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Claritas Prayer Group#9435
Haflinger horses.

They're the equine answer to the Toyota: economical, strong, and easy to work with.

So here is a triple hitch of them, doing a little work for an Ohio farmer. They are pretty chill most of the time, according to their owners, but this breed is also said to very much enjoy having a job to do. And it isn't just pulling equipment or carrying riders; Haflingers are also used in hippotherapy programs due to their calm nature and small, non-threatening size. They are a good candidate for the title of the universal all purpose horse.

(I didn't take this photograph. It was taken in 2014.)

Haflinger triple hitched.jpg
Tough choice. My favorite living animal is the Elephant. However, the critters I really like are Trilobites. Successful little arthropods that were denizens of the Paleozoic that were in an arms race with the fishes that found them to be tasty.
View attachment 68751

I always liked those too. Very cute!
Terataspis grandis. That one is pretty spectacular! On a geology trip to Morocco a couple of years ago I met a young preparator. As part of putting together trilobites from every family in the Devonian and Ordovician to give to a local college, I have been purchasing specimens from him.
Dogs. We have three rescue from 45 to 110 pounds. They are wild and crazy and we have a blast with them. Great protectors too, the mastiff did guard school and it’s so cool how smart they are, he actually patrols the house and stays “on duty” most of the time. He also knows command in German, so that is cool too. Love this meme, our Pitt is the small one in the group, thank goodness she still has her ears and tail!

I don't really have a favourite animal. I like a lot of them. I would really love to interact with a capybara, sloth (especially a baby sloth), and an elephant (especially a baby elephant). Maybe some day. :)
Tough call. I like many kinds of animals that impress me with their intelligence (apes, corvids), skills (all sorts of birds of prey) or simple power (whales, large herbivores).
A good old fashioned mutt. Those healthy dogs out in the sticks that will outlive any of the purebred city dogs, and are friendlier and more social, even though not around as many people day to day. They are just man's best friend.

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