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  1. A

    Why does nobody click with me

    The issue is not even that I don't click with anyone. I try to make friends everywhere, talk to everyone, but everyone just tells me we do not click or that they do not vibe with me. And by everyone I mean literally EVERYONE. I had the same thing in elementary school, middle school, high school...
  2. autism-and-autotune

    [vent] My father showed up to my home once again...unannounced...

    Yeah, this really isn't my week. Yesterday I was settling down to supper at home as my fiance told me that I wasn't going to be happy with something. Well, here goes, I thought, thinking of house issues or the fallen trees in our yard or maybe their parents had changed plans for a vacation...
  3. Screenshot_20230503-151836_Chrome.jpg


  4. autism-and-autotune

    What do I do about job requirements that may cause conflict with my autism? (vent/rant/frustration)

    Hi folks. I'm kind of going through a rough time of it now, and would appreciate some advice? insight? Oh, boy. So retail is retail, and for the most part my autism doesn't affect my duties that much, other than I can only stand working for so long before I go into shutdown. I recently had my...
  5. autism-and-autotune

    I'm terrified of taking this step, but I must.

    I'm deciding to finally muster the courage and finally file an official restraining order against my parents. For peace of mind and for the safety of myself and the one who I love, I know that I have to do this. But part of me is frozen, thinking of consequences or just general hesitation. I...
  6. autism-and-autotune

    Can someone help me decode this message?

    I'm trying not to analyze it or decode it or dwell on it too much; I'll need to think, but some perspective of others would be helpful. Thanks in advance. I am wary because I simply don't know if they are sincere, or trying to lure me back in as narcissists are wont to do.
  7. autism-and-autotune

    Advice needed? An odd situation

    I'm unsure if this is even the right place to ask for this sort of advice. Maybe it's not advice I need, but...just a place to part with my thoughts. Thank you in advance for bearing with me. It...well, I don't know how to begin. A person with whom I once had a past has somehow managed to...
  8. tripleU

    How to make my mom come at a less inconvenient time?

    If I try to do a thing like sitting down and using R, the statistical programming language and the time is bad like just before or after sunset or I am given food etc, I won't like it. I will hate it. I keep waiting for a perfect day, and I figured out that I should wake up early, and some other...
  9. T

    Lost in Limbo, HELP ME!!! Lol

    I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, Do I have ASD? I have PDD-NOS, I feel that I have high functioning autism. I can’t do a conversation well when people are talking (often think they are talking to me which usually just ends up in being laughed at), I flap my hands often and make a whistle sound...
  10. J

    WARNING LONG POST- I Need Some Perspective on This

    I started getting to know this guy that I work with a couple times a week, and I absolutely adore his mind and personality. I believe he’s on the spectrum due to some things he’s shared with me such as; working with a therapist to work on his social cues, he doesn’t like being touched and he’s...
  11. tripleU

    Gone Crazy, Need to recover

    Hello, I have gone crazy, I am destroying everything harming everything. From this; From the my language is too mean thread, I learned to be precautious but they were still acting like 3 year olds. Venting does help a bit, but the person, has to take interest in it as I am too smart for that...
  12. tripleU

    Super Emotional?

    Hi, I am super emotional? I keep getting complained for this, and even banned from r/autism, don't go there. Here is one example, when I got one downvote on Reddit, My ears got hot red and couldn't do anything that day until I found this forum. Also people on r/autism complained about my super...
  13. furkandorum

    Am I Autistic?

    Hey, i'm 17 and i think that i might be autistic. I can't explain the reason (cause i don't know it) but i can't talk to my parents about this. It just seems impossible to me. So, i can't get any professional diagnosis for now. So, i'm trying to put a self-diagnosis. Here are my scores on...
  14. autism-and-autotune

    Can I have some advice, please, on protocol regarding disclosing my autism to my employer?

    Good day, and thanks in advance! I'm returning to the same company which I worked at over the course of four years. I'm grateful to be working again but I can already think of some things which may give me sensory issues on the job, which I know will impact the interpersonal aspect of the...
  15. autism-and-autotune

    Does anyone else get confused with basic questions, or over-explain your answer?

    It's confusing because it's all in interpretation, and I get so...frustrated with myself. Is it a communication thing? For example, my fiancee was recently talking to me about a certain TikTok where a girl was saying that her sensory-overload aisle in the grocery store was the spice aisle. "How...
  16. ilovebeingtheworst★

    Were you forbidden to make art?

    Has anyone had the experience of being forbidden to do their special interest? How did that make you feel? Did you continue to do it? How do you feel about it now? My story is that I spent most of my life drawing/painting, starting when I was about 3 until I was 16 (as a teenager I spent about...
  17. Ame568

    I need some help with my nephew

    So, after years of research I decided to finally call myself autistic and we believe my nephew is too, I see some of myself in him. Well he's almost 3 years old and mostly non-verbal, he can say "na", "la", "da/dada" and "no" but it comes out when he's upset. Anyway he's also a screamer, he...
  18. I

    Question regarding the behaviour of my child

    Hello, My name is Jack would like to share my concerns about observation of my child and ask for some recommendations whether I should feel worry. First of all, before I start I would like to say that I come from Poland and the reason why I didnt went to the doctor is that in Poland there is...
  19. C

    Trouble navigating new roommate situation, would like advice.

    I recently became a roommate to an older couple. Recently, One of my new roommates has been making comments that have made me a bit uncomfortable. I made a joke, and when questioned said "nevermind, I was just being a smartass" which was a fairly normal thing to say in this context. The response...
  20. Irakus34

    Do You Think I Could Be Autistic Based On This Results?

    Hi. Next month I may see finally a new psychiatrist in search for a proper diagnosis after years of gaslighting towards my symptoms by said professionals of mental health. I started visiting a psychiatrist and psychologist when I was 12 years old because of anxiety. Then I came back when I was...
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