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  1. Horsegirl

    What pets do you have? Why? How did you choose them?

    I have a three guineas, a dog, and a horse (I don't actually own the horse but I ride him all the time and I consider him my pet)
  2. RESleight


    In this game an animal that follows alphabetical order will be posted. It can be any kind of animal. The next person will then offer/feed a food item/meal to the animal above. Both the animal and the food item/meal must have a matching letter before moving onto the next. (A-A, B-B, C-C, and so...
  3. Foggy

    Animal behavior?

    My longest lasting obsession has been on animal behavior, cognition and welfare. I am currently unable due to physical and mental health to go to school to learn about it, so I am educating myself through books, videos and MOOCs. Is anyone else interested in this area? I would love to discuss...
  4. Roxiee

    Bunnie pics! ( Pets at home!) I want to adopt them all!

    Their so lovely, Lola loved them! So did I actually!
  5. RESleight

    Turtle delays five flights and temporarily shutdown runway in Japan

    Of the planes delayed, one was even sea turtle themed:turtle: Turtle on a runway delays 5 flights at Narita Airport
  6. A

    Everybody's Photography Thread

    Does anyone else here enjoy photography? I am by no means a professional, but it´s something I enjoy. Here are some photographs I´ve shared: https://pixabay.com/users/akiroq-2665063/ I´ve shared them for anyone to be able to enjoy and use, even for commercial use. I´d love to see some of yours!
  7. G

    What’s your favourite animal?

  8. M

    Do I care too much?

    Wonder if my perception of the world and the creatures and people in it that leads me to dislike/hate some of the human race. A cycling trip picking up small dead creatures from the bike path and burying them. A sparrow, a frog, a snake, a mouse, a vole. People just left their bodies there...
  9. Sir Bedlam

    Hello everyone!

    Hello, I just recently joined this site, and I thought I'd go ahead and introduce myself here. My name is Jake. After having dealt with much anxiety and depression throughout my life, feeling like an outsider and struggling with the difficulties that come with Asperger's, it feels nice knowing...
  10. Joshua the Writer

    My Top Five Favorite Animal Species

    This is based purely on how cute these animals are and my general personal opinion on them. My top five favorite animals: 1. Dogs/wolves 2. Possum (plus any variant of Possum) If you don't believe they're cute, watch this video: 3. Cats 4. Foxes 5. Squirells.
  11. Axeman52

    wild animals vs domestic pets

    Does anyone else appreciate wild animals more than domestic pets? I've never really had many pets. Never had a cat or a dog, just some guinea pigs and a hamster, when I was younger, but have no desire to keep pets anymore. I like watching the wild birds in my garden (I don't know enough about...
  12. L

    New cats :)

  13. SamJI

    Emotional Support Animals

    Hey everyone, I joined because I'd like to learn more about the benefit of emotional support animals (also known as ESAs) to individuals on the spectrum. I intend to purchase one for myself because I am struggling with the demands of everyday life as a university student. Do any of you have an...
  14. Highway Cowboy

    Aspergers Syndrome and Animal Therapy

    My ten year old daughter and myself both are blessed with Aspergers and High Functioning Autism although my daughter also has other issues such as Septo Optic Dysplasia Spectrum and is visually impaired. Both of us struggle greatly around other people and find it very difficult to form and...
  15. Butterfly88

    The New York Rangers Are Training a Puppy to Be an Autism Service Dog

    The New York Rangers Are Training a Puppy to Be an Autism Service Dog https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/new-york-rangers-are-training-an-autism-service-dog/ Cool, go New York Rangers! Though I'm unsure as to whether or not BluePath is associated with Autism Speaks and the whole...
  16. tree

    Emotionally Distraught Animals with Diseases

    Generator Land: Emotionally Distraught Animals with Diseases Title: Emotionally Distraught Animals with Diseases Descriptor: They are sick. It's not their fault. Button: click here Background: grunge because it looks subdued Format: adjectives + animals + with + diseases/conditions...
  17. M

    Do you remember your dreams?

    Rarely ever do, only at times when I take a short nap and wake up suddenly. And then they fade away. Do you like your dreams? Which ones do you like? Do recall several in which I saw people from the past, but was anxious and walked quickly through rooms of people who I used to know and some...
  18. The Midge

    Whats normal about eye contact n the animal kingdom?

    I was reading up on this as eye contact between dogs usually means rouble. I have to make sure mine avoids eye contact with certain dogs, Wikipedia said this on an article about eye contact: So it would appear that those on the spectrum have normal eye contact as far as most animals go and...
  19. A

    Gardening With Help From Critters.

    I have had quite a few gardens, but they all turn out to be cooperative enterprises. An early garden was on a farm in a coastal area. I had chickens, dogs, cats, and goats helping me with that one. First I trained my dogs to stay out of the garden since they were prone to stomping tender...
  20. UniqueCreatures

    Finally in Kansas.

    48 and my first diagnosis ADHD with communication challenges to create a long story and many different words. Whatever they say is what high iq, just have more sense quotient; too driven, too analytical aka obsessive and high emotional behavior they have called a label to be clear I suppose...
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