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aspie female

  1. simetra

    Trading Christmas for progress

    Not to be dramatic or anything but tomorrow is Christmas Eve (at least for the majority of people in the country I live in and traditionally my family). Christmas used to be a huge thing for me. Granted, I'm in my twenties so my childhood is not as far away as it is for other people. And for...
  2. simetra

    Childhood favorites are stim toys today

    During my 'research' into autism, I was recently checking out #stimtoys on Instagram because that is exactly the platform on which serious research on autism should start. I was scrolling through the tag when I came across the account of a shop that seemed to be specialized in types of objects...
  3. simetra

    Walking on tiptoes. Just because.

    I recently watched a YouTube video by The Aspie World titled ASPERGERS symptoms in children: 5 ways YOU spot Autism, in which one trait of some people with Asperger Syndrome is said to be walking on their tiptoes, especially in their childhood and teenage years. That video unearthed a part of...
  4. simetra

    Swimming, but sinking

    Thinking back to my school years, one of my strongest memories is how utterly untalented I was in all things sport-related. But my sport-problems started even before I entered elementary school, especially with swimming. I was perfectly content with my floaties. Being in the water was amazing...
  5. M

    Is Trixi mildly autistic?

    Hey "Rabbits", I have been looking at a lot of videos on a channel called DontTrustTheRabbit, which is mostly about the Germans and their language. But I have found clues that she is on the spectrum, but not diagnosed. In her first video in English, on speaking English at work, she says...
  6. ainely


    Hi everyone i don't really know what to say..er.. my name is Ylenia (ainely in reverse), i really like my name because it means ''she who brings the light/sunshine'' but i'm very anxious and a bit weird that sometimes i think i'm more a solar eclipse. I'm from Italy and like a true italian my...
  7. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    This aspie woman and her present friendships

Checking my Whatsapp chats I've realized that I have three friends that I interact with, in the present: one is a college friend that lives in the other side of the Atlantic, a virtual friend that also lives in the other side of the Atlantic, and a friend (mom of a friend of my daughter's).
  8. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    The potato bazooka

    I have two friends who used to be a couple, who were friends of my ex and I when we were a couple too. We don’t live in the same country anymore, but when I learned that they separated more or less at the time than we did, I contacted them (separately). What she said about their separation was...
  9. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Feeling physically safe with a man

    I feel safe with my date of these days. What I mean by “safe” is the physical part of being safe, and I’m not referring to the lack of fear of being abused by him (that’s another horrible fear, but not the subject of this post. To clarify doubts, I feel safe with him in that aspect too). I mean...
  10. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    I need to love again

    Today, May 10th, is Mother’s Day in México, there’s no school, and it’s a national holiday for many, except for restaurants. The ex didn’t take the kids to buy me a present and I resent him for that. He didn’t do it for my birthday either… after 18 years of me always doing something for him to...
  11. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Do teens know what they want to do when they grow up?

    "It's very difficult that kids that age know what they want to be when they grow up" said my dad, sixty-seven, when I was telling him that my daughter, thirteen, already knew what she wanted to do when she grows up. Today, in the locker of the pool where I go swimming, I heard two women...
  12. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    The life-saving search for beauty of creative people

    Sopranos and tenors always make my soul soar. Right now, the owner of the incredible voice that I’m listening to is Katherine Jenkins. There’s magic in the melody, but there’s something even transcendental when one understand the lyrics. French, Italian, Spanish, and even English, transmit a...
  13. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    My mom's narcissistic mask

    I look fine, really. Actually, I'm so resilient than even I don't see my own psychological wounds. But they are there, and they are still bleeding. When my mom and dad came to visit us during the holidays, I noticed that my mom looked significantly older than the last time that I saw her. She...
  14. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Little Red Riding Hood no more

    I.. connect… the… dots…late… but I do. I found the “mystery” of why my ex husband didn’t want a wedding ring. For you, my dear reader, it might be obvious: because he doesn’t want women to know he’s married, right? But not for me. I can have something in front of me and still not be able to...
  15. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    The men of my dreams

    I remember, a couple of weeks ago, that we both had a good day. That was not the norm, you being without a job, me, recently separated from my husband. The following day you told me you had had a very vivid dream. You were in a building, which collapsed, and you were standing there, unscathed...
  16. SnailPie

    I'm Still Learning...

    Hi Everyone! I'll keep this brief if I can. I came here to find some insight into dealing with My Beloved, whom I believe has undiagnosed AS. I was in a relationship with an NT man for 30 years, (married 25) and due to my AS I had no idea how much he was lying to me and cheating on me. I was...
  17. Oda a la Tormenta

    Hello...Introductions and Such.

    Hello Everyone....my name is Elizabeth, although my forum name, "Oda a la Tormenta", comes from my favorite ode from my one of my favorite poets, Pablo Neruda...and it translates to Ode to the Storm. Call me whichever you like. ⛈ I'm 31 and I've recently been given a possible diagnosis of...
  18. Sabrina

    Hi, I'm Sabrina

    Hi, I'm a self diagnosed Aspie, and I'm pretty sure my husband and two kids are Aspies too (they haven't been diagnosed either). I'm looking forward to have a community, since I can't find one in my "real" world. My Avatar is Cosima, from the series Orphan Black. I've been an observer of...
  19. B

    Discovering Aspergers and finally discovering my "self".

    A few months back I met with a psychologist to help me cope with social anxiety in hopes of overcoming my social issues so I could lead a normal life. After 45 minutes of what seemed to be small talk and getting to know one another - something I generally can't do and very rarely participate in...
  20. L

    Hi! Aspie girl with lifelong music obsession, also maths and other stuff

    Hi I'm a self-diagnosed aspie. I find these introductions so awkward as I had so many doubts about my own opinion on this. I ended up basically developing anxiety at the end of my third year at uni, but I know this is the root cause and fortunately now have a fellow aspie friend who agrees with...
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