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Ever hate trying to watch TV or movies with other people?


Tempermental Artist
I've been this way ever since I was in my early teens. I prefer complete privacy when I watch a show or movie I actually like, and if there are people in the room with me, or even worse, watch it with me, I get very uncomfortable and can't focus on the show. People can't understand why, but I just completely hate it. One time when I was younger I rented 101 Dalmatians (the original animated movie), and as I was watching it my brother sat down next to me. He soon noticed my anxiety and said I looked like I was "sitting on thorns".

I also hate it when I'm just chatting with other people and they have the TV on even though no one is really watching it, especially if it's so loud I can't focus on our conversation, or there are disturbing things like killing and lots of violence on the show.

Anyone else have this problem? Do you think it could be an aspie thing?
I usually watch films on computer alone (my wife isn't into movies much) but like when we watch them as a family group, including grown kids, on a bigger screen we set up. I think that is because I like the jokes/riffs others and I come up with and also the discussion afterwards about more thought provoking ones.
I agree with the problem with a tv on in the background while trying to have a conversation. I can do it for about a minute, but it is exhausting filtering out the background noise.
If noone is watching it, that adds to the irritation!
I can't focus on two sounds at once. If I'm trying to watch TV and someone starts talking, I will pause the TV until they're done. With 5 people at home, sometimes it takes an hour to watch 15 minutes of TV.

Also, 3 of those people are children. If I make a joke about something on show, then they'll take my cue and magnify it, making jokes about everything in it for the next 45 minutes, until I tell them to either watch the show or leave the room.

Most of the time, I'll watch something on my phone or tablet with my earbuds in, so I'm the only one watching it.
YES. Yes.

I dont watch normal TV really, but instead, stuff on Youtube. And I haaaaaaaaaaaate it when someone is in the room when I'm trying to do that. I get uncomfortable and irritated, and also have this odd tendency to think that whoever it is, is going to judge me or laugh about whatever "weird" thing I'm watching (my family is EXCEPTIONALLY boring and only watches news and politics). Or even worse is when someone comes over and asks freaking QUESTIONS about whatever is on the screen. Holy snot do I hate that.

Equally irritating is if I'm in the middle of some video game or board game. Which annoyingly I have to do in the basement, instead of in my enclosed room. Granted that's not JUST an autism thing... most gamers LOATHE it when someone who isnt into gaming comes over and asks a bunch of braindead questions.

Also it blows my mind that people often cant tell that, no, I dont want to have a bloody conversation about who knows what when I'm in the middle of something like that.

Dumbest of all though is if I'm in VR. I mean, really. I HAVE A FREAKING VISOR ON. I'm not entirely in the basement anymore, I'm probably in an 80s arcade or in space or whatever. NO I DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT STUFF AT THAT TIME. UGH.

Just..... argh.

My dog is the exception though. If he wants attention, he gets attention. It's that simple... wouldnt have it any other way.
It’s a “most everyone” thing. If one has autism traits the scenario may be more of a challenge, I would guess. I would think that most anyone would struggle.
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I've been this way ever since I was in my early teens. I prefer complete privacy when I watch a show or movie I actually like, and if there are people in the room with me, or even worse, watch it with me, I get very uncomfortable and can't focus on the show.
Yes I can relate to this. It doesn't happen with everyone though. I watch easily with the person I live with - very used to them and comfortable with them. But other people can be extremely hard to varying degrees.
I am not to big on movies, but I do like to watch documentaries on TV. My NT wife does not care for most of them. However, she does not keep me from watching them. She plays with the dogs or does housework, all of these things are noisy. I am like Rex in that I can not listen to two things at once. I have to get all of the details. So I am constantly rewinding (a term leftover from the VCR days) the show back to get something that I missed. If she has friends over, it sounds like a bunch of chickens clucking to me. So I escape into my office/man cave and watch the TV in there.
I don't really watch much on my own. I'm pretty much always doing something else instead, which I like to do alone, working on things, playing music, whatever. When I watch things I like to be with others who actually enjoy the same thing.

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