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  1. Georgia's Aspie Blog


    1. Do you ever have negative, one-sided or short-lived friendships with others? Because man, I've already had two of those this year and it's kinda hit me in the head like a nail >_<;; I feel like it's not a good sign when a friendship feels more like a struggle instead of something that's...
  2. Astrid-X

    As an adult female on the spectrum

    Hi everyone and thank you for the warm welcome I have received here. It only been made clear to me at that I am on the spectrum recently. I have known for a couple of months now so I am still in shock/processing it all. Also I am experiencing a severe burnout. Basicly my experience for now is...
  3. jleeb05

    The Three Types of Friendships

    In some ways, I consider myself lucky because I know Aspies often struggle with social connections. I've managed to meet some great people and cobble out some wonderful friendships throughout my life. However, recently I've often found myself disappointed with the quality of my friendships. I...
  4. simetra

    Trust issues due to being socially oblivious

    In school, my classmates used to call me naive. I believed everything people told me because I did not even consider the possibility they might be lying to me. I did not see any reason they would. Turns out, people tend to lie, or at least not tell the whole truth, a little more often than I...
  5. Ginseng

    Obtaining greater intimacy in our relationships

    I think this article has some good points. I disagree with them regarding their fidelity beliefs, but other than that I found it helpful. Does anyone else have anything to add about intimacy? I want to focus on being closer to others. I am not in a relationship and probably won’t be this late in...
  6. Joshua the Writer

    Came out To New NT Friend as Autistic, Says he Doesn't Think of me Any Differently!

    So, I met this dude in a LiveLesson (basically just a classroom where the teacher is teaching, but through the internet) who is enrolled in the same online school program as me last week. We were working in break out rooms (small groups for colab), and he was one of the people that was in...
  7. B8tch3z & Nike Shoes


    Now that I'm out of that shelter, I am scrambling like crazy to get my business back into full swing again, so I don't have to go back into ANOTHER shelter. I can't seem to be very productive in a herded community living environment. Right now, I am QUITE happy in a friendly, cheap hotel...
  8. BeachLife

    Finding friends who reciprocate thoughtfulness

    I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts or tips on this. When I was younger and masking a lot by using my hyper confident alter ego I had many 'friends' and I diddnt expect much of them emotionally, it just seemed so easy, we phoned each other and then went to whatever event was on. This alter ego...
  9. S

    Good and bad Vibes about people

    Have you ever met a new person and just didn't like that person just something about that person made you feel uncomfortable happened to me many times and 9 times at of 10 I was right I sometimes I meant people were I've had really good Vibes about them and I were really good-hearted...
  10. D

    Friendships - usual insecurities? Looking for some insight.

    Hello everyone! Ever since I discovered I might be aspie I've been really pondering on my past social relationships. It's always been tricky - as a child I had a few play friends, but usually I would play by myself and didn't get along easily with more commanding girls. In middle school, I had a...
  11. SparklAng

    Forming and maintaining friendships

    In the past year or so I have started to attempt to form connections with others. I have formed some friendships with some people, but honestly it is so exhasting. And the deeper the connection that I feel for a person, the more I rely on their company. I get terrified of making people angry...
  12. Butterfly88

    People Answering Messages 9 or 10 Days Later?

    I keep writing to people through this friend finding site for women and we exchange a few messages and then I don't hear from them for 9 or 10 days. This has happened multiple times with multiple people. Occasionally they will apologize for a delayed response but that doesn't happen too often...
  13. seanaaronfay

    Asperger's and disconnection

    Hi all, As an individual who's dealt with Asperger's for the past 12 years, I've struggled so much with making and finding friends my own age. I don't talk to much to anyone my age outside of work or school. My biggest struggle of all, which has essentially fueled the fire, is the loss of...
  14. Gritches

    Barking in the Dark/the NT relationship paradigm

    Barking in the dark. That's what I'm doing right now. I just got the call today, and in the course of 20 minutes my world went from stable and predictable to "you're going half way around the world to do things you don't want to do." Ugh. But anyway, I just wanted to post something before I go...
  15. Bolletje

    Balance is a tricksy hobbit.

    I've made it through my first month back in med school. It's been quite the month. In january I was sitting at home, overweight, chainsmoking, binge drinking and worrying about the future. These last four weeks I've spent twelve hours a day studying, I've stopped smoking, hardly had a drink, and...
  16. A

    The Mask of Normality

    I realize this is a video, but I didn't think it really belonged in the media vault. Basically, I find this video to offer informative and helpful tips about how to realistically and healthfully exist in this NT world.:)
  17. HughG

    Making Friendships

    Greetings. This is a very confusing and frustrating enigma... I've always been completely introverted and intellectual, and spending time in isolation is not usually a problem for me. However, seemingly endless days and hours upon hours of habitual deep thinking, writing & reading sometimes...
  18. DC1346

    How Do You Show that You Care for Others?

    On-line I am extremely articulate ... but when it's person to person, it's very hard for me to move past my scripts. In person I rarely smile and I never offer hugs although I will (reluctantly) accept them from NT friends or colleagues. How do those of you who are on the high performing...
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