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  1. autism-and-autotune

    I finally said no to my father--THANK YOU to all those who helped!

    It's been an issue on my mind for the past couple weeks, but thanks to a lot of you on a different thread, I was encouraged to face my fears and fully close the book on what would've been an unfinished page. To the summons of my father for a funeral, which demanded (not asked or requested) I...
  2. tripleU

    Enthusiastically being "cured"

    Hi, my mom, forces me to go to this place to "cure" autism. No! The person curing there doesn't even know oxygen exists, as they boil/fry oil and then put their feet in it, Which causes a lot of breathing problems, then he applies it mostly to overweight people, a baby with a large head, a...
  3. Streetwise

    ten boom house virtual tour

    The ten boom family(were calvinist christians) helped save 800 people, during WW2 . Only corrie(cornelia) ten boom ,survived the concentration camps(Westerbork(Holland),then Ravensbruck Nazi controlled Germany),her father Casper and sister betsie were victims. this is not a discussion. Its a...
  4. YancyyyComet9000

    My dog passed away today

    My dog passed away today. I know I should feel sad, logically thinking I know I would be and I am I guess. But I don't really feel it. Death has never really been something I fully understand I guess. The thing that's hitting hardest is knowing how much this will change now. My dog has been a...
  5. G


    Hope this isn’t too triggering but, with the Triduum of the Dead coming up, I figured I’d ask, what are your thoughts on mortality? Do you think being Autistic makes us more aware of our mortality than Neurotypicals? Or is perhaps the opposite is true, that we’re better at distracting ourselves...
  6. U

    Appropriate responses to deaths.

    I've been really struggling with this since Thursday. My neighbor passed away in a tragic incident. She was deaf, or very hard of hearing, and she spoke but it was very hard to understand. So we communicated through a lot of hand waving, some signing, and notes if I was struggling too much...
  7. Neonatal RRT

    Mother-in-Law dying. Not sure how to support my wife.

    Background: My wife's mother, whom she loves dearly, was diagnosed with elderly dementia about 3 years ago. Like these things go, it starts out slow, but accelerates exponentially. My wife is a nurse, so she has the intellectual understanding of how these things progress, but her brothers and...
  8. PinkPenguin29

    Not Mourning my Dog like I feel like I should

    Trigger warning for anyone who has a hard time with Animal deaths. Normally that's me. but Whatever reason I feel numb. In April we noticed a strange growth on our dogs top Lip. We took him in and did a Biopsy and Came back as Benign. Later when Covid-19 started closing things down, the growth...
  9. BrokenBoy

    On suicide..

    I've tried to kill myself multiple times but I've stopped from actually doing it because I fear death. I've always have since the very beginning of my life. I don't know how I feel about religion. I don't know which "side" I should join. I don't want to kill myself because I fear the idea of...
  10. Mars26

    Friends Issue

    I'll start with the hardest thing. I lost my friend in Monday and I was at her funeral yesterday. I mention this because it is quite relevant to my thread. Let's start from the beginning my late friend, me and my other friend were close but we weren't each other only friends. When we started...
  11. Ginseng

    How do y'all handle death from someone close to you?

    My mother died today and we will be going out of town to her funeral. Funerals have always been very difficult for me and many times I have gotten out of going to funerals just because all the emotion and feelings seemed to really mess with me. I wondered if this was an aspie thing or just me. I...
  12. Mary Anne

    Anthony Bourdain Committed Suicide At Age 61

    Anthony Bourdain found dead “by hanging” in a hotel room. I am extremely saddened by this breaking news. He was a wonderful, world reknown tv show host and food/travel writer. He had a lifestyle many millions admired and envied.- traveling all around the world to exotic places eating and...
  13. Gritches

    It gets better

    This is kind of a gush, but I'm happy and I want to talk about it: I'm here tonight to say to anyone who's down, depressed, and/or hopeless: contrary to what I once believed, it really does get better. But it doesn't get better on its own; it takes a special kind of hard work, the willingness...
  14. M

    Switzerland looses rock legend Polo Hofer

    I just found out about the death of Polo Hofer at the age of 72 after a battle with lung cancer. His songs are in the Bernese dialect of Swiss German. See this news.
  15. LostInSilentHill

    Not sure how to handle this...

    So, I'm not very good with handling people who are upset. When it's something small, I can usually feign sympathy and give very uncomfortable hugs and that enough. But... Well a few days ago my step-father passed away (suicide), and while this was quite a shock when I first heard about it, I...
  16. Cogs Of My Cranium

    Scary Random Confessions Of 'M.G.'

    This is wrong. There is no way that this should be acceptable. So much noise here. Every room is invasive. He wants drugging and locking up. He wants torturing as long as it doesn't make noise. This situation is untenable. Exploitation. Living in the crumbling castle of someone else's design. My...
  17. M

    Desperate for help and advice - I am sure this is the Love of my life

    Hello everyone, Being in a relationship with this guy for 4 months now and I am certain I've never felt a stronger attraction/love. We met on the internet, I approached him because he was interesting. I never regretted it. We clicked like a clock. He has AS, but Im sure this is partially why I...
  18. Cogs Of My Cranium

    Feeling the pain of others

    Basically my grandad is on the verge of dying. It's unlikely he will last the week. The cloud of his condition has been hanging over the family for two years now as well as the crippling costs of his care and his eventual funeral. Mainly this cloud is on my dad who suffers great financial...
  19. M

    Social Skills and other help,

    Would like people to contribute to this thread, with advice and help for others. Add anything that people might have questions about, and I'll add as well. Never know what to say when I've attended a funeral. What not to say when someone dies Even those with the best intentions might say...
  20. LostInSilentHill

    Confused about death

    I have always found death to be confusing. I don't get upset and am confused when others do. When my grandmother died (I was 13-14) I wasn't sad, I just felt inconvenienced. The same for anyone I've ever known who has died. Even more confusing is when people are upset because people they...
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