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  1. Kavigant

    Did Any of You Have Friends When You Were A Kid?

    It seems like what it meant to have friends when we were kids was different than what it means to have friends as an adult. For all of you who are completely friendless (like me), did you have any friends at all when you were a kid? Or is one kicked out of the ASD club if it's discovered that...
  2. DogzSpirit

    Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth verse Same as the First

    It appears that once you confide in someone, even someone close like a spouse, that you are on the spectrum, it's like a Pandora's box opening. It's an open invite for others to view you as different or damaged. What is said in regards to me and my wiring, is often unrelated to the current...
  3. Callistemon

    The Friend in the Basement

    We discuss dating a fair bit on here. Today I'm going to share an honest account of what looking for a partner was like for a good female friend and myself when we were in our 30s. I can't tell you who in the story is NT and who is ND, and I don't really think it's that crucial - our common...
  4. Callistemon

    Requiem for a Friend

    I just wanted to share a (multi-post) story about a person who was a fantastic friend to me and many other people. This is some journalling I did when she died at age 88 last year. Even people who didn't know Alice will be able to get an idea of the sort of person she was and why she was such a...
  5. fern_77

    why does romantic love take priority

    i don't understand why romantic love is seen as more important than platonic love. people are often expected to devote more of their time and energy to romantic relationships than platonic ones, and although friendship is important, society seems to deem romance as more so. sometimes romantic...
  6. jleeb05

    The Three Types of Friendships

    In some ways, I consider myself lucky because I know Aspies often struggle with social connections. I've managed to meet some great people and cobble out some wonderful friendships throughout my life. However, recently I've often found myself disappointed with the quality of my friendships. I...
  7. Amy Stone

    Do you try to make friends by "buying" them?

    As an Aspie, I tend to not connect to people on an emotional level. Instead, I try to show my affection or interest by doing, buying, or making something nice for them. Some examples: -New neighbors were moving in and I had pizza and soda delivered -I made art and sent art to several people -I...
  8. Lydia_bc

    Letting a friend go - help please

    Prefacing this by saying I know I sound like a jerk, but I can’t help that I just don’t want friends. My husband and immediate family are sufficient. I’m hoping I can get some advice here on an issue I’ve been having for years. I have no idea how to not be friends with someone anymore. Normally...
  9. Mars26

    Talking about friend

    Tell me is it wrong to confide in a friend about problems with another friend? Of course, I'm talking about real things that he did, not fictional ones. Because my friend broke our relationship because friend I confide in told him that I was badmouthing him. She didn't tell him this when I first...
  10. P

    Dissertation research – The Effect of Friendship Quality on Mental Health in Children Diagnosed with

    Hi everyone! For my dissertation, I am conducting surveys about the effect of friendship quality on mental health in children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. If you have a child age 4-13 with a diagnosis of Autism, I invite you to complete my survey, which will take only 20 minutes...
  11. 4gottenLoreKali

    Does anyone else here actually ENJOY some social interaction? [Warning: A NOVEL]

    OK, I know this thread is gonna seriously call my "Aspie cred" into question, and in some people's opinions, may even disqualify me from being on the spectrum altogether. But ever since I was diagnosed in 5th grade and started researching this enigmatic condition more thoroughly, I've gravitated...
  12. W

    My Aspie Man

    I am at my wit;s end, please at least listen and hopefully understand. I am a disabled woman who is virtually housebound, I can only get out with the help of my aspie partner. When I am at home I am limited in what I can do physically because of my disablements so I am only able to do stuff...
  13. Mars26

    Broken friendship

    If my best friend can't find time for me since June. However, he finds time for other friends or to play games. I guess I shouldn't be friends with him anymore? I am asking because I feel used. Whenever I wanted to do something and he didn't, he said that my expectations were too high. He also...
  14. Jena

    Any one else hate it when someone says "don't worry you'll make new friends"

    I have Aspergers and so obviously making friends is very hard and change is difficult. When there is a big change such as a move to a different state or school or whatever this phrase is said. It's like frustrating cause other people think you can make friends just as easily as others and that...
  15. Fact Ten

    Has anyone used Hiki?

    I'll resist the urge to make puns about the name at the moment... A friend of mine who I game with recently let me know about an app exclusively for individuals on the autism spectrum called Hiki. It's apparently both for dating and making new friends and I was considering using it. Does anyone...
  16. Jorg

    UPDATE: my best friend is pregnant

    Hi, I rarelly post stuff this time or for the past months but if you have read some of my previous thread (it might be in this section) you probably remember I posted about a friend of mine who was inlove of a guy who is kind of a jerk, and that's not only my opinion it was hers at the time...
  17. Mars26

    Friends Issue

    I'll start with the hardest thing. I lost my friend in Monday and I was at her funeral yesterday. I mention this because it is quite relevant to my thread. Let's start from the beginning my late friend, me and my other friend were close but we weren't each other only friends. When we started...
  18. onlything

    When is the time to let go of friendship?

    I apologise from the get-go since it can turn a bit long. My best friend lives in a different country. It's one of the reasons why it became so difficult to keep that friendship. We meet a few times a year but despite all of our effort we became more and more distanced from each other. It's not...
  19. unreality

    Seek Friends, Even Motivational Friends

    Maybe there's someone here who seems somewhat like me who'd like to be friends (online or real life), or even motivational friends to help inspire & motivate each other on our projects. Presently I have no friends, but have a lot of projects which is difficult for me to find motivation to work...
  20. shysnail

    How to reconnect with a friend after a long while?

    I have a friend who I haven't spoken to for almost a year now. When we were still talking, I was flaky and let him down a number of times. I feel really bad about this now. Sometimes it seems almost impossible for me to reply to messages people send me, but then I forget to do it entirely, and...
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