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  1. Joshua the Writer

    My Girlfriend

    I think I keep on forgetting to post about this even though it's been an entire year since I started dating her: I have a girlfriend! I know I mentioned this before but it is such a big thing for me that I kinda want to make a post about it. She is so amazing and kind and sweet. We met during...
  2. Mars26

    What to do in that situation?

    I have a problem. I return to the city where I go to college and I immediately made plans with the girl I'm dating. However, she had to postpone our meeting from Saturday to Sunday because her parents had left the city and she had to keep an eye on their house. However on Sunday, her brother...
  3. Les

    Advice in "bridging the gap" with an NT

    Hello everyone, after struggling for quite a while with disparities between myself and my girlfriend it finally made me realise (and after profuse encouragement from my girlfriend) to seek advice. Particularly, in the realm of "understanding" to say. We've been together for about 3 years and 4...
  4. Saki

    Is there still a chance for us?

    Hey guys! This is my first post here. My aspie ex broke up with me late Jan early Feb of this year bc he isn't in a good place rn and can't commit to anything, not bc he doesn't have feelings for me anymore. We were together a little less than 2 months, but only a week or two before the breakup...
  5. AHClemist

    What is a relationship?

    I have been wanting to post something like this for a while now, but never found the exact way I want to word it, so here’s an attempt: How exactly do you define a romantic relationship? I have read and heard so much about people deciding to “work on their relationship”. Sometimes they have...
  6. RavenSly

    Dating Corner

    For those with the Asperger's Syndrome condition, love can be extremely hard to do properly, as finding the right person, and under the right circumstances, is nearly impossible. Something always seems to get in the way, whether it be some critical difference that makes a potential mate...
  7. H

    Me and My Aspie BF/He broke up with me. Now what?

    Hey guys so ex bf broke up with me about a month ago and although we only dated for 4 months it was pretty intense. We however did see each other a healthy amount and gave each other enough space. During this time I met his whole family and we were exclusive. He asked me to be his gf pretty...
  8. 19maddie94

    He said he needs space

    Thank you everyone.
  9. NicoleAscot

    Hardcore Rapper & Still Need Comfort Toy??

    Hey everyone. I have Asperger’s and I definitely have a unique personality. I’m a Hardcore Rapper (my genre) but if I get upset or lonely, I want to cuddle with my bestest friend, “Ollie The Alien”! I don’t take him I’m public very often. In fact, the only time was immediately after a violent...
  10. S

    Lost girl of my dreams due to Aspergers. PLEASE HELP!

    im 18, im a male. i have aspergers and it haunts my life every single day. this is the first time i am reaching out to someone for my problems, of any kind. i need help. i have been dating this girl for 4 months. she is the most gorgeous girl ive ever seen. she lives and works both right next...
  11. Nikolas Di Domenico

    Couple Photos and Info

    This is My girlfriend Emily and I, we have been dating for almost a year and a half now. We met at our job in a grocery store deli and have grown on each other since. We get in fights sometimes but we are realistic and get past what is bothering us. Emily is a Public Health Major, Spanish Minor...
  12. B00533842

    Coming To Terms with Being an Aspie and Relationships.

    Hi Everyone, After many years of my Mother, my peers and a string of failed relationships, I am coming to terms with the fact I have Aspergers Syndrome. I have been in denial for years and didn't want to be viewed as different. From a young age I can remember being very naive, slow at getting...
  13. sisselcakes

    How did adult diagnosis (or suspected) affect your relationships?

    Hi Everybody. I've posted several things on here and your feedback has been immensely helpful. This is probably going to be really long so I hope that doesn't discourage you from reading it. I feel like I need to give you the history. This has to do with how becoming aware you were on the...
  14. A

    LDR suspect aspie girlfriend, stopped dating recently

    Hello, I'm new to this board and recently just found out about it. Just after trying to deal with a hard breakup with a girl I've known for around half a year. Even though we haven't taken this relationship physical yet, and it's still online, we still tried our best to make it as realistic and...
  15. korbin

    First girlfriend and First kiss

    I have finally after 20 years found a girl who buts up with my and was willing to kiss me. I am so excited and feel amazing. I just needed to share this with someone and I thought here would be the best place.
  16. A

    New here

    Hello! My name is Amber , as far as I know I am a NT but my girlfriend was diagnosed with aspergers just last year. I am here to get advice on how I can be a better partner to her. I lack in communication skills and that has been hurting our relationship severely, I love her very much and want...
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