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social communication

  1. Gerald Wilgus

    Was I out of line?

    Well, a question for the women on the site. I know that many dislike unwanted attention. I was on my last flight leg of my trip, from Narita to Bangkok and a little punchy after a trip from start to finish of about 30 hours with 20 of those in the air. There was a young woman seated ahead of...
  2. Jenisautistic

    Making the new year fresh

    In March 2020 around that time I got very delirious and started messaging my friend and tweeting on social media about him a lot you’re very on things because I was delirious nothing really terrible but may be a tad embarrassing I made a video on that social media account saying a brief...
  3. Jena

    Does anyone know what motive my coworker possible could have had?

    So last summer I worked at a zoo. (was going to this year again but covid-19 happened). One day when we were really busy and understaff, a guest notified me that a bird (parakeet, aka budgie) got stepped on and couldn't fly. So I went to get the net to catch it (was super easy to catch) and went...
  4. Jenisautistic

    Why don’t people talk about their feelings anymore?

    Hey guys I never noticed this until recently but it seems like whenever I try to get a conversation about feelings or just a conversation in general nobody seems to want to listen i’m talking about in person when people that you wanna have a conversation about feelings or something like they...
  5. Jena

    So my ex messaged me after almost 2 year of no contact

    So this guy I dated for 2 years broke up with me in 2018 randomly and suddenly. He had not spoke to me at all until this last saturday which took me by suprised. To sum it up he asked if I am doing ok during this pandemic and after going off on him breaking my heart he applogizes and admits he...
  6. shinobi

    I'm struggling to make new friends

    I moved to Yorkshire in October 2016 and it's now August 2019 and I still haven't made any friends here, I'm worried about what to say or how to approach people. I had lots of friends back in Bedfordshire and in London, I don't know what to do, I feel really isolated, I've been thinking about...
  7. shivas

    Hi, It's me.

    Hi everyone... so I'm here because i hope to find people who are similar to me and struggle with the same problems. I'm not sure about my psychic disorder..but i'm sure about me being different since i'm 4 years old. I never really felt being part of my family and i grow up with the illusion...
  8. Clueless in Canada

    Describe something you do that mildly irritates others but you do it anyway.

    I tend to reply to all internet memes and uplifting positive perspective memes as though I am a school teacher and am correcting the content or the structure. Okay, so I am or was a school teacher.....but it drives me nuts when the message is muddled by any inaccuracy be it grammatical or...
  9. Clueless in Canada

    Inappropriate Social Behaviour

    I'm sure this has already been discussed somewhere but I've not encountered it yet. The autistic stereotype is inappropriately under-responding, but do some of you sometimes over-respond? Are you sometimes too friendly or too touchy-feely? In what situations does this happen to you?
  10. Sara3

    Social abilities learning process

    Hello. As part of my ASD therapy I was supposed to improve some social aspects by doing simple things such as giving compliments and working with other people. As I can't attend to therapy sesions I just did what I thought was right. It was OK as I could reconnect with people I was not talking...
  11. SusanLR

    Did you grow up wanting friends?

    Did you naturally want to make friends as a child or did that desire come later in life as you grew older? Did it ever develop at all? Maybe you wanted friends, but, it was difficult to know how to create a friendship? I'm interested in this usually normal reaction between fellow humans. Are we...
  12. Sara3

    Understanding body language/touching

    Hello! Recently, a man I know got upset with me. He was constantly trying to touch me, specially in the waist area and face. I honestly don't like that. I kept on moving away and he didn't seem to get it. He aproached again and I just yelled at him asking him why he was always trying to touch...
  13. WereBear

    Fear of Clear Instructions

    Is it me? Or will some people never, upon pain of death, simply say what they want, or what needs to be done? And will they ever stop giving me a hard time because I don’t hint for hours instead of just saying what I want? I had to chain up my kayaks in a new place, so I went to the hardware...
  14. SparklAng

    Forming and maintaining friendships

    In the past year or so I have started to attempt to form connections with others. I have formed some friendships with some people, but honestly it is so exhasting. And the deeper the connection that I feel for a person, the more I rely on their company. I get terrified of making people angry...
  15. WereBear

    How to build your emotional intelligence

    Found some very fine advice in this article: The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do to Build Emotional Intelligence The most important factor in attempting to cultivate emotional intelligence is the importance of listening and not talking. When people feel like they are having difficulty...
  16. J

    'Preaching' not talking

    Hi everybody. This is my first ever online autism forum. I read the thread about Aspie speech, and joined because while some described characteristics or 'problems' rang a bell to me, nobody mentioned my problem so I thought I would. Maybe somebody has a similar one? I have been accused of...
  17. Jenisautistic

    What does everyone think about social media?

    anyone on places like Facebook Twitter Instagram etc?? What do you think about these places for people with disabilities?? I have a Facebook and Twitter I have a Facebook since I was little but I have a Twitter recently one when I was little too Oh I also have a YouTube account. But for...
  18. Chris Russell (The Talentless Liar) Blog

    Karma Police - An addendum (First Published Oct 2017)

    I gave Karma a prod in my last post and bemoaned the consequences, but it turns out my little stash of validity has been looking after itself very well thank you, while my confidence has taken a dive. Not long after sending my email withdrawing from the application process, I received an email...
  19. K

    interesting find in my e-mail this morning

    New Research Suggests Social Issues are Down to Neurotypicals more than Autistics
  20. WereBear

    A tale of two socks

    Here's the socks I am wearing today. I once had two of the socks on the left, and two of the socks on the right. The usual laundry woes happened, but no worries. I wear what is left as you see here. I usually wear long pants and sneakers and so only glimpses of them are seen, and no one...
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