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  1. Georgia Galaxy

    "Hot" New Music Video of the Day + Deja Vu

    I enjoy this music videos' direction, apparently it was filmed in Hawaii. My Dad says that a volcano was active, and people took the initiative to film - Pretty clever! If I or anyone near my age directed this though, they would have a full blown exotic and crazy dance marathon with makeup...
  2. Georgia Galaxy

    New YouTube Videos

    For anyone who watches, do you feel like both YouTube and YouTubers are going through a change lately? I've seen some of the younger, newer ones taking breaks for mental health, but it's sad because this cool guy, TheEternalSamurai, who does Sonic and MLP videos, has decided to take a pretty...
  3. autism-and-autotune

    May I share my weekly(ish) youtube videos here in this community?

    The last thing I want to do is blow my own trumpet or seem as one who spams, but perhaps my creations may be accepted here. My only request is that members don't mention my autism outside this website, or in the comments of the videos (for example, "Hey! (username) from Autism Forums here--I...
  4. Georgia Galaxy

    My First Live Stream!

    Check it out here, it's pretty chill. I made a bunch of timestamps to good moments last night that sadly didn't save, sometimes YouTube is silly and turns the comments off. Hope you enjoy and you can skip past a few bits if you'd like <3 Hello (I’m doing chores!) my first stream.
  5. Jenisautistic


    Hello everyone it’s been a while everything’s been going ok I am currently in a day program for those with intellectual disabilities. I am also win their advocacy and Board group I am not completely on the board club yet, but I will be soon. Hopefully. As it is nearing January 2023, I have a...
  6. Rodafina

    Art/Craft Channel Suggestions

    Any suggestions for crafting or visual arts youtube channels? Looking for people to emulate and actually learn from. Extra points if it’s a bit bizarre. Here’s my top guy: https://youtube.com/c/TheCrafsMan
  7. Joshua the Writer

    Messing About With the YouTube Algorithm

    I am thinking of when I make videos for my non-gaming channel (Sapphire K), I will still have a recording of gameplay playing in the background. For two reasons: 1. I am not that comfortable with being on webcam. 2. I can manipulate the algorithm. By this, I mean I will be able to put the video...
  8. G

    My YouTube Channel…

    I finally, finally got my YouTube Channel for Claritas up and running; that was so much harder than it needed to be! Hopefully I’ll have my first video up by this afternoon or evening, now, I’m going to take a break and have lunch and than work on my printer issues.
  9. G

    Apps for movie-making

    I plan on making YouTube videos as part of my Autism Advocacy, what kind of apps would you recommend? All of my laptops are down, and I only have my iPad and iPhone, so I can only use apps for this.
  10. Joshua the Writer

    Who Else Creates Gaming Content on YouTube / Other Video Platforms?

    I enjoy occasionally creating gaming content to upload onto YouTube. Although I do it for fun just to share my interests with other like-minded people. I don't plan on turning making YT content into a career any time soon, if ever. This is actually my latest video: Anybody else create content?
  11. Jenisautistic

    A question for autistic content creators

    hello everyone I have done a couple of blogs on neurodiversity in the past and would like to get back into writing. I sometimes would also make youtube videos and could use advice on that as well. does anyone here create blogs or other content on the internet on this topic or even in general...
  12. G

    Bombarded with Youtube ads?

    Has anyone noticed that there are more and more ads on Youtube, even on short videos; and many of them you can't skip any more and some of them are quite long? As this their response to the Adpocalypse?
  13. AngelaS267

    What's Your Favorite Youtube Channel?

    Hey guys! I am looking for some interesting new channels to watch and would love to know what your favorite channel is and why. It can be absolutely any channel or topic. Mine is EmmyMadeinJapan. Her channel is so comforting, she's really smart, and she's educational when she's making or...
  14. M

    FYI: Warner claims ownership over use of certain numbers on Youtube

    Warner claims ownership over the numbers 36 and 50, and demonetizes Youtube videos that incorporate them. Warner subsidiary Otter Media has a division called Fullscreen ("a social content company for talent and brands") that has been demonetizing Youtubers' videos that use the numbers 36 and 50...
  15. Autistamatic

    Two new videos from Autistamatic.

    Hi all Two new videos I've not yet posted here. The one at the bottom of this post was a collaboration between myself, The Autistic Allies FB group and The Aspergian. I quite liked the style I used on it so I decided to do something in a similar style on a different topic. I'll do more DERS...
  16. Autistamatic

    Autistic Opinion - Greta Thunberg ~ Autistamatic

    There's been some nasty things said about Greta Thunberg. Whether you agree with her stance on climate change or not, the comments that are made to derail her because she is autistic, young, female etc. have been distasteful to say the least. This hit a peak this weekend when a short video of...
  17. Autistamatic

    Is your child's therapist harmful? - Autistamatic video collaboration

    I was asked by The Aspergian to make short videos to accompany a two part article about identifying harmful and helpful therapists for autistic children. The first part was published last night. How to Spot a Good– or Bad– Therapist for Your Autistic Child | The Aspergian | A Neurodivergent...
  18. Jenisautistic

    ( newest video) why being in the middle of the spectrum can be an ok thing

    Please let me know your thoughts I tried to come up with some positives about being in the middle of the spectum and decided to make a video about it
  19. Autistamatic

    Masks & Autism- Why & How ~ new from Autistamatic

    Hi Autistipeeps New Autistamatic video available now, on the interwebs, for free! I've even chucked in subtitles at no extra charge ;) This time it's the one I've wanted to do for ages on masking - describing some of the reasons we do it and the consequences it can have. This also marks a...
  20. M

    Recommended for you?

    I noticed the recommended for me videos on the right side: Narcissist, Sociopath or Psychopath, How to recognize them. One hundred pushups a day challenge, losing my belly pooch. Recurring toilet ring, top three solutions tested. USA water polo, a day with the navy SEALS. What has been...
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