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  1. DaisyRose

    Halloween 2023

    Does anyone dress up on Halloween anymore? I am going goth this year and I’m excited. I love the goth aesthetic. Last year, I dressed as if I was in the 80s.
  2. its_about_the_cones

    Autistic Character Headcanon Infodump :)

    This is going to be a long one, so if this topic doesn't interest you, feel free to skip! I have a headcanon Ben Wyatt is a high-masking autistic. I've only heard a few people mention this possibility, so I wanted to share my reasons why I have this headcanon (in no particular order). 1. Eye...
  3. Georgia Galaxy

    Cool Article that Comforts Me

    As someone who has actually suffered from thinking, "Does my own family think I'm weird?" And many other things as someone with Aspergers', this article comforts me a lot. Special interests I believe that I also tend to have rigid thinking, and many times have thought, "People are not going to...
  4. Georgia Galaxy


    Have you guys ever considered acting/theatre or experienced a job like that? Tell me about it! As some of you already know, I have appeared in a music video as a background waitress (SUPER excited for it to release in 2 - 4 weeks, I feel like I've been waiting forever). I have also dubbed over...
  5. Jenisautistic

    My drawings

    Hi, I decided to jump the art bandwagon and share my art too here is my intro
  6. Georgia's Aspie Blog


    I've just created a BandLab account (my name on there is GeorgiaGalaxy!) and man have I had fun making music on there. In fact, I made my first three tracks in under an hour ^.^ Please be sure to check out: YouTube (best known for Keyboard, Music and Original Content)...
  7. ilovebeingtheworst★

    Albert Einstein left this joke here

    If Albert Einstein was autistic, I quite understand how he made his discoveries. Trying to understand what my relative said to me I literally begin to find all possible information on psychology, then sociology and history, spend several years studying the context and correctly defining what he...
  8. M

    Something that made you happy today?

    Write about something that made you happy today, or this week or month.
  9. Joshua the Writer

    Let's Share Cool Gaming Moments!

    Here is me managing to kill a Rathian with a carving knife stab while mounting. That attack does one damage. It's the first time it ever happened to me after about 5 years of playing Monster Hunter. What are your cool gaming moments. Videos are preffered.
  10. K

    Hello, my name is Chris.

    A little over a year ago I got into creating electronic music. It is an obsession. It's like when I was a skateboarder when I was young.
  11. T

    Questionnaire survey: Playground for children on the spectrum

    Hello, all. I am new here. I am a female architect and a master's student from Germany and I am writing my master thesis. My thesis topic is 'designing playground for children with autism'. For research purposes, I want to conduct a questionnaire survey. I was looking for some online places...
  12. Me and My Sister Having a Duel - Slightly Better Version

    Me and My Sister Having a Duel - Slightly Better Version

    No actual combat occurred, considering these are REAL swords, and we were in an antique shop. I am holding two identical replica sabers, and my sister is holding an EXTREMEMLY RARE fraternity dueling saber. You are able to tell that I am duel wielding slightly better in this version.
  13. Joshua the Writer

    Let's write a story one sentence at a time.

    Minimum words per sentence is 4, maximum words are 20. If your sentence exceeds twenty words, put an ellipses ( . . . ) after it, and the next person has to continue it. No double-posting. Sentences that would instantly end the story such as "Then they all died" are not allowed. You can only...
  14. Joshua the Writer

    Count as High as Possible Before a Moderator Posts

    Rules are self explanitory. We count as high as possible before one of the moderators, such as tree or Nitro, post. Take turns. We start again after they post. I'll start . . . 1
  15. GrownupGirl

    Tell a blatant lie/Fabulous Fib

    Aspies and auties have a reputation for always being truthful, so here's a thread that shows how creative we can be by telling an obvious and/or outrageous whopper of a fib. Here's one of mine: I never speak to my cats in baby talk. Izzin dat wight, my widdle smoochy-woochy babbeh...
  16. M

    On the history of gaming

    Often come across articles blaming gamers for a culture of violence in the world. The violence, the recreational time it takes to play games, the attitudes of gamers. Rarely have I come across anything that does not make me feel guilty about playing online games. I've been playing for a long...
  17. Butterfly88

    Funny fill in the blank quiz

    Mine is: I look like a giant duck. Lol!
  18. Joshua the Writer


    You read the title. Go nuts. To start us off:
  19. Ginseng

    Lets create a theme song ♫

    Good morning Autista peeps. I find myself looking once again on this cold dreary morning for the perfect Autistic song. One we can all connect with. Could their be such a song? Do you know of one? Does anyone want to get together with me to try and write one? I think we need a theme song. I can...
  20. DiverseWonderland

    Imagining a Story/AMV

    A thing i like to do Is play a song/music i like and Imagine a story or scene going and playing out with the song/music sort of like a AMV that i am imagining and it's sort of the way I play although to someone on the outside it looks like i'm just walking in circles with headphones on but in my...
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