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  1. A

    Why does nobody click with me

    The issue is not even that I don't click with anyone. I try to make friends everywhere, talk to everyone, but everyone just tells me we do not click or that they do not vibe with me. And by everyone I mean literally EVERYONE. I had the same thing in elementary school, middle school, high school...
  2. A

    Anyone else who can form surface level connections, but not deeper connections?

    Aside from that, that most of the tips that you get for making deep connections don't ever work on you? I can make myself fit in with most groups, but it will never lead to any deeper connections. Even if I try to ask questions, even if I try to invite to do things. I still never manage take my...
  3. Kavigant

    Did Any of You Have Friends When You Were A Kid?

    It seems like what it meant to have friends when we were kids was different than what it means to have friends as an adult. For all of you who are completely friendless (like me), did you have any friends at all when you were a kid? Or is one kicked out of the ASD club if it's discovered that...
  4. JaredKFan

    I screwed up with a dear friend because I’m autistic

    Long story short, I made some mistakes with a friend of mine because I let my mask down around her. We had had occasional communication difficulties (she and I are both hard of hearing and I can have a hard time understanding her voice sometimes) and I have spatial awareness problems that can...
  5. Izzy5487

    A friend talked about me behind my back

    A long time friend was talking to my sister today and complained about me saying I got overstimulated too often and talked about autism and adhd too much and told my sister to stop living with me. I always had a feeling but she treated me like family and was always nice so this was really...
  6. Y

    I have a lot of problems that are constantly bothering me

    I’ve been having a really tough time lately. There are a lot of things bothering me that instantly make me depressed once I think about them. I’ve been out of college for over a year and I still don’t have a full-time job. I’ve tried so hard to find one for my degrees (communication and film)...
  7. furkandorum

    About People

    Being around other people scare me, tire me, make me feel really overwhelmed. I don't like them, i can't feel like myself when i'm not alone. But i feel like i do need close relationships. And the other contradiction is that i do have one or two close friend but i don't want to talk them about...
  8. S

    Does anyone want to be my friend?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone on AF would like to be my friend! We can start conversations and chat together. Kindly please 'follow' my profile and I will do the same! Regards, SRSAutistic
  9. S

    Making Friends

    I have no friends. I am 17 years old. When I interact with the autistic community, I feel welcomed, accepted, and appreciated. It seems that with time, I can make friends in the autistic community, but I cannot make any NT friends. In the past, I have tried to make friends, but I struggle. I do...
  10. Y

    I'm going to be moving soon and there are a lot of things bothering me about it

    In the upcoming days, I’m going to be moving out of a rental house in Rhode Island and moving down to Florida to live with my parents. There’s a lot about this that I’m nervous about. The biggest one is that I hate the idea of having to live with my parents again, for many reasons. The first...
  11. M

    Autistic client talking to staff member

    A guy whom I know at a program in which I work for people with disabilities. He talks to one of the staff members. He has high functioning autism. Everytime he sees her, he talks to her. He sometimes goes to groups with her. Even when he leaves his group, he again talks to her. Why is that?
  12. G

    How to test people and find like-minded individuals?

    I really need to find like-minded individuals to network with, they’re essential for me getting employment, finding my future wife and having an independent life. The problem is, I wasted a lot of my teenage and early adult years shut-off from the world; and when I finally started changing my...
  13. P

    Im scared of my

    I was dumped six months ago by my toxic boyfriend because I had the nerve to say that something didn't suit me. Of course, he wanted to destroy my reputation and make me the bad guy. However, I survived. A week ago, friend who worked with him on a paid project told me that my ex refused to do...
  14. Michaelfjorden

    Who will help me practice my English?

    Hi, again. I’m Pierre, 30 years old, from Sweden. Would anyone be interested in text or voice chatting with me sometime on Discord or any other place? English is my second language, and we don’t have any native English speakers where I live. I would love to make some English-speaking friends...
  15. CrazyInTrains

    I'll start university soon and I want to make friends, do you have any tips?

    I'm sure this has been asked many times before, but I haven't really found much when searching. I'll start at university at the Biomedicin analyst program (in Sweden) in about a week (yes, I'm good at procrastinating) and I really want to try to make some friends (and at some point maybe a...
  16. dylan_gnome

    sleeping over at friends houses

    does anyone else struggle with sleepovers? i am 22 and whenever i have the opportunity to spend the night with a friend, i either sleep horribly, don’t sleep, or end up going home to sleep in my own bed. i don’t seem to struggle in hotels, and i never had an issue when i was at sleep-away camp...
  17. Sophia S

    Not sure on how to keep friends over the summer, Help?

    Ive officially been on summer break for about a week now and I already feel lonely? For context I just finished a year at a new highschool and my first group of friends didnt really work out. I made some new ones in the last two weeks but they were already very close before that. I friended many...
  18. Amy Stone

    Do you try to make friends by "buying" them?

    As an Aspie, I tend to not connect to people on an emotional level. Instead, I try to show my affection or interest by doing, buying, or making something nice for them. Some examples: -New neighbors were moving in and I had pizza and soda delivered -I made art and sent art to several people -I...
  19. Moshi Moshi ^w^

    Friend troubles.

    So recently I had a good friend come over and he has been getting very/overly comfortable at my house. I'm very verbal to people I know and choose to be friends with about my OCD triggers and such and I know I've repeatedly told this friend more than others. He came over for the long weekend and...
  20. Mars26

    Waiting to hear from my best friend

    I've been having a pretty bad time lately. At the university, privately, etc. However, with the help of a psychiatrist and a good attitude, I managed not to fall into depression again. It was really hard. However, I made one mistake when I felt sad. Namely, I got drunk at a party, on the same...
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