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Sister and her boyfriend need help

Nikolas Di Domenico

Having a little trouble in my family. My sister is dating this guy I hate. My whole family doesn't like him and the kid is in his late 20s has a kid, has been divorced, has no college degree, and worst of all is he is one of those Subaru WRX jerkoffs. My sister and I get into fights also because she makes a comment about me and I come back with a comeback about her and boyfriend. He as already broken up with her once because he would prefer to go to mud bogs than date her.However, she always glorifies him and brags about him, or she tries to correct me because she thinks I am wrong. An example is she doesn't think Aspergers is part of autism. I just think the kid is a hillbilly trash bag and my sister is an annoying *****. Any advice?
My family was sure I was making a huge mistake with who I was dating, they let me know, said things they shouldn't, my mom thought my boyfriend was, well I'll not repeat any of it because I need to let it go. Anyhoo, they may have meant well and acted the way they did out of concern but they hurt me terribly. It's been 5 years now, I did not make a mistake, and now they even like my boyfriend. Your sister's boyfriend may be awful, but other than the mud bogging nothing you said about him sounds terrible. Give her some respect. And being divorced, having a kid, or not having a degree have nothing to do with being a good person or a bad person. Sorry though that she doesn't understand autism/aspergers though. Hope you guys can find a way to get along.
Act like you like him and she will eventually leave him. My sister used to date D-bags as a way to rebel, so we just acted cool with it and eventually she dumped the d-bags. Reverse psychology
I think you should let your sister make her own choices about who she wants to be with, and show her some respect. It sounds like he married too young and made a few mistakes in life, but who doesn't? No one is perfect. The harder you push individually and as a family, the harder she is likely to dig her heels in.

He might be a jerk, or he might be a really nice guy if you give him a chance but as you hate him, and he doesn't come up to your high standards in car, education etc he may just feel it's not worth making an effort with you all as he'll only be further judged.

Had you said the boyfriend was beating your sister or giving her drugs or abusing her that would be very different of course, but you didn't say that.

As a person with Aspergers you should know what it feels like to be an outsider and how you react to that, yet you appear to be doing that to your sisters boyfriend.

My advice is butt out and let your sister make her own choices and decisions whether they are right or wrong, and only offer your opinion if it's asked for or she has every right to never listen or get pissed off with you all.
The phrase, "beating a dead horse" comes to mind. Once you have said all that needs to be said, it's up to her now. There's worse things in life than making relationship mistakes. It's pretty far up the list, but there's worse.

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