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  1. AngelaS267

    Tell Me Your Good Sensory Stimulations

    Hello guys! I know a lot of people discuss autistic people and their sensory issues, but as I'm continuing to reflect on my own set of traits, I'm realizing that I actually have a lot of positive sensory input, and I'd like to talk about them. I'm also eating some beans with my dinner and I...
  2. jane_doe

    sensory issues with brushing your hair?

    does anyone else have sensory issues with things touching your scalp, like its just really overwhelming
  3. jane_doe

    Sensory comfort foods?

    Do any of you have a sensory comfort food. Like something you eat that helps with anxiety. I'm not talking about drugs. For me it's anything cold. Sometimes I'll just put ice cubes in a bowl and eat that
  4. G

    Autistic people & waffles?

    I've been meaning to ask, a couple of months ago, I saw Autistic people elsewhere online joking about how we like waffles or something; is that true or accurate?
  5. jleeb05

    Unusual Smell/Sensory Preferences?

    I've read a lot on the internet and on this forum about people on the spectrum being hypersensitive to certain smells. For me, it seems like the opposite. While there are, of course, certain odors that I don't like, I feel that I have a fairly weak sense of smell. I also seem to enjoy smells...
  6. H

    Using pressure to alleviate sensory overload

    Hi, I am a fourth-year product design student on the autism spectrum who attends the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore. I would like to talk to people also on the autism spectrum who have utilized pressure to alleviate sensory overload. Specifically, I am interested in how...
  7. Joshua the Writer

    Discomfort With Body Hair (Bullet List Followed By Rant)

    Okay, so, I really hate having body hair. Here is why: It's uncomfortable and itchy. It just traps sweat (especially in the private areas of my body). It gets all greasy because it traps skin oils, as well. Not to mention how it feels when some clothes are up against it. Butt hair (especially...
  8. G

    Thoughts on the Resurrected Body in the World to Come

    The Feast of the Assumption is coming up, (not that I want this to devolve into a debate about the Assumption, or soul sleep which may come up.) and I have been thinking a lot about the Resurrection of the Body in the World to Come. Recently I've been coming across a lot of information on the...
  9. Chat's Meow

    Mask for Smell Sensitivity

    Hi there! I'm new. I joined because I had a question that I couldn't find the answer to online... Does anyone know of a mask to block smells? One that isn't too flashy. Something that I can wear to completely or mostly block out smells?
  10. Misery

    My journey through pain. What do you do about it?

    So, something I've been battling for quite awhile now is chronic pain. A long time problem, really. Nerve and tendon issues and even some arthritis in my neck (and I'm waaaaayyyyyyy too young for that). Much of the time, it takes the form of arm or neck pain. Shooting or travelling pain (due...
  11. Autistamatic

    Landmark case re autism & employment in UK

    If you are autistic and employed in the UK - this case is of interest to you. It sets a precedent which will be of benefit to anyone with unmet accommodations, especially those with sensory needs. Analyst with autism wins discrimination claim after being ‘overwhelmed’ by office environment
  12. O

    Please - need help with our autistic son

    Hi - please, I am looking for advice for my 11 year old son & others with experience with similar issues My son has been formally diagnosed with autism, lower IQ (67) and ADD. Not sure if there is anything else we may be missing. He has been seen by 2+ psychologists (including on a regular...
  13. Onna

    Sensory overload

    Being diagnosed made me more aware of issues that I wouldn’t have previously recognised. I’ve noticed that sometimes when I felt overwhelmed, I generally didn’t realise that it may be due to sensory overload. For instance I could be wearing clothes that are too itchy or too tight, and the...
  14. A


    I always liked watching things. As a child I watched a lot of movies and even horror movies by myself. It gave me a nice feeling. Today that feeling has become more complex, is clearer and better noticeable when seeing other things instead of movies. I've noticed a few years ago that when I see...
  15. Acorn_Elf

    Carpet is driving me insane.

    I recently moved into a new house that is carpeted (not my choice). My last place had hard wood floors. It seems impossible to deal with this carpeted floors. Carpet is filthy. I can't stand the way it feels on my feet. I can't stand looking at it. I cringe as I walk across it and feel enraged...
  16. Coupe

    Craving some forms of tactile input yet avoiding others

    The other night my stepdad wasn't feeling well, and I told him that I'd heard somewhere that rubbing Vick's VapoRub on the soles of your feet helps you sleep better with a cold at night (I've actually tried it once or twice and idk *how* it worked, but it did, at least for me). Then I recalled...
  17. Katleya

    Name an ASD "super power" or talent you have no use for

    I'm sure most of us have one thing (or more) that most people wouldn't even believe is true. And sometimes that thing is pretty useless, but just out of curiosity, what are things you can do/feel that you really don't put to use on a regular basis, either because you haven't found what to do...
  18. Finding the sweet spots in life.

    What are your triggers?

    Learning triggers that help avoid emotionally fueled meltdowns is a win-win for everyone. Before learning them I'd react to everything. People would often be scratching their heads wondering what had happen. Most of my triggers go into alert when some sort of social interaction is planned to...
  19. Aspie_rin

    Trick for sensory sentitivities makes things worse

    Hey, so I'm kinda sensitive to lights and sound. Before I even learned that I was (I touhght everyone perceived things the same way I did) and decided to do something about it, these things would just make me feel really tired. Now I sarted wearing earplugs and sunglasses and it's amazing, I'm...
  20. Caelix3

    What are your favorite textures?

    Mine are... Fluffy things (like those pom-poms that you hang on your purse) Soft things (like stuff animals) Smooth things (like a stone or a ring) Squishy things (like a stress ball or playdoh)
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