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sensory issues

  1. Bella Pines

    Conscious breathing or sensorimotor obsessions

    I've recently developed a new "thing" which after a bit of googling seems to be called "conscious breathing or sensorimotor obsessions". Basically I've been consciously breathing. It's difficult to describe but it's like I've forgotten how to naturally breathe and every breath is a conscious...
  2. WereBear

    Set up my trampoline

    My brother put my rebounder together for me, and I bounced for ten minutes. It was highly enjoyable! In fact I was surprised how it made me feel better at the end of a day where I was feeling not too good. It is 40 inches across and supported with bungies, so it is also quiet and stable. It is...
  3. dragoncat16

    How high can you hear?

    When I was a kid, I could be standing on the street and hear which houses on the street had TVs on, because of the high frequency noise CRT-type TVs would make. Now, flatscreen TVs don't make that sound, so I can no longer do that, but it was really amazing to me that most adults didn't believe...
  4. wight

    Invisible Strings 2017-09-16

    Since dealing with depression is a recurring topic, I thought I would share a link to M. Kelter's blog writing on the subject. He has a number of entries on Autism and Depression. He writes about other things as well. Autism Spectrum, Social Anxiety, and Sensory Issues. (Links across the top...
  5. WereBear

    Fear of big paintings

    When I was a child, my grandparents had big painting reproductions all over the place. Which scared the flip out of me. They also had tons of the 1950's motion lamps which scared me even more. I would throw a towel over one if I had to be in the room with it; I could not look at it. When the...
  6. JoyChaos

    SPD or something else?

    I have a question. In the winter time when the weather is very cold my legs get very cold then unbearably itchy. is this a symptom of SPD or possibly something else. I know i should see a doctor, but for now i'm just cross referencing things that happen to me and see if they match with things...
  7. WereBear

    Getting a mini trampoline

    When I was a child I loved swinging and spinning on a tire swing. Still do! After some research on a Sensory Diet I decided the mini-trampoline was my best bet for apartment living in a climate with a lot of snow and cold weather. I'll be on the first floor so it shouldn't bother the neighbors...
  8. WereBear

    Our solution: two apartments

    We're moving. And... we're not :) Knowing I have Aspergers Syndrome turned out to be absolutely vital to understanding a serious writer's block. I have been working on a book about understanding cats for ten years now. First, no publishers or agents were interested because I'm not a vet or a...
  9. CyborgSpaceKitten

    Issues With Cutting Fingernails

    So I have this issue that I was hoping someone else in here has some experience with and maybe someone can offer me some advice; I can't STAND cutting my fingernails. It's not the act of cutting them that bothers me, it's how my fingers/nails feel after that is the issue. I have serious...
  10. Lady Penelope

    Communal Seating

    I find I am extremely adverse to coffee shops and restaurants attempting to be 'trendy' and offering communal seating. These fill me with so much dread and anxiety that I refuse to eat there. They have the warmth of a prison lunchroom (guessing) and the forced social awkwardness of a wedding...
  11. ksheehan88


    Anyone else have an intense interest in tattoos? I have 6 completed tats and one in progress. I have 3 or 4 I have planned for the future too. I spend one day a week in a studio, just filing/setting up/making coffee etc. I love hearing the gun working, and love the feeling of the needle on...
  12. WereBear

    Are we Highly Sensitive People?

    Well, of course we are, but I wondered how many of us are familiar with the psychological distinction, shared by 20% of the population? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sensory_processing_sensitivity Sensory processing sensitivity (SPS, a personality trait, a high measure of which defines a...
  13. Coupe

    Seaplane rides and sensory issues

    My stepdad suggested that we all go for a seaplane ride this afternoon, and we all thought it would be fun - I did, too...we haven't been on one since we first started vacationing at this house my grandparents have in upstate New York about 12 or 13 years ago. When we got on the seaplane, I was...
  14. Coupe

    Extremely selective of fabric textures?

    Is anyone else selective about what kind of fabrics/cloth textures they come into contact with? Not just with clothes (although that's a big part of it) but with blankets, bedding, pillowcases, sofas, stuffed animals, etc? I love very soft, fluffy, cuddly and smooth fabrics/coverings, such as...
  15. S

    Sensory issue with "cuteness"?

    Hi everyone, My son (5 y/o, diagnosed with ASD, high-functioning) has this unusual thing where he'll be watching a movie or TV and suddenly cover his ears and eyes for no apparent reason. My wife and I noticed that this behavior was replicable, i.e. his does this at the exact same points in the...
  16. Dirtdigger

    Autism and Sensory issues

    I know many of us who are on the Autism Spectrum have sensory issues. In my case the most severe is my hearing though all of my senses are affected. So I'm wondering which noises, fabrics, smells, tastes, views are you able to handle OK and which ones you just can't deal with? Since noise...
  17. ASD_Geek

    Does anyone else hate bathroom hand dryers?

    I was just in a public restroom today and like may others, they no longer have paper towels (for sanitary reasons, they say). I had to use one of those high velocity, whiny dryers which I despise. This was not the first time that I had used one, but I really dread the sensory experience that...
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