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  1. autism-and-autotune

    The Green Knight

    I knew not what to expect when I watched this film with my fiance about a month ago. Mistakenly I'd thought it to be a work by Tolkien, but no; it is a film based on an old Angle-Saxon poem, written around the same time as Beowulf (unless I'm mistaken again). Like most poetry from the age, it is...
  2. S

    Anyone in Los Angeles? There’s an HFA Meetup here

    Hi please RSVP if you are gonna come on meetup but here is details for next meeting: https://meetu.ps/c/1GPr/NtxR2/a Adults only at this meetup. High functioning autistics only. Just wanted to put it out there.
  3. Jenisautistic

    rant bit of ableism on autism acceptance month

    I was watching the movie champions( the movie is PG-13 and has some words and content so I can't show it but if you want to look it up, it's up to you guys) with my grandma thinking it can help her deal with her bias on intellectual disabilitys and Developmental disabilities If you seen the...
  4. LadyS

    Make a non-Christmas Movie 'Christmassy'

    'Tis the season. Here's the game: Turn a non-Christmas movie into a Christmas movie. I'll go first: A Nightmare on 34th Street Lord of the Five Golden Rings The Human Santapede
  5. Ikarus Diary

    A Movie Which Looks Like My Life

    Hi. Today we watched a movie in class. I didn't feel with the enough motivation of watching a 2hrs and a half movie at 10 AM so at first I wanted to continue my drawing of White Mask from the novel Tian Guan Ci Fu, however, just the start got me hooked. It tells the story of a kid who has...
  6. Gerald Wilgus

    Best movie about food.

    There is a thread about pasta, and that started me thinking of movies about food. What are your favorites? Mine? 1. Tampopo. A cowboy trucker becomes sensei to a hapless noodle shop chef. 2. Babette's Feast. A renown chef submerges herself in an ascetic Danish sect, only to request to cook...
  7. HDLSeanWiley

    Clowns in the Woods

    There's a new independently-produced horror movie coming out today called Clowns in the Woods, which has an autistic actor playing the autistic main character and has other autistic actors in it.
  8. HDLSeanWiley

    Threads (1984)

    This movie is basically like the nuclear war movie The Day After on steroids. It doesn't have any cheesy Hollywood material like The Day After has. It's really something else. One watch of it will help you understand just how it's something else.
  9. Vindicator Phoenix

    People/Characters Similar to You

    Which famous people and/or characters resemble you (in appearance and/or personality)? Feel free: to include multiple people/characters and to describe your similarities to them. To whom do you relate?
  10. GrownupGirl

    Ever hate trying to watch TV or movies with other people?

    I've been this way ever since I was in my early teens. I prefer complete privacy when I watch a show or movie I actually like, and if there are people in the room with me, or even worse, watch it with me, I get very uncomfortable and can't focus on the show. People can't understand why, but I...
  11. Vindicator Phoenix

    Prosaic Synopsis Game - make it dull!

    In this thread, let's describe art forms or popular media, in a dull, matter-of-fact manner. You can add some bias, to your objective descriptions, if you wish. I'll give some examples: (1) Sesame Street is a televised children's cartoon, featuring a variety of ridiculous, anthropomorphic...
  12. Vindicator Phoenix

    Do some people only "like" pop culture, to fit in?

    Many popular songs, music artists, movies, and TV shows get circulated throughout the mainstream, becoming "viral." I believe that many people don't actually appreciate the artistic quality of such media (if you could call some of it artistic, at all), and care only for how trendy they'll...
  13. Ylva

    Chocolate (Thai movie)

    Not the one with Johnny Depp. This one is about an autistic girl who teaches herself muay thai by observing people who train in it. Her hyperfocus has some kind of mirror neuron effect that lets her embed it into her own nervous system. It's like "I know kung fu", but not a computer program...
  14. SunnyDay16

    Romantic movie clichés you're tired of seeing

    The main cliches I'm tired of seeing in romance movies are: Guy keeps persisting even after the girl says no multiple times and acts uninterested; he still gets the girl in the end Angsty, depressed character is "saved" by a love interest (aka the "healing power" of true love) Innocent good...
  15. Jenisautistic

    How the movie Lilo and stitch compares to my life

    How the movie Lilo and stitch compares to my life Well I just watch the movie Lilo and stitch today since A while back. I believe the like lilo r we are a little but broken family. I do have my mom my aunt my uncle and my grandmother and some cousins. But I may be overthinking that part. I...
  16. HDLSeanWiley

    Neurotribes movie

    Paramount apparently bought the rights to the book so they could make it into a movie with SNL creator Lorne Michaels. The movie is only going to be based on the chapter about the autistic boy that loves green straws. Is that something you'd wanna see?
  17. kbb0

    "Baby Driver" and Autism

    So I saw the movie Baby Driver today not only because I heard it was it well made but I'd heard the main character has aspergers. It's never explicitly mentioned but he definitely shows some signs of it, including some habits that NTs deem strange, very high intelligence, some lack of awareness...
  18. BorealAndBeyond

    Cartoon series with aspie characters - Boreal and Beyond

    Here is a cartoon I am making that has a few aspie characters in it. So far the story is quite comical and not very serious because I'm currently trying to establish the characters and get used to the animation, but eventually it will be about Klara becoming a biologist in her local forest...
  19. Cinnamon115

    A new movie about autism called Jack of the Red Hearts

    I just found out about this movie this morning. This is the news article I heard about it from. I'm curious what everyone here thinks about it: When you see characters with autism in a movie or on TV, chances are they’ll fit a certain mold: “Highly gifted, intelligent, quirky, socially odd,”...
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