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Hey folks (:


New Member
Hey! I go by Leago. I’m a teenager and got diagnosed with autism a while ago. I’m excited to be here and discuss things with you fellow Aspies!
One of the beliefs I hold about my diagnosis is that it is not a disability. Controversial, I know, but I don’t want to keep being told that I am less, that I am disabled and that I am flawed. Really, autism is just a different way of being, it doesn’t make me disabled and it doesn’t make me wrong. I am perfectly capable just the way I am.
My special interest is currently dolls and doll collecting! I have a sizable collection of about 30 dolls and know just about everything about the dolls I collect. I hope this introduction post isn’t too long, but as you’ll come to find I have a penchant for writing extremely long entries... Hope to see you around,
Hi and welcome, I hope that you enjoy it here. That's a really positive attitude you have, good to hear you feel that way, (although remember that with this being a spectrum, and with all of us being different, some people here will be different from you in how they are affected by autism).

Doll collecting sounds fun, quite an absorbing interest, I hope you have enough space to display them?

welcome to af.png
To have such a mature attitude at such a young age bodes well for your future. May life bring you interesting challenges and may you find happiness and comfort in your life.

Welcome @Leago . You are ahead of the curve already. It took me a while of isolation to learn to enjoy who I am and see value in my interests, even undiagnosed at the time. I have said before that while ASD affects us, we are not our Autism. You appear to be proof of that.
Just be prepared for some of the obstacles society throws your way being different does cause issues. I plan my way around them when they came into my path.
Hi and welcome. I agree it doesn't have to be a disability. It is most likely a condition caused by genetic variations of the current norms in the general population. But there are many possible variations, and a virtually unlimited ammount of combinations. It can have elements of disability depending on the severity (ie, ASD3). How things play out in life can also have a big effect. So I believe there is no one answer or definition. Just like NTs, no two of us on the spectrum are exactly alike.
Hello and welcome to the forum.

ASD is actually a gift. It is the best evidence we have that humanity is evolving. I am an older ASD guy who was considered slow growing up as a child. My big issue was reading comprehension. Dyslexia did not help. Some how I was also very smart. I can figure out solutions which most linear thinkers can not.

The professionals consider those with ASD as being ill equipped to learn things. We are when we use linear learning principals. However if we rely instead on our intuitive knowing then we excel at many things.

I feel it is very important for those of us with ASD to have a high appreciation for our talents and abilities. For we are not restricted by strictly linear thinking. We instead use that creative side of our intellect.

Being who we are is often an issue for educators. For them and many others we are a disability. Few see us as the truly gifted people we are. Your beliefs about yourself will frame your reality. See yourself as blessed and your life will play out that way.

Welcome to Autism Forums! I agree with you 100%. I am on the spectrum (Asperger's Syndrome) and am not disabled in any way. In fact, my being one the spectrum has made me a very good living for 50+ years. I like being a Aspie.
Hi and welcome to the forums :). Great to hear you don't feel like you have a disability. I have always thought of it more like a condition than a disability. It is certainly good to have a can do attitude going into adulthood. I did have the right attitude and have been fairly successful in life.
Hi, Leago. I'm also 15. It's nice to find someone my age who's also from England.

I also think you're right. Autism is just another way of being. I like to look at it as a bit of a disability, but not one that's potentially going to ruin my life. I've begun researching autism and understanding it and myself. I've joined this forum in hope to find people my age. My special interest is pacing up and down large and open areas while daydreaming. I also like rubix cubes, chess and Nintendo.

Hope you find good friends on this forum. :)

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