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writing about The Outsiders *Spoilers* And trying to push through a possible shut down


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Going through a brain fog right now. Although right now at this moment it’s not bad as it was before.

Have some stuff going on.

Sometimes I get like this Like the blank page I started on. Creative and in a way just plain in a rut. But still staying positive!

Possible shutdown ?

Anyway in light of staying positive. I would like to say I started to try to write and it got me out of this for a bit.

I wanted to say that a while ago in a program that I just started for a little while. I was in a journaling Group and we had a few things to choose from to journal about and I decide to do I will learn because I can’t make essay in a way out of my hand and invited just like that and it takes me a long time to write anything much is an essay or review or whatever this is and I can once in a while understand my feelings and get the paper or my thoughts One of the starters was

I feel inspired when I read a compelling Novel such as… Blank I just said the word about this one night only because the only when I get member that because at the time I was again trying to read the outsiders. I am trying to practice my writing because it’s not so good in away I cannot be consistent I can’t read or write every day as I want to and it’s hard to get my feelings and thought to paper.

If you know the song no one is alone from into the woods I think the book really represent that song because a lot of times people go through tough times they don’t know his other family or many people in their lives they can turn on but you are not alone. Also did everybody in their life or make mistakes and do things that are bad and you have to be careful what you do because it potentially he could end your life. I also wanted to mention I’m using speech to text software.

So here is my writing

I feel inspired when I read a compelling novel such as the outsiders

What can I say about this book well what can I not say about this book I was reading this book is never very young to my school and then decide to read it myself after the 50th anniversary edition came out

Are usually a very hard time reading which is why I waited for a while to read it when he came on the e-book format

This book as many themes of that but the theme I think about the most is innocence

In the novel I realized a lot of things everybody’s problems are real and everybody has problems even if they’re not shown. I think the sunrise represents the last part of the poem that pony boy mentions nothing gold can stay as beautiful and bright and Beautiful it is like life I could not last.

I feel like when you go through a hard time with trauma or in general just every day life you could turn many different ways you could turn soft meaning you can always be emotional jumpy and Johnny in a way. Like being scared of the world.But went through a lot of changes in this book. In this book Johnny was not necessarily scared of the world however he was very jumpy and frighteneda lot of time to due the socials jumping him and his family being abusive.

When I came to the point of no feeling like there was no other optionJohnny killed in self-defense One of the socials that pack jumped him when they were jumping pony boy and himself. That Johnny had a lot of his feelings internalized he was always quiet and never really spoken much about it. His way of coping with the situation was to freeze. When you were in a bad situation or anxious you either fight flight or freeze i’m Johnny often times was frozen. Frozen to the point where he felt like he can’t defend himself yet at the point it was most important to him to save another one’s life he did. Not only was pony boy’s best friend but he was like family to him. And then later on in the novel saving other peoples lives that need not even know because he became fearless. Through the novel Johnny realizes that resolving your problems to say numb or violent doesn’t really solve much at all. In fact it makes the situation worse.

You could be like pony boy and try to understand and comprehend .pony Boy was neither numb hard or frozen however after Johnny died he became a bit frozen his mind he couldn’t believe have his friends were,dead and later almost started becoming hard numb to the world. He was failing his classes and down and unable to move on. In some points in thenovel he didn’t realize that everyone has their own problems even the strongest of us have problems.

Dallas Winston was numb to the world and mean and tough. Although we had a start spot for Johnny and the gang as How many boys said if it wasn’t for the gang dally He would have nothing at all and would still be in New York in one of those gangs

Dallas died because Johnny was his world in a way you wanted to protect them and telling you cannot protect them so that’s why he decided to kill himself he felt like it was his fault so he felt like he had nothing left that could replace him. And I guess he didn’t realize that the gang was not replacing Johnny but something that he could have tried to move on with and he did not realize he wasn’t alone.

He felt like no one anymore.

Also the point of the outsiders to show that life is beautiful and anyone could leave this world at any given point so you have to live for today and just sit back And enjoy life and pony boy and cherry both the same sunset in peoples lives can be so different but the same time be so alike.

This is the poem by Robert frost that pony boy refers to in the book.

Nothing gold can stay

Nature‘s first green is Gold

Her hardest hue to hold

Her early leaf’s a flower

But only so an hour

But leave subsides to leaf

So Eden sank to grief

So dawn goes down to day

Nothing gold can stay

Here is a picture I drew of Johnny Cade some years ago
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That was a really good summary... I don't know the book but you make it sound really interesting.

Great job... Jeni : )

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