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sensory issues

  1. AngelaS267

    Tell Me Your Good Sensory Stimulations

    Hello guys! I know a lot of people discuss autistic people and their sensory issues, but as I'm continuing to reflect on my own set of traits, I'm realizing that I actually have a lot of positive sensory input, and I'd like to talk about them. I'm also eating some beans with my dinner and I...
  2. S

    Non-Verbal Autistic Panic Experiences

    Hi everyone! I'm posting here on behalf of my brother, who is 27 and autistic non-verbal. Growing up, he always used to get anxious and panic in the car when we stopped at a red traffic light (specifically, the lights that are attached to wires that sway). My mom would count how many seconds...
  3. jane_doe

    my endgoal

    my end-goal is to walk into a completely dark, totally safe room with no noise, no smells, completely pure dustless air. i then would like to lie down flat on my back limbs spread like a starfish. after lying down on the cold hard textureless floor i would then like to cease existing for...
  4. P

    Misophonia and Aspies?

    So i just read about misophonia and realized that it sounds a lot like me but im not totally sure. Like the sound of people eating makes me unbelievably and incredibly angry. same with the sounds of loud coughs. And its nothing personal. Its just those sounds. And its not a mild frustration. Its...
  5. Info dump & salty space

    Self care

    Self care is telling my son "I have to save my ears for the fair. I won't be able to answer you right now because I am saving my brain so I can help you at the fair since it will be very loud." And doing it without guilt. I love my kid enough to love my brain enough to titrate my sensory...
  6. Suzie D

    Hypersensitivity to noise within autism for university dissertation project!

    Hi! I'm Suzie, a 22 year old university undergrad student. I'm a queer woman based in Newcastle, UK. I'm currently seeking an ADHD diagnosis, but I suspect I'm autistic too. It's been a long discovery process for me and I'm still working my way through it. As long as I can remember, I've had...
  7. T

    Question About Clothing Accommodations

    So I'm working on my chapter on employment, and doing a section on various accommodations people should get. I was thinking that for people who hate wearing shirts with collars, but still need to look "professional," something like the very old-fashioned "Nehru" jacket might work. What do...
  8. Joshua the Writer

    Discomfort With Body Hair (Bullet List Followed By Rant)

    Okay, so, I really hate having body hair. Here is why: It's uncomfortable and itchy. It just traps sweat (especially in the private areas of my body). It gets all greasy because it traps skin oils, as well. Not to mention how it feels when some clothes are up against it. Butt hair (especially...
  9. Misery

    Not noticing physical issues/effects

    Okay, so here's a thing that happened just now. I'm sitting here for awhile, right, doing stuff. And after a time, I very abruptly realize: my eyes feel quite strange. Kinda fried. And I've got a cough going. And so on. This confuses me for only a moment before I realize the culprit: the...
  10. Michael Balog

    What type of underwear do you wear?

    So this question started on the chat this morning cause some people have different sensory issues with clothing and such. So I decided to start a poll and see where I stand on my choice of under garments, boxer brief btw cause I like the pressure from the material. So fill out your choice and...
  11. T

    Difficulty Learning/Adjusting to Driving

    I'm getting back into driving practice lately; I started very late compared to some people, 21 years old when I first got my learner's permit. Classroom learning was no issue for me, I'm fine learning the signs and on-paper rules of the road. But I absolutely drag my feet when it comes to...
  12. Butterfly88

    Psychiatric Medications Worsening Sensory Issues?

    Lately I've been wondering if perhaps my psychiatric medications could be making my sensory issues worse. They just seem too severe. Is this a thing? Anyone else have experience with this? If they were in fact making it worse would I likely be having over side effects too?
  13. S

    Sensory Sensitivity and chosen loud music

    Hi, I have read in a few places on the internet that individuals with autism are able to listen to loud music of their choice with headphones and i am one of them but the sensation of too much talking or too many noises that are unpredictable causes me to have sensory overload and causes me to...
  14. shysnail

    Dealing with sensory smell issues

    Bit of a weird one today. I live next door to people who smoke both cigarettes and weed for most of the day. I was woken up at 4:00am this morning by the overwhelming smell of weed. It was gross and kept me awake for ages. Has anyone found anything to deal with issues relating to smell? I know...
  15. Daydreamer

    Some tips on dealing with being overwhelmed.

    Everyone is different of course, so these tips may not work for you. However, here are some things that have helped me previously after becoming overwhelmed by my senses and/or emotionally: -Sitting or lying down in a dark room afterwards (usually with calming or happy music playing, or I just...
  16. Gummi27

    Earplugs in Public - Safety vs Comfort

    Hello. To set the many scenes: A friend wants to go into Sam Goody, but there is a television set ringing at such a high frequency it is unbearable to enter. Another day, I suggest going to an arcade attached to the hotel I'm staying at with a friend, but as I approach the room I can tell one...
  17. Butterfly88

    Doncaster Rovers opens autism quiet room

    Doncaster Rovers opens autism quiet room Football club opens autism quiet room Awesome! Though I find it interesting the article is referring to autism as a condition rather than a disorder.
  18. D

    Issues with loud or agitated music?

    Hello! I've just recently realized that I'm an aspie and these past weeks have been filled with revelations. One of them was the whole sensory sensitivity aspect, I've always had low tolerance to loud noises, bright lights, crowded places, stores and so on. But there's one thing in particular...
  19. Mary Anne

    Sensory Overload: Leaving my job in the mental health field

    I am leaving due to two things: my sensory processing issues have severely increased in the work environment and there can be no accommodations. Another is the high cost and anxiety of an enormous daily commute by car on a low salary. I will be leaving behind people with challenges who need...
  20. Mary Anne

    Where can a 61 year old Woman get diagnosed in the USA?

    Hi, I have always had sensory processing disorder, but have never been diagnosed. It’s causing me to lose my job, which I desparetely need. Plus, I just want to finally be officially diagnosed. How can an older person get diagnosed and how much does it cost? Thank you.
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