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Do you feel inhibited or uncomfortable in your house expressing yourself or leaning any art?


Well-Known Member
Let me explain, for years I have had an acoustic guitar, I went to lessons some years ago and it was very fun but I wasn't the purest kind of learning. Some years ago I downloaded a classical guitar course from Berkley college and I've tried to learn by myself here at home but I get uncomfortable being sorrounded by people or even try to play arpun my house because I'm a little sloppy.

I'm sometimes playing someting and then my mother tells me something, she tries to congratulateme and only positive stuff but I really feel awkard and stop playing. I wish to have my place or being alone to be able to play and learn alone but because of it I have pushing aside the guitar.
I have always had trouble accepting compliments from others. IT makes me cringe, and feel like they're being insincere. Not picking up those cues, I guess.

I enjoy painting, drawing, and sculpting. I get anxiety and fear that I am going to spend too much time on something, and it turn out bad, or that I'm going to run out of supplies. Sometimes I find myself looking for, and collecting reference material until I no longer have the desire to create. I can also be a perfectionist at times. I have ruined good artwork by overworking it.

People being around me while I'm creating doesn't bother me, unless they are being a distraction. If I have something to focus on the anxiety turns into an amphetamine like high, and I can easily block others out and be in my own world.
People being around me while I'm doing creative stuff doesn't bother me, so long as it's something I already know how to do. I can't say I'd want people about while I was trying to learn to do something. That would only be for something where they could hear/see what I was doing while learning though, mainly because I wouldn't want them to compliment me, or see how bad I was at something while still getting to grips with it :D
I feel the same way about my drawings, maybe I'm subconsciously guilty about the style.
I'm either judging my art harshly or- okay I did enough, good enough, I'm done.
I'd rather rip up my drawings than have my family see it, that's how intense I feel about it :(
I'd never feel good enough to play an instrument in the house. But I was thinking, there are some pianos where you plug in headphones, I wouldn't mind that. Not that I play the piano.
Fascinating. I feel the same way. I really don't want to practice much of anything when other people are around. I feel very self conscious, almost as if I am imposing. Not only do I not like practicing music around others, but even less creative pursuits, such as yoga, are best practiced in solitude, I find.
Absolutely! I love to sing and knowing that I have other people in the house doesn't bother me. But if I notice that someone is staring or commenting on my singing, even if positive comments, I'll go mute.
I never know what to say when getting compliments and ended up having nasty behaviours from people that were trying to give nice comments and I didn't react accordingly...

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