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asperger dating

  1. B

    NT extremely confused with how her ASD ex-fiancé is treating her!

    Hi all, so I am new to this thread but I need some help so a little background. My fiancé ended is 6 weeks ago after being together for a year. We got engaged after 3 months (I became his special interest and he fell for me HARD). Apparently before he met me he was AGAINST marriage but when he...
  2. T

    At a stand still in a ND relationship.

    Hello all! I’m going to dive right in and get straight to the point. For the last eight months I have been involved with a wonderful, bright, funny, smart Aspie man. We are a gay couple (I use the word couple loosely). He has Aspergers and severe PTSD from combat in Afghanistan (diagnoses...
  3. Lundi

    Studying for until late 20s to the detriment of dating/social life

    I think that my situation is a bit known here, so I will skip it. Anyway I spent most of my life, since age 4 or 5 up to age 28 studying hard, to the detriment of both my dating and social life. If you can call it that, because usually I have had no dating nor social life. In high school I was...
  4. Lundi

    Unable to tolerate casual touching (dating)

    I have heard over and over how touch is key in the dating world, and that no touch means no attraction. However, as a 30 year old male, I never felt comfortable with casual touch. When I was 14 in high school, a girl kept trying to talk to me. Eventually, one day, when I was eating lunch alone...
  5. Lundi

    Extreme naïveté

    I have had this problem since I was a small boy. I tended (tent?) to not only interpret everything literally, I also trusted in everyone and believed that everyone was 100% right and 100% trustworthy. When someone told me something, I had to believe it, because I believed that what everyone...
  6. Lundi

    Virginity problem running in the family

    I am a 30 year old American male. My first thread on this forum was written when I was 29, about my fears about turning 30 and being a virgin. Not by choice, not by some sort of religious belief like abstinence, but rather just it happened that way without my wanting it to. I did some research...
  7. Lundi

    Do normal people really act like this?

    I am the guy who made a thread about being worried about being a virgin at age 30. Anyway, at age 26, I started attending meetups and social gatherings in my city to make friends, and perhaps if things went well, maybe find a girlfriend. So during all of the meetups since then up to now, I have...
  8. Lundi

    Friendship/dating sites and forums for atypical people

    Following my first thread on the forum about being single/virgin at 30, I was wondering if there are friendship and dating sites and forums for people who do not fit into the societal norms or expectations of "normal". As an example, I have ASD, several anxiety problems, OCD and sometimes get...
  9. Lundi

    Is dating harder for men with ASD compared to women with ASD?

    I have noticed throughout my life that I have met a lot more men who have some degree of autism or Asperger's who are single, compared with women with the same condition. Given that men are still expected to do all of the approaching and initiating, no matter how far society has advanced in...
  10. hollyofthenorth

    My Aspergers boyfriend broke up with me... but he still wants me around

    Hi... I am new to this site and in desperate need of advise from an Aspergers perspective. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months- for the last month or so things have been quite difficult with us. There have been a lot of disagreements and there has been a lot of contention. He has...
  11. Julia Brianna

    Hello :)

    i’m Julia, 17 & officially diagnosed with Asperger’s since 4 (: I would love to make friends & maybe even a boy/girlfriend? (I’m bisexual)! Don’t be afraid to message me <3
  12. NicoleAscot

    Hardcore Rapper & Still Need Comfort Toy??

    Hey everyone. I have Asperger’s and I definitely have a unique personality. I’m a Hardcore Rapper (my genre) but if I get upset or lonely, I want to cuddle with my bestest friend, “Ollie The Alien”! I don’t take him I’m public very often. In fact, the only time was immediately after a violent...
  13. Sabrina

    Younger male partners

    All the boyfriends that I’ve had (and ex husband), have been younger than me (six months, a year, two years, three years, three years). I’m curious to know if there are other female aspies like me. I used to think that it was because I looked younger, but maybe I’m emotionally younger too (an...
  14. W

    NT male needs help understanding ASD wife

    I am a NT male and my wife has Aspergers. I love her more than anything, so much that I am reaching out on a forum! I need help and feel like I’m drowning trying to keep my marriage afloat! We can have the best time in the world and then the next second I don’t respond or do something in a way...
  15. J

    Disassociation of mind from body.

    23 year old and Asperger... Ok so I am really into reading and when I was 12 I came across historical romance that had, not explicit but detailed sex scenes. So those types of books became one of my main reading categories changing from historical to more BDSM as I got older. Now, fast forward...
  16. Jena

    How do I help my boyfriend understand?

    So I been dating this guy for 2 years. Which is amazing considering I am a aspie, and he is my first boyfriend. However I feel there is some conflict in the relationship. And I really strongly want this to keep going as I am very much in love with him, but I am not quite sure how to do it...
  17. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Quandaries of a book-geek mom

    The relationship with my dad was based in the exchange of knowledge, mostly him helping me out with school subjects, or him recommending me books. It was never an equal exchange. He mostly downloaded information on me (aspie style) and I received it. I used to receive it gladly because I...
  18. L

    Learning To Aspie

    Hello everyone, I’m René and I’m 25. I live in South Africa and I was recently diagnosed with Aspergers. I’m very new to all new to the Aspie world and I thought that talking to people who experienced the world and the people in it the same as me would be a good place to start. For most of...
  19. Dakota Keck


    My name is Dakota and im an aspie from San Antonio Texas, I'm new to the website, so anyones opinions would be very much appriciated. My issue with having aspergers is that I have issues with telling lies,so I am honest and sometimes my honesty comes off as mean. Well the last few months I have...
  20. S

    Can feelings change?

    Hello everyone. I am looking for some insight into my previous relationship. I am an NT and my partner was an aspie. We didn't work out. He told me he was not the right guy for me, and he could not give me what I wanted. He said sharing a bed was too hard for him. I tried to respect that the...
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