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daily life

  1. Imaginatively_Cute

    What Body wash/Hygiene products do you guys use...

    I'll start first, My stuff comes from dollar tree. I usually use 3 in 1 products from various brands. I plan on switching to AXE with Cremo shampoo.
  2. SakuraRoseMilkTea

    Rainy Day Diary

    Hello! This blog is about my day to day life living as both a disabled person and as a NEET. I want to document the things I do, the music I listen to, the hobbies I practice and the outcomes of them, my thoughts on the world and random ramblings that come to mind.
  3. Dionysus

    Daily Survival Guide

    I'll be sharing my own tips and tricks to survive in a day to day household with unaccepting family. Or just rambling and sharing those experiences, plus a fun fact or two. Or six.
  4. Jenisautistic

    seeing my new social worker

    Hello today i went to see my social worker from my services to help me get services near me she was very nice and hopefully I will get something to do soon during the week we talked about a lot of things my challenges my strengths and what I like to do by the way I don't know if I mentioned...
  5. Jenisautistic

    have you ever written journal entries? what a about planner?

    I've tried journaling over the years and still do it on occasions. i don't remember too much about my journaling when I was younger but i do remember I did write fanfiction in it and draw a lot in it I also use to do sketchbooks as well. have you ever looked back on your journal? what did...
  6. Jenisautistic

    Do you have a routine? what is your morning and night routine look like?

    Mine varies... I usually get up eat breakfast take a shower watch videos or listen to music clean up a bit and get ready for the day and if I'm going out I usually would go out after if not I just do what ever needs to be done inside. at night I get home if I went out and go on YouTube...
  7. Jenisautistic

    Hi Another update

    Hey everyone I just want to make this a quick update Just to say I’m doing OK I’ve been going on trips in my special-needs recreation program and hang out with a friend of mine I’m still waiting on getting services however I pretty much have got eligibility I’ve been seeing a...
  8. Jenisautistic

    Alexithymia video I found on YouTube

    Does anyone have this I think I might have this I can never tell how I’m feeling I’m just basically in the moment all the time It’s very difficult for me to explain things in detail as well as to describe feelings And my memory is pretty bad Most of the time I get only talk or even...
  9. Jenisautistic

    Just some random updates

    Hey everyone it’s me Jennifer please don’t feel obligated to answer any questions I may have in this video I just want to talk randomly and share some updates with you If you want to share your thoughts on this update as well or any thoughts you might have it’s welcome as well Just a...
  10. Jenisautistic

    Do you ever get nervous just to start something

    My aunt calls it anticipatory anxiety . When you’re starting something new do you ever get completely nervous and have a shut down or an anxiety attack Also does that happen to you and then you do the that you were going to start and you feel a lot better after For example I was really...
  11. Jenisautistic

    Alone in the universe cover Plus some updates

    Today was my singing class recital we sing some classical songs a million dreams and a few other songs . We had two recitals one in a high school and one in a senior citizen home . i’m kind of nervous right now for a reason I’ll put in the members only discussion. But otherwise I’m doing...
  12. Jenisautistic

    How can you tell when you’re ready for bed?

    Sometimes I think I’m ready for bed I become sleepy take my medicine for the night lay down and become awake. I don’t know if this is Due to the medicine or due to the fact I can’t tell when I’m tired enough to sleep. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what I can do to sleep better ...
  13. Jenisautistic

    does anyone use a disability identification card?

    i just recently received one.. i figured it would help in situations that are difficult im "sick" or unable to talk well or cant be understood also if im scared.
  14. Jenisautistic

    Concordia and updates

    Hey everyone I just wanted to give updates. I am now applying for services through OPWDD . For day habilitation as well as other services.A friend of mine he works in my recreation program helped me and my family fill out the forms.my family is going to ask them more questions before they send...
  15. Jenisautistic

    Anyone nonverbal sometimes ?

    Hey everyone sometimes I feel like I just can’t get any words out to anyone.sometimes Even if I want to talk I just can’t I feel trapped inside myself. Or feel like I’m being too repetitive. Anyone else feel like this?
  16. Jenisautistic

    Try different (the fish song ) Cover

    Son are you guys shoud here this then I decided to cover myself Love this song was hard to sing well Alot songs are the same for me do to my my memory. And the fact that at times when I speak I say phrases backwards by accident.
  17. Jenisautistic

    For those of you with difficulty reading

    Do you find fiction or nonfiction more difficult to read? I have dyslexia among many things. And I find that realistic fiction or nonfiction I don’t have a less problems andmore complex fiction Or fantasy books. Although fantasy is one of my favorite genres as well as realistic fiction ...
  18. Jenisautistic


    Rolling with the trend of people showing their books on YouTube and doing book hauls. so I decided to make my own Book Haul video. i’m trying my best not to try to read and understand when I read as much as I can .even though reading makes me want to throw up and makes my head spin I still love...
  19. Jenisautistic

    My night routine :)

    Hey guys here’s what I do during the night .:blush:
  20. Jenisautistic

    My morning routine

    Hey everyone I always wanted to do a morning routine video so here it is. i want to thank everyone who helped me on my previous post. these are things I'm trying to incorporate into a daily routine.
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