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  1. Y

    Acts of service without emotional repair after mocking me

    Husband and I are both autistic. I'm not alexithymic but he is. I'm an emotional person. Words of affirmation, quality time and touch are my love languages. He shows love through gifts and acts of service. He hurt me very badly yesterday. He mocked my deepest, most vulnerable emotional needs...
  2. Pbrain

    Marriage problems-masking Q

    My HFA husband has been living a double life for several decades and I found out 9mo ago. That marriage is dead but I’m hoping we can start a new and healthy marriage based on honesty and transparency. He says he wants to but is struggling to know who he is. He’s been seeing several therapists...
  3. Y

    ND-ND marriage, anything I have not tried?

    I could write a whole book about this but I won't do that to you. The story might sound like a stereotype - wife feels emotionally deprived, disconnected, ND husband says he is doing what she is asking for but she isn't experiencing it the way it "should" be. ND husband apparently unable to see...
  4. Gerald Wilgus

    ND - ND Marriage?

    I was diagnosed over a decade ago, yet only recently have gotten help to deal with trauma as a teen and young adult. As a result I have been paying attention to autism more. I think my spouse is on the spectrum. She didn't have friends growing up and had a lot of social anxiety. I had to...
  5. A

    Sacrifices and Pursuing Goals

    I'll say it once more; The diagnosis of Social Communication Disorder has helped me accept my myself and my own limitations. Henceforth, I have taken additional care into my own wellbeing and avoid toxic environments and people for my self-care. Yet, I can't help but wonder. I've made many...
  6. G

    Is life for Aspies actually getting harder now than it was in the past?

    I really should be working on my website but, I don’t know I just feel the urge to post this now, as it’s been on my mind for the past few days; is life actually getting harder for us Aspies?? It seems like the majority of older Aspies and autistic folk on here are married and have a family and...
  7. Amy Stone

    Telling my spouse kinda backfired

    I am only recently self-diagnosed. After my discovery was a brief period of "is this for real?" followed by "this makes sense", followed by "wow this explains everything!". I shared my discovery with my spouse and he said how this made complete sense to him and how it explained some of my...
  8. G

    What's it like being married?

    To NT specifically, but also to a fellow-aspie as well. What are some key tips and advice to keep in mind in order to please one's spouse and cultivating a deep, understanding relationship?
  9. A

    Haven't had sex with my husband in ten months and I am freaking out

    *waves hello* I'm new here. I wanted to get some advice. My hubby is most likely on the spectrum. He's never been formally diagnosed, but he has all of the symptoms. When we first started dating fourteen years ago, I noticed that something was different about him, but did not know what. I have...
  10. BlueSky Aozora

    Special Qualification Courses for ASD before Marriage is highly needed?

    Okay this may seem too radical to be posted here, but this is my blog so anyway. Aspie/autism is okay and such, but the problem appears in marriage. In a marriage, the ASD will live with the partner 24/7. So it's impossible to mask. And another thing is, the ASD subconsciously actually want a...
  11. S

    Being married to a not understanding partner, Help!

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this site. The reason i write here is because i feel so discouraged on a daily basis because my husband, who i do love very much, refuse to believe I have asperger. I have no one to talk to and I'm wondering if there is anyone else out there that is going through the...
  12. S

    Suspect my boyfriend has Aspergers

    I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years. We are in our late 20s and in the last 6 months we moved in together. He has problems socially and doesn’t have many friends or lasting friendships. He has trouble verbalizing his emotions or showing much emotion. I didn’t notice right away, but...
  13. Catherine Crowne

    Confused and stressed out

    I just returned home (today) from a week-long visit with my husbands family. (Baton Rouge) My husband and I have been together almost 5 years total. A smart, creative bunch. I truly enjoy spending time with them. We live quite a ways away. I paid close attention this visit to my husbands...
  14. BlueSky Aozora

    Anybody in Aspie/Aspie marriage here?

    Hi, is there anybody in aspie/aspie marriage or relationship here? Dont you feel overwhelmed, when YOU need to manage/DO EVERYTHING in the household and marriage (and you also work full-time), while your aspie partner does NOT involve in almost anything regarding your household & marriage at alll?
  15. BooBear91

    Non-autist in relationship with person with autism looking for advice

    Hello, I'm new so please bear with me. Also, I apologize if using the term "autist" is seen as derogatory and/ or frowned upon. Let me know so I know whether or not it is ok to use. I'm mostly looking for advice at this moment on how to foster and encourage my significant other's (soon to be...
  16. sisselcakes

    What Are Common Annoying Things NTs Do in Relationships?

    After a million misunderstandings with my ASD (non-diagnosed) boyfriend over the last three years, I'm starting to perceive our relationship differently. People on this site have said over and over again- the ASD person isn't going to (can't) change. Everything I've read has stated the same...
  17. LemonBoy

    I want to propose to my aspie boyfriend in the future, help?

    He can't wear rings, and he can't wear necklaces that are metal, does anyone know of a place that makes soft necklaces that i might be able to attach a ring onto? i want to make sure that he is comfortable, i love and care for him so much. Thank you to those who help!
  18. W

    NT male needs help understanding ASD wife

    I am a NT male and my wife has Aspergers. I love her more than anything, so much that I am reaching out on a forum! I need help and feel like I’m drowning trying to keep my marriage afloat! We can have the best time in the world and then the next second I don’t respond or do something in a way...
  19. Starryeyes18

    Relationship with Aspie Husband - advice

    Hi, I've just joined this site out of desperation to understand more about how you lovely aspie's deal with relationships. My husband and I have been together 9 years, we are married and have a 15 month son and another baby on the way. Things have been difficult since our son arrived and he has...
  20. N

    Why is living apart sometimes best for a marriage?

    Without going into all my history here, this is a genuine request for help from AS and NT people alike. I am NT, and suggesting to my AS husband of decades that it would be beneficial to live separately for a while, talking on the phone or Skype most days, or messaging at least, spending quality...
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