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  1. georgiagalaxy

    Exciting New Video of the Day

    Despite this having a LOT going on musically, and a mix of genres, I have to say, it's pretty darn great for an Owl City song! He's really letting his feelings out with this one, love the tropical vibes and I totally agree with everything he's saying: Also, just for fun, imma upload my own...
  2. georgiagalaxy

    Music Choice

    I hope you enjoy, Ayy this is my first poll! ^^ I'd really like to know! Explain more in the comments. Sadly I can't add any more options now, the last option would be Video Game Music. :P
  3. Georgia's Aspie Blog


    It's okay to feel not fully understood by people, especially your family. They cannot understand or relate to everything you're going through, especially if you're younger. Music can either bring people together or occassionally, divide them (for example, my love for watching My Little Pony...
  4. apolloidolsice

    lets recommend albums!!

    currently, i've been listening to oingo boingos only a lad over and over, and i gotta say this album is pure perfection
  5. apolloidolsice

    favorite "autism" music?

    songs that either you relate to as a autistic person or are explicitly about it on the outside - oingo boingo sanitarium - metallica
  6. Billthecat

    Autistic ear for music

    As it could be easy everyone got different tastes, not all the version of the same song from the same musician are playing the same. Does it happens to someone to don't like a song you love because isn't played with the exact metrics in your "head"? Do you like live performances or studio...
  7. Irakus34

    This Song Is My Farewell To My Grandmother

    Hi. My grandmother passed away yesterday. And I was finalizing this song and saving it. I didn't know why I was rushing. As I could feel I didn't have any more time left. I composed it like two weeks ago, but only this week I decided to write it digitally. When I saved it, I immediately went...
  8. Slime_Punk

    Anyone want to start an internet ASD band? (srsly)

    This is a long shot, but I'm going for it! So basically, I'm a multi-instrumentalist with a small following (you can check my Metal Archives link in my signature or check out my metal releases on BC). I play guitar, bass, drums and synths for my 'band', and my specialties include melodic...
  9. Irakus34

    This Is The 4th Song I Composed

    Hi. The other day I posted in here one attempt of music of mine. Then, I decided to try some SFX effect in it. I composed it on piano, so this is how it would be the main version. But then, the SFX version sounds also really cool. This one was inspiration between one of the OST of Made In...
  10. Irakus34

    I Composed My First Digital Song

    Hi. For the last year, I've been composing mainly piano pieces, around 10, and tried to save them digitally through a program as I can't record them directly. Then, I thought why don't I compose straight in the program? I had no idea of how to use it, I still have no idea, but something...
  11. Slime_Punk

    That Sound Design Thread!

    I figured, since there's an art remix thread... why not have an audio version? (This is not the same thing as posting full songs! There's a great thread for that already :)) Anyone can post their audio experiments (analog, digital, even just field recordings), offer up samples for others to...
  12. Knower of nothing

    Videogame soundtracks

    What do you think of videogame soundtracks? What are your favorites? Do you listen to them outside of playing? Any and all videogame ost discussion is welcome. I listen to OSTs plenty. I pay attention to them in games a lot too. Many games have fairly uninteresting soundtracks as they function...
  13. Storm Hess

    Remade Melt With You (ft Tony Kinnard on vocals)

    Have a listen. :) Featuring @tkcartoonist on vocals.
  14. Droopy

    What song are you listening to right now?

    A great way to discover new artists and music. Simply post the song/artist that you are listening to right now and share your favourite music with the community. Myself: Artist Embrace Song Natures Law Post yours in the above format!
  15. Storm Hess

    Working on more music...

    Been trying to focus on work. The top 5 on this page have been recently posted. Enjoy. SynD
  16. nervous habits

    I just want to write music and poetry.

    I've always been a good technical writer, and I can write very clear and well-worded emails and reports. I would say I've got an above average vocabulary. Imagination when it comes to creative writing, poetry, and lyrics has NEVER come easily to me.... or even remotely accessible. I could make...
  17. Knower of nothing

    Post music you've made!

    I love checking out artists directly, doesn't matter how amateur or professional. All genres welcome. I'll be posting my own simple digital compositions as well. Specify if you want feedback. (I also didn't check if there was a thread like this around yet, I wanted my own.)
  18. Storm Hess

    Next song to put vocals on?

    SynD Having a difficult time deciding which songs to put vocals on...give a vote. :) If there's another song on my Playlist with (no vocals) that you'd like to have finished instead of the ones listed on this poll, please reply to this post with the name of the song. Thanks. :)
  19. Tuffsy

    Introducing me….

    Hi, this is me, mid-sixties, diagnosed about 10 years ago, I was a technical nerd (perfect job) then decided to become a teacher! Bad move. Lasted 2 stressful years, then I was drummed out by a false accusation which led to PTSD, depression and worse. I've always been a part-time musician and...
  20. BrokenBoy

    Does anyone on here like heavy metal?

    I think I became a fan either this or last year. I don't remember exactly. I don't know if i have a favorite subgenre yet, but I tend to lean towards the slower, more depressing doom metal stuff or doom infused stoner metal like Electric Wizard. I also like seeing death metal and doom metal...
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