep thinking, writing & reading sometimes...
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