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  1. ErinH

    Asperger's - Hard to Keep Friends

    Hi, Hope everyone is having a good week so far. Does anyone else struggle to keep friends, especially good/best friends? Since I realised I might have Asperger's, I started thinking back to all of the very good friends I have lost in my life. And I clearly have a habit of losing friends. Not...
  2. ErinH


    Hi, I'm new on here. I haven't been diagnosed with Asperger's yet, but I (and many people around me) feel that I do have this. Has anybody else had a lot of problems with friendships? I have never been able to keep close friends, and have frequently had meltdowns leading to the friend just not...
  3. JellyBean

    Heyo, I'm new here^^

    Hey guys, I'm a fourteen yr old bi girl and I'm looking for people to chat up with. Hope i can atleast talk to one person and become friends, but no pressure ya know. I like anime, movies, tv shows, baking, art, comics, music and books. You don't have to have the same interests as me, I'm open...
  4. Lonelyaspie173

    Looking for friends

    Hi. I guess to start off I've not been confirmed I have Aspergers but to be a person like me you'd have to know. I literally have a story that could tell to make an Hollywood aspie movie but I bet a lot of us aspies could so I'm not alone in that department. And trying to get a Asperger's...
  5. Enola

    Hail, fellow travelers!

    Okay, that was SUPER lame, but its the first thing that popped into my head and I'm sticking to it! I offer greeting as instructed, and would like to state to the community at large that I come seeking friendship among (literally) like-minded people via the information super highway (hello, this...
  6. Z

    Finally having "Play Dates"

    This week I will be seeing friends 3 times. Tommerow one of my best friends from school is coming round (she has autism, Marianas and EDS like myself), on Wednesday I'm going shopping with two friends from collage and Friday I'm going to the cinema with another collage friend who also has...
  7. G

    Help Me! Maid of Honor for Friend on the Spectrum

    Hi there, I would love some advice, I'm in a bit of a sticky situation with one of my friends (I'll call her BB). I'm the maid of honor for her wedding, and so (understandably!) she has been asking me to help out with quite a lot. There have been a couple issues: 1. My mother has a terminal...
  8. RiverSong

    Tony Attwood's Strategies to Improve Social Understanding and Friendship Skills

    Hi all, This is my first blog post on AC. I feel like I haven't blogged anywhere in ages so I may be a bit rusty. For my first post, I want to share an interesting video that I found called "Making Friends - Strategies to Improve Social Understanding and Friendship Skills." The video...
  9. ryan1205

    Do you ever feel extremely awkward when talking to strangers?

    As of now, I feel that I don't have many opportunities to meet new people or people that I have in common with. I can talk to strangers fine, whether it be talking to the cashier or asking someone for help. I feel at most times, I make it awkward for me and the people I talk to. Recently at a...
  10. ryan1205

    What was it like having friends growing up with AS?

    I was diagnosed at the age of 10. Just in time before I hit those 'teenage' years. I know many stories will be different. For me, I had a twin brother without AS, and me and him always shared the same friends during our teenage years. But sometimes he had his own group he would hang out with and...
  11. OrangeGoldGreen

    A wild n00b appears!

    Hello, thought I would give this site a try! I came from WrongPlanet, but was having difficulty with the format. A little bit about me: I'm 27, queer, starting to identify as agender, Childfree, white, able-bodied, but have some comorbid mental health issues. I finally got my official ASD...
  12. Florence

    Finding friends / people to live with

    Hi, I've joined this site on behalf of a friend. He is 21 and has asperges. He is wanting to meet other like-minded people to make friends, perhaps a girlfriend, and potentially one day someone / some others to do shared living with? He is a lovely friendly guy who loves computer games and...
  13. Jorg

    Making others feel better

    Altough it may seem weird for the classic aspie stereotype, sometimes when I see people sad or having a bad time I feel the urge to make them feel better. I don't know if it is because I have had a lot of experience feeling depressed or you know how we aspies can be. I have some friends and as...
  14. D


    Hi, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome two years ago, when I was 19. I graduated high school in June of '13, but wasn't able to go to any of the colleges I applied to, either because of the lack of affordability or I got rejected. After that I signed up for FEMACorps. FEMACorps is a...
  15. MissyMoo

    Problems with making and keeping friends

    Hey everyone, I am new here. I was wondering if anyone has trouble making and keeping friends? I tend to find social situations really uncomfortable but sometimes I find people who fascinate me and I really want to be friends with them so I try to initiate friendship like how I pattern other...
  16. Friend4any1

    It all must be resulted by meeting people!

    I know such things as making friends and experiencing the love that would/should lead to marriage has to involve meeting people, but most of the time, I get too caught up in ideals, that I would constantly be (as the phrase goes) looking a gift horse in the mouth! Music is there to be heard...
  17. danielcollins

    Outlook On Life

    I'm curious to know what people's general outlook on life is, very high level - beit positive or negative. I've come to realise over the last few years that I'm a very positive person, I rarely get angry and I'm more willing to just accept (most) things for what they are. But with this...
  18. Saleje


    Hi, I'm Saleje. I have diagnosed myself with aspergers and will be officially diagnosed sometime this month. I was misdiagnosed with bipolar then later schizoaffective. Well after about a year on no psych meds. They (therapist) cant seem to figure out how a person with a serious mental illness...
  19. R

    How to keep in touch with friend

    I don't do anything interesting and my friend doesn't either. This means we don't have much to talk about our daily lives. We don't have discussion topics. I'd like some ideas about what to talk or ask. I'd also like tips on how to maintain the friendship since I've never had one that lasted.
  20. carbon12

    Dude, why is that girl .....

    The name is Karol, (+one martini please, shaken, not stirred) and I am 14 years old. I speak 4 languages and I wish to learn more. I want to study science or mathematics, or perhaps also programming. My favorite books are about quantum mechanics and science in general (that means that I...
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