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special interests

  1. M

    Anyone else find this ironic and unfair?

    Does anyone else on this forum agree that it’s weird neurotypicals usually make us listen to their interests, but then they call our interests obsessive? I’ve read before that one of the signs of autism is having obsessive interests, but I’m wondering what exactly that means. I prefer the term...
  2. Emery

    Adopting the interests/hobbies of significant other

    umm Hi!!! So first off I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this or I created a thread for the wrong thing or something. Social media is really not a strong point for me. But I'm choosing to see it as a work in progress lol. Please let me know (kindly) if I've messed this up. So...
  3. Georgia Galaxy

    Cool Article that Comforts Me

    As someone who has actually suffered from thinking, "Does my own family think I'm weird?" And many other things as someone with Aspergers', this article comforts me a lot. Special interests I believe that I also tend to have rigid thinking, and many times have thought, "People are not going to...
  4. Georgia Galaxy

    Music Video Ideas

    For plenty of time I've had constant music video ideas that could become real someday, and now that is even more possible. This one's really beautiful. It's: Me and my friend doing a cover of Owl City's 'Fireflies.' When I'm on screen, the music has drums (from the drums my family has) and...
  5. S

    Infodump about your Special Interests!

    Please reply to this thread. 1. What are your current special interests? 2. If you have a special interest, infodump about it! I love reading about your special interests!
  6. S

    Special Interests that find us

    Please reply to this thread. I want to know why our special interests find us. 1. What are your current special interests? 2. Do you like having special interests? 3. Why do our special interests 'find us'? 4. Why can’t we autistics choose our special interests? 5. Why do we autistics...
  7. S

    Special Interests and Infodumping

    Please reply to this thread. 1. What are your current special interests? 2. Do you infodump about your special interests to NTs or other autistics? 3. Why do we autistics want to know everything about our special interests and become experts on it? 4. Do you like infodumping about your...
  8. S

    Managing Special Interests

    I need help managing special interests. Please reply to this thread. I was diagnosed with high-functioning Autism (HFA) at age 3. As a result of the intense special interests, I cannot make any NT (neurotypical) friends as they all think I am 'weird' and that I have 'unusual' or 'odd'...
  9. S

    Autistic Special Interests

    I have some questions on autistic special interests (SpIns). I was diagnosed with high-functioning Autism (HFA) at age 3. I had many special interests throughout my childhood and adolescence. Currently, my special interests are time zones, electric plugs and voltages, electronics, and...
  10. SugarPlumFairy

    Corpus linguistics, anyone?

    If you had to conduct a corpus research on language use of native speakers of English, which phenomenon would you be interested in? The tools, you can use are: 1. frequency (the number of actual occurrences of a particular lexical item in the corpus, e.g. the frequency of the word "literally"...
  11. FlowerFlo

    Not losing special interests

    I have boht aspergers and adhd and i think i dont lose any of my special interests. Yeah, i will forget about them, but its just because i have so many. I am still into things i had special interests as a child, like guinea pigs, mice, the 3 world war and dollhouses.I do often find something new...
  12. fern_77


    hi. my name is Fern and my pronouns are they/them. i'm seventeen. i'm a nonbinary trans person and a greyromantic ambiamorous lesbian (if you are unsure what any of those terms mean, feel free to ask me and i'll explain them ^w^). i was diagnosed with adhd when i was eight and the therapists...
  13. callmeriver

    does anyone else have an Astronomy Special insterest?

    one of my special interests is astronomy and I was wondering if anyone else has the same special interest
  14. jleeb05

    My brain had a 522 error

    When I woke up this morning, I went through my usual routine of checking my emails, social media, etc. I tried to load this forum and there was a 522 error. Something about trouble connecting to the server? I assume others had the same issue. Not a big deal. I should just give it a few hours...
  15. watersprite

    maps & cameras

    When I want to be somewhere else, to be on the move, but can’t, for various reasons; scanning through these camera views is one option. One-Stop-Shop for Rural Traveler Information
  16. Major Tom

    How to make homemade wine:

    Hey all, I'm not sure how many of you are interested in chemistry, or alcohol, but if you are, maybe you'll like this! I've been doing this for years, the skill has been handed down from my father, but modified to suit my own economical purposes. Basically what you need is 100% fruit juice...
  17. Bana_Boona

    Avatar the Last Airbender!!

    Anyone here as obsessed with Avatar the Last Airbender as I am?? Who's your favorite character? What's your favorite thing about the show? Which element would you bend?
  18. BrokenBoy

    Trolling people online.

    I love trolling on the internet. Despite generally not feeling that much joy at all, despite being around enjoyable things, making others feel pain for my benefit is an exception. Whenever I see someone react as expected to whatever my latest scheme is, I can't help but laugh hysterically like...
  19. BrokenBoy

    Can autistic fixations be sexual in nature?

    There's this one sexual act that I keep obsessing about.. I can't help myself from thinking about or fantasizing about it, even when I'm not horny or in the mood for sex at all. The sexual act on it's own, regardless of the context or circumstances makes me really happy for some reason. Could...
  20. Jenisautistic

    (new video) Punky Brewster theme song cover

    does anyone remember this show? I use to watch it when I was younger on DVD. I really related to the character of punky since in always really lived with my grandmother in a building when my grand father was alive he was there too but passed away when I was 6 or7. also punky reminds me also...
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