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  1. T

    Is she sabotaging our relationship ?

    I am NT. There is a woman I work with who has Asperger's. She is amazing. I am in love with her. I think she may be in love with me. A couple of times I have noticed that she shakes if we are close to some kind of breakthrough. But what mostly seems to happen is that she has casual sex...
  2. Paige Turner

    I always wondered, if sex isn't dirty, how come they keep the dirty magazines behind the counter?

    It's embarrassing. Sex is the elephant in the room nobody can talk about. Everybody agrees it's wonderful and beautiful and thrilling and magical -- particularly for the guy involved -- until somebody else decides it's not. Then the boy pulls up his pants and scurries away, and you're a...
  3. A

    Haven't had sex with my husband in ten months and I am freaking out

    *waves hello* I'm new here. I wanted to get some advice. My hubby is most likely on the spectrum. He's never been formally diagnosed, but he has all of the symptoms. When we first started dating fourteen years ago, I noticed that something was different about him, but did not know what. I have...
  4. A

    How do I go about my breakup with my aspie girlfriend? I regret our decision.

    A little backstory on my ex. Before me she had been in two relationships. One guy had severe ADHD and one of them manipulated her sexually and mentally in her own words. I was her third boyfriend and she got diagnosed the year we met. She told me several times she had never felt so safe and...
  5. BrokenBoy

    Can autistic fixations be sexual in nature?

    There's this one sexual act that I keep obsessing about.. I can't help myself from thinking about or fantasizing about it, even when I'm not horny or in the mood for sex at all. The sexual act on it's own, regardless of the context or circumstances makes me really happy for some reason. Could...
  6. E

    Sexual Relationship with an Aspergers Partner

    Hello! As someone who has been dating a partner with Aspergers for over a year, I still have so many questions I don’t know how to begin to answer and so many parts of him I don’t quite understand. But I want to - more than anything. So I hope it’s okay I came here for advice. When my partner...
  7. Welshcakenp19

    What do you wish you were told about relationships and sex when you were young?

    Hi there! I am really interested in looking into what kind of relationship and sex education would have made a difference to you, growing up? I am writing my Masters dissertation at the moment, looking into parental perspectives on the topic, but of course, it's much better to hear from the...
  8. M

    Just realized my BF might be "on the spectrum"

    I am a widow who has reunited with a man I was in love with when I was 17. I broke his heart back then because he was too clingy. We kept in touch over the years until I married 30 years ago. Now I am in love with him again--- he lives 4 hours away and calls me every day but only wants to see...
  9. aspieandconfused_87

    Started seeing a girl, she is probably going to stop talking to me..

    Hello, So I have been talking to this girl for about a week now, we finally met on Saturday and had a good time together, she offered for me to stay over for dinner but I wasn't hungry yet and I wanted to get back home before it got any later as I had been out since 12 that day and I was ready...
  10. S

    Lost girl of my dreams due to Aspergers. PLEASE HELP!

    im 18, im a male. i have aspergers and it haunts my life every single day. this is the first time i am reaching out to someone for my problems, of any kind. i need help. i have been dating this girl for 4 months. she is the most gorgeous girl ive ever seen. she lives and works both right next...
  11. Lady Lucifer

    Lets Talk About Sex! (and ASD)

    I tried to keep this post as clean as I can. I mostly made it, so I can understand sex through an aspie POV. I have put spoiler tags on top of certain paragraphs or phrases when I felt they were a bit more graphic and/or controversial. Not that this will happen to me in the near future, but...
  12. gouldgrl

    masturbation /self-regulation

    Gosh, this is a tough thing to bring up in a forum, and I hope no one takes offense. It's just that I have tried to find information on the Internet to determine if, in fact, there is any reason to suspect that my compulsive masturbation as a young child might have been attributable to being on...
  13. I

    My gf has aspergers and keeps flipflopping about how she feels about me

    This is the second time she has told me she’s not attracted to me. A month ago she was talking about how much she likes girls (she’s bisexual) and I started getting a little jealous. I said “you like boys too though right?” And she stopped and started thinking about it and then said “I don’t...
  14. S

    Intersectionality podcast on 'becoming comfortably autistic'

    Probably NSFW. Episode 051 - Becoming Comfortably Autistic - An Interview w/ Alex Haagaard
  15. C

    (Bedroom related) How to keep my Aspie boyfriend interested

    Hi All, I'm new here and hope that the array of aspie adults can give me a little advice please around something rather sensitive. I have been reading posts on here for a little while and his behaviours and preferences are practically the spitting image of a fair few posters. my boyfriend is...
  16. ?

    Boyfriend with Asperger's almost cheated. Advice please!

    Hi all, I'm new to this site but I can across it while looking up if Asperger's can affect someone's sex life and their urge to cheat. Please read if you have time, I would appreciate some advice. I have been with my boyfriend (who has Asperger's) for almost 6 years. We have a very loving...
  17. J

    Intimacy sucks. Help.

    My boyfriend and I are doing great and we love each other to death but he wants intimacy physically and I don't. I'm also asexual (not sexually attracted to anyone) and refuse to have sex because it doesn't appeal to me and I hate it. I also don't like too much skin touching, and he wants to...
  18. J

    Is anyone hyposexual?

    So I have like zero sex drive. I mean, I literally feel like nothing has changed since I was a kid. Physically, my body works just fine and I'm old enough to know that my feelings about it aren't gonna change. I'm just curious if this is a me thing or an aspie thing. I consider myself asexual...
  19. sisselcakes

    Getting sexual needs met-sensitive

    I'm desperate for Aspies' input. Need help in how to communicate about sex and my needs. I am very attracted to my boyfriend. Once I told him that and he said "no one has ever told me that. I don't know how to respond." I said "you don't have to. I'm just telling you." He cracks me up...
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