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  1. S

    Robot or aspie human? Help, please!

    I mean this in the most loving way possible, and I know I need to say that since it could be taken the wrong way given where I am . I'm trying to decide if my guy is just a blunt, sorta rude jerk that thinks he's better than everyone else, who has no feelings or emotions, and can't process that...
  2. Highway Cowboy

    Can Anybody Help Me.... Domestic Abuse

    Hello friends, I really really need help and advice. I am a 46 year old Aspies man and am a Trucker. I am deeply ashamed and embarrassed to be reaching out to you for help as you all have your own issues to deal with but I don't know which way to turn. Here we go. I've been with my missus for...
  3. SummerAmy

    Hi! Question for mods?

    Hi everyone! I'm an aspie, currently undertaking a PhD on the importance special interests have to well-being. I have in my records that I've sent a message asking permission to potentially advertise research, but I can't find a reply. My first study has launched now, and I was hoping that...
  4. Mary Anne

    What kind of aspie work ?!?!

    All I want to do (or can do) is hyper focus and be a studio fine artist up it’s not financially or remotely possible. Back in the 1980s, I was a professional artist who created illustrations, animations, and advertising for corporations (pre computer society). I did not have to deal with...
  5. M

    NT husband here looking for some clarification

    I apologize if this is long and unorganized. My wife of 5 years was diagnosed with Asperger's last year. A few months ago she started putting a lot of time and attention into her friends...well one friend specifically. I questioned her about it and she denied that there were any feelings...
  6. starlitink

    Question from someone not on the spectrum!

    Hello everyone- I'm Star and I'm not on the spectrum of autism at all; I'm doing my best to learn about it because I'd like to be as respectful and understanding of people who are diagnosed. I have a question that I'll try to make as short as possible, so please forgive me if this does end up...
  7. N

    Why is living apart sometimes best for a marriage?

    Without going into all my history here, this is a genuine request for help from AS and NT people alike. I am NT, and suggesting to my AS husband of decades that it would be beneficial to live separately for a while, talking on the phone or Skype most days, or messaging at least, spending quality...
  8. S

    Do I Have Autism

    Hi! Im danny, im 18. Im brand new to this forum and id love to discuss some of my symptoms with people formally diagnosed and hear their opinion on it. Feel free to reply/message me!
  9. C

    I just got my diagnosis but I am a bit confused.

    Hello, I literally just got my diagnosis 5 minutes ago over the phone. They told me I have the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum because they don't see Autism, Aspergers or any of the other types as seperate diagnosis anymore. Is that true? I went in to get a possible diagnosis for Aspergers because...
  10. C

    Could I be on the spectrum?

    Hello, I am new on this forum, I made a account because I am at the moment very confused and would love some help from people with a disorder on the spectrum. For months I have been convinced that I have aspergers and I really do believe it. When I look at the symptoms it just sounds so much...
  11. Ameriblush

    I Found A Dog Breeds Wiki!

    I noticed that there was a distinct lack of a true dog wiki out there in the style of the FANDOM Wikia website. I found a wiki that has been dead for 3 years now, and I decided to take it upon myself to make it active again!!! I'm not sure if this is proper place to go, but I'm willing to ask...
  12. Mr Allen

    PayPal problems

    Topic. Every month, usually on or around the 22nd, I pay $9.99 to Singsnap.com for unlocking all the Gold songs to sing, but the payment from my PayPal account often fails even though I budget for the monthly subscription to make sure there's enough on my card to cover it. I've tried changing...
  13. T

    Just finding out I'm Asp.

    I am an undiagnosed Aspie that is finding out for the first time that I have AS. I cannot hold a job and live at home. I have all the good qualities of an Aspie in spades. I wont go into my talents because they are quite typical for someone with AS and most of you are aware of the strengths of...
  14. savi83

    Pinterest Software

    Hi everybody, Can anyone recommend Windows software which would enable me to create pins/pin-boards like Pinterest but works offline? I do not want to set up an online account, I just want to be able to organise my thoughts, ideas and likes on my computer. Thank you
  15. JellyBean

    Tips on writing aspie characters?

    I'm diagnosed with asperger myself but I'm still unsure how to write my characters. Right now I'm writing about a girl with aspergers beginning on a School for witches, and befriending other students diagnosed with ADHD, borderline, dyslexia, depression and anxiety. Do any of you have any tips?
  16. wonderingaboutlife02

    Could I have aspergers..??

    This might be long but hopefully I will get some responses. I am new here and I am a girl if that makes a difference. I have always felt different. I'll start with how I act. I do really repetitive movements like stretching my fingers and tapping and moving my hands slightly and moving my foot...
  17. Lady Penelope

    I beseech you, Tech Genius: How do I transfer photos from android phone to Macbook?

    Please help! Photos on my android Samsung Galaxy 7 need to be transfer to my Macbook. Bluetooth won't recognise my phone device on the laptop. I have tried USB directly from phone to computer but it still won't recognise the phone. There are a few free android/computer apps that I have looked...
  18. Aurellia

    Politics subforum [RESOLVED]

    (I have ticked the box to enable the subforum, but it still directs me towards the tick-box to enable it. Have you got to select a political party as well?) Turns out, I just had to wait.
  19. MariaX

    Am I an Aspie?

    The reason I am making this is because after a few short replies to a previous post of mine, I decided to list out some of my biggest 'symptoms' that I tend to notice. I myself am only a Junior in high school and I feel as though I do not know enough about this to be able to self diagnose...
  20. G

    Help Me! Maid of Honor for Friend on the Spectrum

    Hi there, I would love some advice, I'm in a bit of a sticky situation with one of my friends (I'll call her BB). I'm the maid of honor for her wedding, and so (understandably!) she has been asking me to help out with quite a lot. There have been a couple issues: 1. My mother has a terminal...
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