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  1. C

    Life Tips for Living with Autism

    Hi, this is my first post so I hope it's all in the right place. I have really struggled recently with coexisting in an NT world and so I wanted to make this thread for people to share any life advice or strategies that have made their lives easier (and I'm not trying to just change my...
  2. Jena

    My job rehired me again and need some advise

    Hi guys so I need some tips or advice. So some backstory I reapplied for a seasonal position at a job (this would be my second summer working there). And originally my supervisor told me that they don't have any spots avaliable to meet my needs (which like come on i was literally the first one...
  3. S

    Help with my Boyfriend

    I have been with my bf for almost two years (me=25, him=23). We actually met in therapy lol He was misdiagnosed and I was the one who suggested he had high functioning Aspergers and low and behold he did. We have been literally inseparable since. He sleeps over multiple times a week and jokes...
  4. J

    Struggling with fixations and obsessive interests

    I've had obsessions and fixations about certain topics since I was a kid. It's not until recently that it's become a big problem for me. Here's the situation: I'm a big Zelda fan, love the franchise, and I was really excited to hear that Nintendo is making a sequel to Breath of the Wild (a very...
  5. B


    At the risk of boring you with my life story, I won't. But I am nearly 40 and have become pretty certain over the past 7ish days, after a lot of research online, remembering incidents from my past, looking at how I am now and how I have been historically that I feature on the spectrum. Aspie and...
  6. S

    Being married to a not understanding partner, Help!

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this site. The reason i write here is because i feel so discouraged on a daily basis because my husband, who i do love very much, refuse to believe I have asperger. I have no one to talk to and I'm wondering if there is anyone else out there that is going through the...
  7. C

    Am I overreacting?

    Hi I've been in a monogamous relationship with my high-functioning aspie boyfriend for a couple of yrs now. He always struggled to express his emotions etc but it's getting to the point where I just don't feel love from him at all and I need to know if the relationship is just not worth it or...
  8. C

    questions regarding autism for child character in short story.

    Hi, my name is cj, and I am not on the asd spectrum, but know those who are, and the reason I joined was to learn from those on the spectrum, so I am working on a short story and the one of the characters in the story is a child with autism, and I want to know if you are comfortable sharing what...
  9. HappynessMad

    An issue I have with being in this research program

    I am reluctantly in this "Conversation Club" that is not even a club: it is a mandatory aspect of some support program at my college that I got myself in. Apparently the topics and premises of the "Club" is to teach autistic adults social skills. My issue comes in the form of how I interact and...
  10. Streetwise

    Updates of members living in hurricane areas

    updates of members living in hurricane areas , if you want to know if a member is alright you can contact the American Red Cross they have lists go to Americanredcross.org
  11. Streetwise

    Information for men or boys who’ve suffered sexual abuse

    malesurvivor.org, discussion forum for male survivors of sexual abuse and information
  12. KillerMidget

    Please help me, I desperately need help!!!

    Hi Everyone, I haven't been here very long but this site and all of you have provided me with so much support and insight and I am so grateful to have found my way here. I'm in serious trouble. Despite the tremendous amount of effort I have put into doing my job, I have finally messed up...
  13. HappynessMad

    A help program for autistic people in college... which I do not desire

    I am about to enter my freshman year in college. I was just enrolled into this program which is primarily designed to help autistic people in the college (academic coaches that look over you in classes, a "conversation club" forcing you to remind yourself of social cues and the like...
  14. JoGo

    I NEED HELP! I HAVE NO SUPPORT! So sign and share!

    Sign Petition: "Speak up for those who have no voice, for the justice of all who are dispossessed!"
  15. Wyllowdaemon

    Therapist thinks I have Asperger's. 43 year old female

    Hello. I'm not entirely sure what to say. I'm looking for some advice and help. I'm 43, married, work full time to a hospital. I've had bad anxiety and depression most of my life and problems with social interaction and making friends most of it. There were periods I did though, but time...
  16. shysnail

    How to post?

    In the last few days, I've been struggling to post replies on the forum. Whenever I press the button to submit, a loading box comes up in the top right-hand corner for maybe 20 seconds or so, then disappears and the reply remains unposted. I had found that switching from Rich Text editor to BB...
  17. Mariam Johnson

    Teaching Kids Conflict Resolution

    Hello there, I am a high school student doing a project that could help the parents and teachers of kids with autism and or who are non-verbal. I want to create something that can help parents/teachers teach them conflict resolution skills. In your guy's opinion, what's the biggest obstacle you...
  18. L

    Autism and college

    so I really want to go to college but my autism holds me back, I panic everywhere I go and I struggle to leave the house, I don’t really know how well I’d do at college, I also don’t have any friends or that so theirs that, I just don’t know what to do anymore :(
  19. Jena

    Question regarding learning disability and aspergers

    My question is too long to put in the title so this is my question: Is it possible to be diagnosed with Asperger and ADHD when young in 4th grade. But have a undiagnosed learning disability that has gone unnoticed? I'm a 21 year old female, in college, and noticed since I started college how...
  20. Aspychata

    duh, l don't know.....what now?

    So l was extremely stressed in my last apartment. Going through issues, was frightened of not waking up several mornings .So l told this person, l really care about you, just on the off chance, l never saw him again. l finally stopped living in the bad situation and moved out of what seemed to...
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