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  1. S

    Socialization learning resources?

    Hello all! I’m looking for some help from anyone with knowledge on learning resources - what I’m specifically hoping to find are videos of people talking and interacting from start to finish. Studying conversation and cues have been of great help to me in the past as far as learning how best...
  2. Stuttermabolur

    Snapping fingers

    I have never been able to snap my fingers, ever since I was a kid and we were asked to snap to some songs. It seemed like I was the only one who just couldn't do it, and I still can't no matter how much I try. I have a standard body and fitness level, so in theory, nothing should stand in the...
  3. M

    The problem with training wheels

    As a child, I was on training wheels until forced off them by a phys-ed teacher, quite late off them. As common as they are on children's bikes, training wheels do not teach the skill of balancing. They prevent a bike from leaning, something that other bikes do when cornering. Here is what does...
  4. Jenisautistic

    An autistics book haul introduction to my new channel

    Hey everyone just stop this video might interest you let me know what you think I also want to let you know that I started a new channel if your interested please check it out https://youtube.com/channel/UCRVHsqiKP142WDXyTEzHdiw
  5. MsGyver

    Has anyone on the spectrum self taught themselves to play instruments?

    If so where did you start? I tried teaching myself to play guitar but I quickly got very lost and discouraged, mostly because I've never had a problem teaching myself how to do something. Music is one of my passions and I don't want to give up learning about it! <3 Any suggestions would be...
  6. GrownupGirl

    What's the last weird or unusual thing you've learned?

    Today I learned about a tiny little (and actually quite cute) spider that lives in Australia. It's called the peacock spider, because the male has these very colorful wing-like coverings wrapped around his abdomen, and when he sees a female spider he raises them in a fan-like shape to attract...
  7. M

    Ill-advised reasons to learn a language other than English

    This would have been a thread in a club on Asperclick, but that site has closed. English being the most common lingua-franca in the world doesn't stop learning languages other than English being popular and doesn't even stop governments of all English-speaking from requiring schoolchildren to...
  8. Sara3

    Social abilities learning process

    Hello. As part of my ASD therapy I was supposed to improve some social aspects by doing simple things such as giving compliments and working with other people. As I can't attend to therapy sesions I just did what I thought was right. It was OK as I could reconnect with people I was not talking...
  9. Daydreamer

    Sometimes I worry about the future.

    Well, since my mind has rather annoyingly decided to start worrying at silly hours, I might as well share my concerns. I'm worried that I will never pass my Maths GCSE, and as a result my CV will be disregarded by employers. Then there's that voice that lingers at the back of my mind that tells...
  10. DesertRose

    Where did you learn to research?

    As I've probably stated before, I did not go to college or university. I quit in the 11th grade because i simply couldnt take it anymore, and did corespondence and got my Diploma about a month after the next year would have started. Daddy asked me if I wanted to go to college, and probably would...
  11. kittybot

    the kittybot!

    Hi all! I'm a 31-year-old transgender (nonbinary/agender) freelance artist who was recently diagnosed with ASD. I've put myself down as having Asperger's because, even though ASD is now considered one general classification under the DSM-5, my symptoms most closely fit this older...
  12. D

    Struggling With College/School

    So I have only recently begun to suspect that I am on the spectrum(since around late November). I have talked to a psychiatrist(who brought it up in the first place), my uncle who is a professor at a medical school, as well as my cousin who is diagnosed with aspergers. All of them agree that I...
  13. Chris Russell (The Talentless Liar) Blog

    Karma Police - An addendum (First Published Oct 2017)

    I gave Karma a prod in my last post and bemoaned the consequences, but it turns out my little stash of validity has been looking after itself very well thank you, while my confidence has taken a dive. Not long after sending my email withdrawing from the application process, I received an email...
  14. MrSpock

    Have You Ever Un-Learned Something that was True?

    At the moment I am pretty sure that I have un-learned something that was true. I do hope that re-learning it will be easy, and the information will be fairly accurate. When I was younger I think I either made an error in reasoning (unaware that I was on the spectrum and attempting to apply...
  15. M

    Is the way we learn and use language different from the rest of society?

    Recall learning words as a child, and how I thought each word, the more complex it was, the more magical/special. Learning long words, more than shorter concise ones, caused me a world of pain from my peers and family. Yet I carried on, carting around my gigantic dictionary, as it was and still...
  16. A

    13 year old asperger without motivation to learn

    My friend has a son, Charlie, who is suspected to have an asperger syndrome. He's 13 years old. His mother has been diagnosed with MS and his father died more than one year ago, so his home situation is difficult. Charlie wasn't diagnosed asperger, but he has lots of symtopmes of it...
  17. The Midge

    Foriegn Languages

    I'm wondering if it is just me or an Autism thing. I find learning languages very difficult. It might be that the conversation "This pen is blue" or introductions and conversation seem pointless. Or perhaps it is overcoming the social phobias to practice the phrases I learn. Maybe I can't get...
  18. Jorg

    Dealing with awful college professor

    Welp, as the title says I don't know how to edal with this crappy professor. I'm an electronic engineering student and it is the 3rd time I take this course, it is well know around my campus this carerr is probably the thoughest one even in the country and my university is one of the hardest...
  19. M

    How to do things

    Today I saw a short documentary on the CBC news channel. It was about a woman from Toronto, Canada who has a brother who is autistic and non-verbal. She's created an app for her brother, so that he knows how to do things and he likes playing games, so its in game form. She's offering it for free...
  20. Jorg

    Do you feel inhibited or uncomfortable in your house expressing yourself or leaning any art?

    Let me explain, for years I have had an acoustic guitar, I went to lessons some years ago and it was very fun but I wasn't the purest kind of learning. Some years ago I downloaded a classical guitar course from Berkley college and I've tried to learn by myself here at home but I get...
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