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  1. Georgia Galaxy


    In general, What do you do when you're waiting for something and how long does it take you to do it? Me, I like to watch videos or read, but reading is sometimes better ^^ Both is good for knowledge, and sometimes I believe that I've learned all there is to know about a certain topic but I'm...
  2. Stuttermabolur

    Reading everything in a thread

    When I join an online community I mostly tend to lurk, and this one is no exception. Something I have noticed is that if I start reading a thread I read every single post in it, even if there have been hundreds. Especially if I intend to post something in it, as I would feel uncomfortable...
  3. Jenisautistic

    An autistics book haul introduction to my new channel

    Hey everyone just stop this video might interest you let me know what you think I also want to let you know that I started a new channel if your interested please check it out https://youtube.com/channel/UCRVHsqiKP142WDXyTEzHdiw
  4. Butterfly88

    Re-reading the same things daily

    Lately, I have come across a few short articles I like and now I have been re-reading the same articles every night. This has only just started. Do you think it's a nervous habit? I've been pretty stressed recently.
  5. Nummulite

    How you relate to fiction (a survey)

    Let's say you're reading a story, and something happens to one of the characters. I'll present three versions of this scenerio, and possible responses you might have. 1. The situation in the story is something you yourself have never experienced before (for example, the character's beloved dog...
  6. Skittlebisquit

    Reading on my phone

    I like to read on my phone, but have not yet found any great sites. I read eragon 3 recently by downloading it, that was fun. Does any one have suggestions about where to find interesting fiction to read online?
  7. M

    Braille: a way to read without looking at the text

    If you can read braille, you can read it without looking, and yet sighted people rarely learn or use it. How come?
  8. Jenisautistic

    Book Review: Out of my mind by Sharon Draper

    I’m just going to repost what I have in the description in case you don’t see it I haven’t read this book for a very very long time so it’s like I’m giving another first impression It was hard to say anything without spoiling it Sometimes I have a little problem communicating and when I’m...
  9. Daydreamer

    A question regarding sleep and reading.

    So, I've noticed that whenever I don't sleep enough, my brain auto corrects whatever I'm reading into nonsense. This usually occurs when I've only had three hours or less (but sometimes slightly more than that). Please note, I'm not recommending this at all. Sleep is important. However, I would...
  10. Jenisautistic

    Fish in a tree first impressions/review and a bit of an update

    hi I’ve been trying to read better over the few months or so . And for every book I readI’m going to try to reviewing . This is fish in a tree by Lynda Marllaly hunt I’ve heard that hey if you talk about the books you read you’ll understand it better . And I’m trying to not let my...
  11. Jenisautistic

    For those of you with difficulty reading

    Do you find fiction or nonfiction more difficult to read? I have dyslexia among many things. And I find that realistic fiction or nonfiction I don’t have a less problems andmore complex fiction Or fantasy books. Although fantasy is one of my favorite genres as well as realistic fiction ...
  12. Jenisautistic


    Rolling with the trend of people showing their books on YouTube and doing book hauls. so I decided to make my own Book Haul video. i’m trying my best not to try to read and understand when I read as much as I can .even though reading makes me want to throw up and makes my head spin I still love...
  13. Cogitatio

    Reading obsession

    I love to read and that tends to isolate me. So when I am with my partner I get agitated that I don't have time to read. So to solve this I created a room into a library of all my books (all reference books) and sometimes its enough just to go into my library and look at the books I have yet...
  14. M

    The Book Club

    This is a thread dedicated for any book discussion. I’ve noticed from the “topics you talk often about “ that there are a few who like to read. So, if you want to talk about your favorite book that you’re currently reading again, have a book that just spoke to you and your soul or have a...
  15. Ylva

    Reading things you don't understand

    Am I the only one who likes reading text I don't understand? I don't mean simply difficult text that is technical or above my reading level. I mean text in languages I don't know and alphabets I can barely decipher. In fact, when I start to understand what I'm reading, it starts getting less...
  16. Ylva

    Reading can improve your brain

    It's not about autism per se, but it mentions brain connectivity, a thing we are masters at. https://www.bustle.com/p/what-does-reading-do-to-your-brain-these-5-effects-are-pretty-astounding-74676
  17. Women with Asperger's. A Blog

    Women with Asperger's. A Blog

    What is this blog going to be about...I suppose I want to focus on topics related to women with Asperger's. I will probably also go off on tangents regarding the things I am passionate about: books, movies, video games, music, traveling. Thanks for reading in advance, I hope you guys decide to...
  18. Jenisautistic

    Reading makes my head spin

    Reading makes my head spin When I try to read or listen to an audiobook just give me a headache it’s not because I can’t read the words or understand them. Once I read the sentence my head starts to feel dizzy and it starts to pound a little bit. My mind does not wander but I still can’t get...
  19. P

    Asperger's and reading speed

    Is there any particular sort of connection between asperger's and reading speed? Tell me how you do on this reading speed test. Me personally, I can breeze through 3 or 4 sentences at what I would guess to be around 700 wpm. But I always end up getting "stuck" on a word or phrase and it...
  20. Jenisautistic

    writing about The Outsiders *Spoilers* And trying to push through a possible shut down

    Going through a brain fog right now. Although right now at this moment it’s not bad as it was before. Have some stuff going on. Sometimes I get like this Like the blank page I started on. Creative and in a way just plain in a rut. But still staying positive! Possible shutdown ? Anyway...
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