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How to do things


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Today I saw a short documentary on the CBC news channel. It was about a woman from Toronto, Canada who has a brother who is autistic and non-verbal. She's created an app for her brother, so that he knows how to do things and he likes playing games, so its in game form. She's offering it for free to people with autism and other developmental disorders.

One of his difficulties; Is not remembering the sequence or steps involved in doing tasks for many everyday or even new things, that are at times puzzling to him. So she created this to help him with being independent, he stars in some of the instructions and videos.

I know that some members at Aspie Central struggle with things they haven't done before. So this site called MagnusCards seems to be helpful.

Description from the website:

What Is MagnusCards?
MagnusCards is a free app that combines a proven method of instruction (Social Stories) with elements of game design to help people learn life skills. With Magnus as your guide, you can collect and create digital Card Decks, which provide step-by-step instructions for various social interactions, situations, behaviours, and activities. For example: grocery shopping, doing laundry, and taking the bus.

Magnusmode -
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Sounds cool! I personally don't have that issue, but It's really awesome to hear of such an inventive and compassionate sister.
I wish there was an app to help motivate people like me. I'm very much a slave to my interests a lot of the time or I just completely forget about doing certain tasks. It's frustrating.
I like the idea. Being the Luddite that I am, and needing a slightly different type of help, I am thinking of grabbing a pack of old flash cards or playing cards and making a very low tech version. I can sort them out into categories with key rings and hang them on hooks where I can grab what I need in a hurry.

It's a good idea for an app though. I wish I had had something like that years ago. Of course back then there were no apps.
An easy-to-make item that can work the same way is an erasable check list. I print out or write a checklist with boxes after each item to be done. I slip the list inside a clear plastic page protector. I use a dry erase pen to check each box as I complete that item on the list. At the end of the day I erase the checks so it is ready for the next day.

I usually keep the pertinent section of my list near where it will be handy, like kitchen, bathroom, office, etc.

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