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  1. Ikarus Diary

    I Think He's Hitting On Me

    Hi. It's been a while since I last wrote in here. My last post was indeed telling you all about my confession that nowadays it has made a change in my life. In a brief summary, these last months have been truly complicated for me. I studied a lot, worked hard to get good marks, I also tried to...
  2. jleeb05

    Relatable Music

    I would imagine a similar thread might already exist but I couldn't find it. Are there songs that you find particularly relatable, especially to experiences, feelings, traits you might have as a result of being of the spectrum? I have a bunch of songs that feel relevant and I've included a few...
  3. 4gottenLoreKali

    Does anyone else here actually ENJOY some social interaction? [Warning: A NOVEL]

    OK, I know this thread is gonna seriously call my "Aspie cred" into question, and in some people's opinions, may even disqualify me from being on the spectrum altogether. But ever since I was diagnosed in 5th grade and started researching this enigmatic condition more thoroughly, I've gravitated...
  4. M

    Just realized my BF might be "on the spectrum"

    I am a widow who has reunited with a man I was in love with when I was 17. I broke his heart back then because he was too clingy. We kept in touch over the years until I married 30 years ago. Now I am in love with him again--- he lives 4 hours away and calls me every day but only wants to see...
  5. Autistamatic

    Empathy and YOUR feelings as an AS person

    I'm asking for your opinions of how your experience of empathy - i.e. how the feelings of others affect you, makes you feel inside. The first video I did on the empathy topic covered how empathy can work for us, the second I'm currently working on talks about how and why we may be incorrectly...
  6. autbunout

    Research Project on ASD and Relationship partners

    Forgive me if this isn't allowed, or the wrong place. If so, tell me and I'll take it down. I heard about a research study going on that's looking at people on the spectrum with relationships(romantically). I initially thought I couldn't do it, because I'm not native to the area. They're a...
  7. SunnyDay16

    Romantic movie clichés you're tired of seeing

    The main cliches I'm tired of seeing in romance movies are: Guy keeps persisting even after the girl says no multiple times and acts uninterested; he still gets the girl in the end Angsty, depressed character is "saved" by a love interest (aka the "healing power" of true love) Innocent good...
  8. Jena

    How do I help my boyfriend understand?

    So I been dating this guy for 2 years. Which is amazing considering I am a aspie, and he is my first boyfriend. However I feel there is some conflict in the relationship. And I really strongly want this to keep going as I am very much in love with him, but I am not quite sure how to do it...
  9. M

    Dating someone on the spectrum

    Hi, I'm dating someone who thinks he might be on the AS spectrum. I was talking to someone at work last fall about some stuff we were dealing with at home and she casually suggested he may be somewhere on the spectrum. I didn't' say anything to him about it, but observed his behavior and...
  10. rainman8128


    Hey guys. Recently I watched the show Atypical, about Sam, who has Aspergers as well, trying to get a girlfriend. There is one scene where the popular kids are hanging out and Sam notices that the popular girl kissed 2 different boys on consecutive days. He then says a lot of things I would have...

    New here - insights welcome

    Hi all, I am new. I am in a lovely friendship with an undiagnosed aspie man. I would like it to be more; however, it is new. About 8 months. We are now in a LDR. As it stands, we don't define ourselves as more than friends. I have fallen in love. I believe he loves me but by his own...
  12. seanaaronfay

    Asperger's and disconnection

    Hi all, As an individual who's dealt with Asperger's for the past 12 years, I've struggled so much with making and finding friends my own age. I don't talk to much to anyone my age outside of work or school. My biggest struggle of all, which has essentially fueled the fire, is the loss of...
  13. aquariuskevin

    I dream of sunset

    I dream of sunset faraway with you in my arms so sweetly you lay I dream of your beauty night and day when your close and never faraway the beauty of night loving you each day in your dreams next to you in your arms loving you in your arms sleeping away a sunset so sweet with you I lay
  14. J

    Intimacy sucks. Help.

    My boyfriend and I are doing great and we love each other to death but he wants intimacy physically and I don't. I'm also asexual (not sexually attracted to anyone) and refuse to have sex because it doesn't appeal to me and I hate it. I also don't like too much skin touching, and he wants to...
  15. J

    Scared to go on first date

    Okay, I think I know what I'm going to do, but I still want some advice and opinions. I had another forum earlier about dating but this one's a little different. Basically, there's this guy I've liked for two years, and we've been good friends for those two years, and we finally decided to go...
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