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  1. First date nerves

    Does anyone have any tips for calming first date nerves? I am going on a first date tomorrow, the guy is travelling approximately 1hr 45 mins down to the city near where I live, he said he is looking forward to meeting me. I was already feeling a bit nervous. But then he messaged me on WhatsApp...
  2. Emery

    Adopting the interests/hobbies of significant other

    umm Hi!!! So first off I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this or I created a thread for the wrong thing or something. Social media is really not a strong point for me. But I'm choosing to see it as a work in progress lol. Please let me know (kindly) if I've messed this up. So...
  3. NT woman(46) newly dating ND man (39). Misread text and showed up at his house in announced. Said it was ok, now has almost completely withdrawn

    NT woman(46) newly dating ND man (39). Misread text and showed up at his house in announced. Said it was ok, now has almost completely withdrawn

    Hi. Things were coming along very well. We met on a dating app a few months ago and have been actively dating and talking daily since. Until last week. He is ND and had ADHD. He was very diligent about contacting me daily, via text mostly, phone or FaceTime. I also reached out to him. We have...
  4. Anxiously waiting

    Hello! NT woman that thinks she may be on the spectrum. Needing advice dating an ND man

    Hi all! I am fairly certain that I am on the spectrum and am awaiting testing to find out for sure. I have an OCD and GAD diagnosis and am in cognitive behavioral therapy and on Zoloft to manage. I am still very much overwhelmed despite that. I started dating a wonderful ND man a couple of...
  5. Callistemon

    The Friend in the Basement

    We discuss dating a fair bit on here. Today I'm going to share an honest account of what looking for a partner was like for a good female friend and myself when we were in our 30s. I can't tell you who in the story is NT and who is ND, and I don't really think it's that crucial - our common...
  6. fern_77

    why does romantic love take priority

    i don't understand why romantic love is seen as more important than platonic love. people are often expected to devote more of their time and energy to romantic relationships than platonic ones, and although friendship is important, society seems to deem romance as more so. sometimes romantic...
  7. Joshua the Writer

    My Girlfriend

    I think I keep on forgetting to post about this even though it's been an entire year since I started dating her: I have a girlfriend! I know I mentioned this before but it is such a big thing for me that I kinda want to make a post about it. She is so amazing and kind and sweet. We met during...
  8. Kristin is Awkward

    Kristin is Awkward

    I’m autistic. I have anxiety issues and ADHD. I make art and music. I’m a mother. I’m recently single… and I’m trying to figure out what I want and what I need for the first time in my life. Really, I’m just looking for someone who understands me… but who isn’t?
  9. A

    Autistic Daughter and Online Boyfriends

    Hello Everyone, I'm a father to a 21-year-old autistic daughter whom I love but we are having issues with her in regards to men she's meeting online and then immediately falling in love with. First, some background. My daughter has been chasing after boys since she was 14 and her maturity...
  10. A

    Boyfriend broke up with me...Advice?

    My ex of one month is diagnosed with high functioning Aspergers. He's 47 and I'm 43. Both of our spouses died several years ago from suicide and we started being friends then dating. He has a son that is almost 5. His mother is incredibly controlling and basically runs every aspect of his...
  11. T

    Tim Kasse - Asperger, Systems Engineer, Music Lover

    Hello Dear Community, I am a 70 year old man who was officially diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at age 64. I have read a number of book where people were diagnosed at around 40 or younger. What about going through for over 60 years wondering what was wrong with most of the rest of the world...
  12. Joshua the Writer

    Nicknames That You Give Your Partners?

    Hey, what nicknames or pet names that you give to your partner(s)? I recently started to call my girlfriend Cutie Bird because she goes by Raven, and she is my cutie . IK it's basically a cheesy pun, but she seems to like it (or at least tolerate it), and it works well.
  13. Mars26

    What to do in that situation?

    I have a problem. I return to the city where I go to college and I immediately made plans with the girl I'm dating. However, she had to postpone our meeting from Saturday to Sunday because her parents had left the city and she had to keep an eye on their house. However on Sunday, her brother...
  14. N

    I'm NT and hope you can help me understand this wonderful guy I dated

    Hi, I am a neurotypical in my mid-20's and I hope you might want to help me understand this guy. He told me he was diagnosed with Asperger when he started to act in a - for me - not so understandable manner. He's a soldier in his mid-30's stationed 650km away from the city I'm living in. But he...
  15. Fact Ten

    Has anyone used Hiki?

    I'll resist the urge to make puns about the name at the moment... A friend of mine who I game with recently let me know about an app exclusively for individuals on the autism spectrum called Hiki. It's apparently both for dating and making new friends and I was considering using it. Does anyone...
  16. ismee

    Don't know what to do

    So, i met this guy in my home town. He's like 4 years younger than me, I really really like him. I stayed the night with him at new years eve ( no sex , only kissing ). The day after i asked him if he liked me too and he said yes i like you but not enough ( he responded only after a vew days!!)...
  17. Lundi

    Studying for until late 20s to the detriment of dating/social life

    I think that my situation is a bit known here, so I will skip it. Anyway I spent most of my life, since age 4 or 5 up to age 28 studying hard, to the detriment of both my dating and social life. If you can call it that, because usually I have had no dating nor social life. In high school I was...
  18. Lundi

    Virginity problem running in the family

    I am a 30 year old American male. My first thread on this forum was written when I was 29, about my fears about turning 30 and being a virgin. Not by choice, not by some sort of religious belief like abstinence, but rather just it happened that way without my wanting it to. I did some research...
  19. Lundi

    Do normal people really act like this?

    I am the guy who made a thread about being worried about being a virgin at age 30. Anyway, at age 26, I started attending meetups and social gatherings in my city to make friends, and perhaps if things went well, maybe find a girlfriend. So during all of the meetups since then up to now, I have...
  20. rosewater

    Very happy with the Aspie I'm dating + some questions :)

    Hi everybody, I hope you are doing well :), happy to be sharing some thoughts with you again. A while ago I wrote a post about the time I started to date an Aspie and thought he was a psychopath. I felt like sharing an update about how things are going, and some questions. So here it goes! As...
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